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OLFA Deluxe Ergo Rotary Cutter + Blades

OLFA Deluxe Ergo Rotary Cutter + Blades

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Straight Cuts

When you need a straight edge cut out of your fabric, paper, leather, or any other material, you can try your trusty pair of scissors, or you can find a better way. Offering the easiest and most consistent way to stay straight while you’re cutting, the OLFA Rotary Cutter bundle gives you the edge you need to bring your dream projects to life.

Note: On this drop, you have your choice between the 28 mm (-$9), 45 mm, and 60 mm (+$16) Rotary Cutters. Each Rotary Cutter comes with a 5 Blade Refill Pack. There is also a Pinking Blade available as an add-on (+$7), but it is only available in 45 mm.

OLFA Deluxe Ergo Rotary Cutter + Blades

Choose Your Size

The 45 mm rotary cutter is seen as the "standard, most commonly used" option, but the 60 mm is better for thick layers and fat batting. The 60 mm also dulls slower, so if you cut a lot of long strips, you'll find it more effective over time. The 28 mm is great for intricate and detailed cutting.

28mm Rotary Cutter
45mm Deluxe Ergo Rotary Cutter
60mm Deluxe Ergo Rotary Cutter

Optimal Design

No matter which slicer you choose, every Rotary Cutter features a durable, ambidextrous plastic handle and a high quality tungsten carbide blade that comes sharp and stays that way. The smallest member of the family, the 28 mm, has a more minimal design, featuring a straight handle and a slide action blade cover. The larger two, the 45 mm and 60 mm, both feature ergonomic handles and dual-action safety locks that either prevent the blades from opening, or keep them in place when already deployed.

OLFA Deluxe Ergo Rotary Cutter + Blades

Pretty With Pinking

Perfect for cutting cloth, wallpaper, leather, photographs, and any other flat material you can imagine, the OLFA Rotary Cutters are versatile devices that help you keep your crafting edge. In addition to the standard blades, if you decide on the 45 mm Rotary Cutter, you can add in a Pinking Rotary Blade at check-out. Made of stainless steel, the Pinking Blade has teeth around the edges to reduce fabric raveling and add a unique zig-zag edge to your material.

Note: The Pinking Blade is only available in 45 mm.

OLFA Deluxe Ergo Rotary Cutter + Blades


28 mm Rotary Cutters

  • High quality tungsten carbide blade
  • Durable plastic handle
  • Blade cover

45 mm and 60 mm Rotary Cutters

  • High quality tungsten carbide blade
  • Ergonomic plastic handle
  • Dual-action safety lock

45 mm Pinking Blade

  • Stainless steel blade
  • Teethed edges


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