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GourmetKickz Custom Nike Roshes

GourmetKickz Custom Nike Roshes

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Kick It Up a Notch

After custom kicks started making waves in the sneaker scene, we reached out to GourmetKickz, a custom sneaker designer based out of Connecticut, and they came back with a series of unique takes on the Nike Roshe running shoe. Now available in a line of diverse designs that show off your individual soul to the world, the GourmetKickz Custom Nike Roshes give you the freshest fashion on or off the court.

Note: At check-out, you have your choice of style between the Palmer II, Birds of Paradise, Kill Bill, ParaNorman, and Galaxy.

GourmetKickz Custom Nike Roshes

What’s Cooking?

A lifelong sneakerhead, Chef turned to customizing Nikes after surviving a bout with cancer, using the joy of creation to work his way out of depression. Now a 12 year veteran of the industry, Chef takes breaking trends and predicts where they’ll be in a year, arriving at entirely unique designs that still capture the spirit of contemporary work. Every sneaker is a piece of mixed media art, a combination of paint, custom printed fabric, and expert craftsmanship.

GourmetKickz Custom Nike Roshes

Master Roshe

And what about the canvas itself? The Nike Roshe is a well-built running shoe that provides ample support for athletics and solid style for everything else. Coming with a suede and mesh upper for maximum breathability, a cushioned midsole and Solrasoft sockliner for complete comfort, and a rubber Waffle outsole for traction, the Roshe may not be able to train you to fight Freiza, but it’ll have you covered for just about everything else.

GourmetKickz Custom Nike Roshes

We Invented the Remix

When you’re working with someone as creative as Chef, you’re never limited to only one option. Every shoe comes with a remixed back heel panel and Nike swoosh, but you can pay $50 more to kick up the tongue and the toe box, too. In addition to the Lebron II, which comes with a premium croc print leather on the base, and the Birds of Paradise, an explosion of floral patterns, we are offering three more unique styles.

GourmetKickz Custom Nike Roshes

Mamba Strikes Back

Coming in a style so sweet it can be considered dessert, the Kill Bill features imagery from Quentin Tarnatino’s kung fu opus, including a silhouette of the Bride and blood splatters across the entire shoe. If you’re playing hoops in these kicks, you’ll be in fine company, as Kobe Bryant dubbed himself the Black Mamba after a character from the same flick. To commemorate Kobe’s title, Chef subtly embossed a python into the body of the shoe, giving you the style and strength of Uma Thurman and Kobe Bryant in one spectacularly designed shoe.

GourmetKickz Custom Nike Roshes

Paranormal Activity

Inspired by the popular kids’ flick of the same name, the ParaNorman comes in a combination of black and neon green. With ethereal flames that call to mind zombie mist, the ParaNorman is plenty spooky on its own, but Chef kicked up the recipe in the deluxe version by making the sole, swoosh, and mist glow in the dark, available for only $50 more. After spending an hour or so in the sunlight, the water and scuff resistant paint will broadcast a brilliant neon green.

GourmetKickz Custom Nike Roshes
GourmetKickz Custom Nike Roshes

Trainers of the Galaxy

If you’re feeling that glow, but want a little more stellar style, go with the Galaxy. Featuring a graphic of the Orion Nebula and some cosmic colors, you have the same option to upgrade to glow-in-the-dark for only $50 more.

GourmetKickz Custom Nike Roshes
GourmetKickz Custom Nike Roshes


With Gradient (+$50)


  • Made by Nike
  • Remixed by GourmetKickz
  • Suede and mesh upper
  • Cushioned Phylon midsole
  • Solarsoft sockliner
  • Rubber Waffle outsole
  • Cushioned collar
  • Final sale


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Estimated ship date is Dec 17, 2014 PT.

After the drop ends, payment will be collected and the group’s order will be submitted to the vendor up front, making all sales final. Check the discussion page for updates on your order.