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Got mine! Great strap! Now more colors please! Anthracite or khaki green with center stripes.
I received mine yesterday as well (for France, no custom fees at this price level !). It's a bit more stretche than i thought (i mean the material) but it's really comfortable & easy to fit. In nutshell, a super product. :) Thx Massdrop (and Nick Mankey as well). 

Just got mine and threw it on my SKX. So incredibly confortable! Step 4 was a bit of a pain, but the results are definatly worth it!
I have just receid mine and I have mounted it on my Garmin instinct.
So Happy I have post it on a famous forum here with a lot of pictures. I guess I was obliged to reduce the first loop to a max to gain some length but it snuggle gently. Hoping it will survive salt, sun and sports ! :-)
Thanks for sharing. Sweet post! I digg the Alien vibes too :D
Just received and I'm very impressed. Why the hell didn't someone think to do this before? Well done!
Woot! Shipped!
Your IG post stated $19.99. Did I miss something....either way I'm in. I also already ordered one from your site. Any idea when you'll be getting steel hardware in for the 22mm...Much appreciated for an Awesome design at a reasonable price.
Hey thanks! I've been pushing for more 22mm hardware for some time now. Should have an ETA soon! Thank you for your support! A quick edit to address your first inquiry: No, I goofed. There was just a miscommunication on my behalf with MD staff. Apologies for the confusion.
Hi, I checked out nick mankey website but for some reason, it cannot process payment via paypal.
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email sent.
Choice of colors please?
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Thanks and much appreciated.
go crazy for colors, and ill go crazy on the quantity drop. wink*
I have one of these and it’s really the most comfortable strap ever. And it looks great too. Now ordering another colour! 👌🏼

What a beaut! I'm not sure it gets any better than this. That LHD Pelagos is just perfect on that setup. Thanks for sharing!
@nmankey I have 6.5inch wrist and has watches case diameter ranging from 38mm to 44mm, what length should I choose?
I would say you'd do just fine with the regular 6.5" length given the larger nature of your collection. It's better to run on the big side in general, as you can always tighten it up. But the bigger the watch, the shorter the strap needed to cover the wrist! So you'll be right on the money.
Thanks for the quick response! Really appreciated
Will this strap fit on a smartwatch, namely the Samsung Gear Sport?
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It'll block the sensors under the watch, tho. So no heart monitoring while you're using the strap.
As mentioned in my previous comments, the Hook Straps do not sit beneath the watch case, so no sensors are ever covered. See for yourself!

how do you measure the size? size of the wrist or length of the strap? if length of ths strap, does watch lug to lug matter?
If you don't have a fabric or roll-type tape measure, you can just take any strip of paper, hold it next to a ruler, and jot down a few measurement marks with a pen to craft a quick and dirty measuring strip. You'd then wrap that around your wrist (where you'd normally wear your watch), and pull the reading from your measurements. If you're between sizes, go up a size to the next quarter interval. The lug to lug doesn't matter too much as the straps are adjustable, unless you wear REALLY small watches, then I'd recommend going up an additional size. Hope that helps!
Always wanted to try out one of those combat diver inspired straps. This color and low profile hardware would fit nicely with a glycine goldeneye, but the zinc hardware is kinda turning me off. Would prefer the same hardware design made out of pvd coated stainless steel, but I guess that would drive up the price.
Hey there! I appreciate the feedback. And I couldn't agree more; I'm working to have matching hardware produced, but as you mention requires far more capital, and time. This is more or less just the beginning phase in rolling out the concept on a larger scale. The plan is to match demand with an increasing scale of better hardware as the budget permits. Hope that helps shed some light on the situation!
olive green with brushed buckle please ...
Keeping it simple with all black for now. All other colors can be purchased from my site though!
Does this strap streach out? Or is it rigid like most NATO's?
Hi there. These are heavy duty elastic. Firm but stretchy.
Hi, is the colour of the strap going to be black / dark grey as per the pictures?
Hi there! Yes. This drop is for all-black Hook Straps; Black band, black hardware, and black stitching. Thanks!
Thanks for the quick reply. Looking to try this out for my Seiko Darth Tuna SBBN025....Have joined the drop and looking forward to using it.
Happy Saturday, everyone! Nick Mankey here, caffeinated and ready for another go with my favorite watch community! Just wanted to take a quick minute and express how excited I am about the Hook Strap , and that I have full confidence that your definition of the term "comfortable" will be brought to question. ;) Here's a quick GIF on how it works!
For more juicy info on the design and thought process, I would definitely recommend giving this recent post of mine a quick read; it may answer a lot of your inquiries! Otherwise, I'll be around to field any questions, comments, or concerns. Drop 'em here! Thank you all so much for your support! -Nick
Thanks for the GIF. I was having a really hard time visualizing how this would work from the drop pictures. I think this might be worth a try.
Totally understandable! It's really a simple system, but being totally different than everything out there, it takes a moment to grasp. Thought a GIF might prove helpful!
Hey Nick, is the hook hardware PVD black only in this drop?
Hey there! Yes, only black hardware for this drop. Keeping it simple for now!
I have a few and I have to say they are super comfy. They are like comfy house socks! I have almost every iteration of EO's and they have a place in my collection as well. I also have other types of different straps, but it doesn't deter me from trying something new. And this fits the bill for me. This is a great price if you're interested and on the fence. I know it's not going to please everyone. But I personally believe they are worth it and the people who see my wrist checks can attest lol.
Hum, this is nice and well priced. However, since it is hook on each side of the watch, you loose the benefit of a NATO like watchband (watch won’t fell if your watch loose a springbar). on the website you can choose more plain color. if you want a more customizable and solid strap, you should check Erika’s Original Marine strap. Much more expensive, but lots of options, a fantastic build quality, one pass under the watch (a bit like single pass NATO) and a friendly customer services. very nice and quite comfy. 

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Came to the comments to ask how this compares to the Erika's Original MN strap, I have one and love it. Guess I might have to give this one a shot too. Looks a little more complicated, but could be good in it's own right.
Understandable! A fair comparison that can't really be avoided I'm afraid. But I'd say the approach I took with the design of the Hook Strap is to push for as slim a profile as reasonably attainable for an elastic watch strap. I'd say that'd be be the biggest difference, but it also translates to insane amounts of comfort, without really losing any of the capability. Win-win, I say! Hope that helps :)