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Percko T-Shirt For Posture

Percko T-Shirt For Posture

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Better Posture, Better Health

Improve your posture and develop good sitting habits with the Percko T-Shirt. Designed to act as a second skin, this subtle, unobtrusive shirt aligns perfectly with your back to give you the best posture possible. If you start to slouch, hunch, or contort your body too much, you will feel a slight stimulation in the right direction to bring you back to your back’s optimum position—all with no electronics whatsoever. The user-friendly attachment system allows you to choose the tension, too. Developed in collaboration with French textile company Techtera, it’s made from lightweight, thin, and non-deformable fabric with laminated tensors to help open up your thorax. Best of all, it’s virtually unnoticeable under your everyday clothing.

Note: At checkout, choose between the men’s and women’s Percko shirt. Each is available in black or nude colors in seven different sizes. 

Percko T-Shirt For Posture
Percko T-Shirt For Posture
Percko T-Shirt For Posture
Percko T-Shirt For Posture
Percko T-Shirt For Posture
Percko T-Shirt For Posture

Style & Color Options

Men's – Black
Men's – Nude
Women's – Black
Women's – Nude

Sizing Info

To measure, use a tape measure around your chest and from your feet to the top of your head. Compare measurements to the two size charts below.


  • Material: Natural fiber fabric
  • Non-deformable, lightweight, thin
  • Attachment system to adjust tension
  • Improves posture


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