OMA Magic: the Gathering Licensed Playmats (2-Pack)search

OMA Magic: the Gathering Licensed Playmats (2-Pack)

OMA Magic: the Gathering Licensed Playmats (2-Pack)

Where's the price?
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The Dominaria Map playmats are really sold out with only 4 orders and 4 commits?
The picture of the Ponder playmat is incorrect. Just wanted to double-check that the Ponder playmat is indeed available with the correct artwork.
Hi smrakocy,

Ponder is available with correct art and we have updated the options images, thanks for pointing that out!

Thanks for the quick reply! Count me in!
I am ALL OVER the Daze and Path to Exile art mats. So glad these came back.
Here is another site, your choice of playmat. Going for $18.99 free shipping
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Seconded, this is blatant theft.
That is because he is right. Just because you are cheap doesn't give you the right to steal.
These routinely sell on Amazon for $10-$20. Unless these specific mats are more rare, I don't understand the price. I have an mtg play mat in my cart right now that's $7 (
The specific artwork on these playmats are not available at those prices. The product you linked are mass produced by UltraPro at the release of a new set. They typically choose 3-5 images to make a TON of and offer them wholesale with a $19.99 MSRP.

These are still produced through UltraPro, as they have the exclusive license to print Magic art on Playmat, but through their artist program, which is a much smaller and exclusive print run, typically 100-500 instead of thousands.

Also, as these are produced through OMA, the artists receive a portion of the proceeds, which they do not with the wider release products.
Please tell me where you are finding these for $25 or less so I can give them a refresher on copyright violation.
I was really tempted to get these, but it is just a bit too pricy. You can get these same playmats on other platforms for $25 or less each with free shipping, and you don't have to wait until Feb 13 for them to get shipped out. You almost got me Massdrop...
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Still cheaper and faster than Massdrop. And a quick google image search will find a huge picture of whatever card you want and you can shrink it down to fit properly without losing image quality.
And it is still theft. Try producing something and have someone take money out of your bank account and food off your table and lets see how your tune changes.
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