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Nixeus Moda Pro Mechanical Keyboard

Nixeus Moda Pro Mechanical Keyboard

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Terrible keyboard. Mine came with bent aluminum plate (box/packaging wasn't damaged) and after I disassembled it, all screws inside were covered with rust.
And those white plastic corners - they are ugly - why putting them anyway? They are decorative and carry no function other than killing aluminum aesthetics.
Very disappointed.
How compatible is this with a UK mac? I'm new to mech keyboards... been thinking about purchasing one for a while. I had a go on my pals - and quite liked typing with one.
Why is this not in the mech section?
Because it's not good if it was a leopold varmilo vortex or a custom kit I would consider it
Keyboard arrived. I got the quieter brown switches. Some prior discussions said it was still a little loud for an office setting, but I'm very happy so far. It's slightly more clicky than co-workers' standard logitech and mac keyboards, but much less loud than my previous AZIO typewriter keyboard (sorry co-workers).

The unit feels very solid and hefty. The keys are comfy. The white caps do show a lot of dust and debris immediately, though. Probably should've saw that coming.

Regarding any sharpness of chamfer potentially cutting up hands, not a problem at all. The plastic corner pieces and the aluminum body isn't perfectly flush, there's a little bit of edge, but nothing is sharp or dangerous.
Hi! This looks like a decent keyboard at a decent price, and I'm thinking about possibly getting it in the future when I feel more comfortable with a purchase like this. I do have some questions though, I currently have a basic Razer keyboard with clicky switches, and I've read you can have issues getting custom keycaps for that keyboard because of the layout. The lack of backlight doesn't bother me, but I think especially with this keyboard price I could justify getting some nicer keycaps, would I have a problem finding a good set for this keyboard? Also, if anyone has it can they comment on the chamfer around the edge of the base? It looks like it could be kinda sharp or rough in the images, and I wouldn't want my hands to get cut up from it. Thanks!
could you replace the keycaps with cherry mx comparable caps? the stems look similar and ive read some previous reviews saying they felt cheap
Yeah they are just mx stems
"1000 Hz poll rate"

Be great if it were illuminated
Be VERY wary. These involve a lot of push on the keys and makes your fingers and hands ache, Great tactile feel, but tough if you do lots of writing.
I would personally disagree, but everyone has their preferences. It feels like a normal brown switch to me.
I agree with French_Toest , I have the brown switches and it feels exactly the same as other brown-switch keyboards I’ve used.
Hi, I'm new to mechanical keyboards and this will be my first mech keyboard. Is it possible to switch the keys to cherry mx browns or kalihs?
in theory you should be able to pop the tops off the caps that are on the keyboard and replace them with whatever you want. You will need a special tool (switch top removers) to do it though, and it's a lot of work, but for the price, it could be a fun project :)
Swapping the keyswitches themselves will always require desoldering, unless otherwise stated. If you're not very confident in your soldering skills, I would suggest waiting for a different drop.

I'd suggest a cheap aliexpress keyboard–they cost much less than almost every other board and can give you a pretty good typing experience. Try a hall effect keyboard if you have lady hands like I do. I think they're made by XMIT.

Every keyswitch feels different so take your time to find your match. Try looking up your nearest keyboard enthusiast meetup, the people there are kind to newcomers and will let you try out their keyboards. (Provided your hands aren't as dirty as a dwarf's)
Change the Gateron pictures.
Is this supported in Linux? Why so cheap? Are the switches not as good as Cherrys?
Having used Cherrys for the past few years, these switches definitely feel different. It took some getting used to and the keycaps feel a little cheap but other than that it's very solidly built. There's also no backlighting but I got it for the floating keys so I would recommend it.
I wish it came in black, and di anyone of you know if it has rgb backlighting?
Mine had no lighting but you could kill an elephant if you swing it hard enough.