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Out of Order Iron Bridge Automatic Watch

Out of Order Iron Bridge Automatic Watch


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This is a joke right? 600 usd for an unknown brand wearing a non hacking miyota? Lol I love it, best laughter of 2018 so far!
Blatant Tudor Black Bay Bronze rip off. Send it back!
They are just trying to get the Watchganger money since this was a platinum sub a few months back... I think if they lowered it to $299 they would have lots more takers.
I think i've never seen such an absurdity incarnate in a watch...
Would Massdrop just accept any offer without someone checking out if it´s realistic ?
I mean you can ask whatever you want but this is way out of range.
Can we have a feature where we could downvote a drop. This watch is just a bad copy of Tudor. I know Tudor does copy from Rolex, but at least they did it so good.
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Thats even nicer! Thanks! 👍
Rolex and Tudor is owned by the same company though
You can get a watch with an ETA for this price. This is nuts. Miyota divers cost 2-300 elsewhere from the great microbrands, like Armida. This is aggressively offensive pricing.

EDIT: Oh I'm sorry I saw the actual list price is supposedly NINE HUNDRED DOLLARS ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?????
100m dive watch....wtf and 3 actually pay 550 for miyota basic movement..
Damaged in Italy? Like what lol
Yeah they ship it to italy and drop the watch in Venice.
I love watches but I don’t love this watch. First as many have stated “made in Italy” on the side looks really trashy. Second the price is ridiculous $550 for a low tier miyota movement that’s not even customized at least. Third a brand I’ve never heard of that could go out of business anytime and say your watch breaks down there will be no one to do a warranty claim with. Also if you look drop has a watch called Zinvo with the same movement I think selling for 150 dollars. But I digress
edited: also their selling a Swiss made Oris aquis watch for less then $500 granted it’s for women but it’s 36mm so it’s unisex. Just to show you that this watch is way over priced
The made in Italy on the side would makes invicta look tasteful. $550 for a Miyota movement and a bad beatup Tudor homage. You could buy a fake Tudor for less than $100 and it would have the same movement inside, plus even a bad fake would look better than this!
I really don't get this, either. The price seems like a misprint.
Sounds like they took the Fix It Again Tony branding class
It's kinda cool, for 99 dollars i would consider it.... for this price its a joke
I know nothing about this brand/manufacturer, so I won't comment on that aspect. However, I would never pay anywhere near this price for a watch with a Miyota 8215 movement, regardless of its supposed reliability and widespread use.
I have wanted an OOO watch for a while, and this is a stellar deal on a Limited Edition model. Yes, the movement is inexpensive. Yes, it is intentionally beat up looking. It's trashy as fuck, and I love it. Totally different than any of my other pieces that are more "jewelry." Too bad 44mm is way too big for me. I wish it was one of the 40mm standard Automatics.
I love mine , I really don’t care what others think of the watch . Got mine at a steal. I would not pay this price for it, but I will say my iron bridge is one of my favorites and I get a lot of compliments on it.