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Pioneer SP-EBS73-LR Elite Dolby Atmos Speakers

Pioneer SP-EBS73-LR Elite Dolby Atmos Speakers

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It would be nice to get an updated estimated ship date given the original ship date has passed with some detail of why this date was missed. Someone must know more about what happened. We already know the speakers will not ship when they thought they would. I understand things can happen but not providing any useful information after the date is missed is concerning.
We got a message indicat a potential delay in shipping them out. Any idea how much of a delay? I’m literally without speakers now since I returned the ones I had before the return period expired. I was expecting these soon.
Really? No one from mass drop can even acknowledge they saw this message?
The ones I bought were delivered yesterday.
I own these speakers and, with a 'bi-amp'-capable home theater receiver*, feed the two pairs of binding posts with the same signal. The sound from top-firing driver bounces off my (flat, normal height) ceiling, complimenting the front-firing drivers. The sound emanates from the whole end of the room, rather than just two points, and the result is impressive, to say the least... especially from speakers with such a small footprint.

I can also use these speakers as rear-channels in my home theater by laying them on their sides - with padding (and rubber bumpers) to angle them properly. The front-firing drivers act as the surround channels, and the top-firing drivers are the rear-surround channels, reflecting the sound from my back wall. (I understand this is not optimal sound-wise, but these avoids having to run another pair of speaker wires... to another pair of speakers.)

* An older model Yamaha HTR-5590 receiver, the front buttons of which turn-on and -off the 'A' and 'B' amps separately, for an easy comparison with and without the top diver activated.
This is an old speaker and it does not cost $500 now-a-day. I saw it for around $350 all the time. Why Massdrop have it for $500? Please explain?
We are offering them for $350. Please take a look at the drop description page under the main paragraph that states the following.

Note: The drop price listed is the Minimum Advertised Price set by the manufacturer. Massdrop is not allowed to advertise a lower price than the MAP price.   At checkout you will be able to apply a coupon for (-$150) towards your purchase. 
I remember that these got some good reviews (music/HT), but never got the press cheaper budget line got. For whatever reasons, they didn't seem to catch on with people. Maybe just not as good as the reviewers were saying?

Good deal if you want those style ATMOS speakers. Otherwise Kef Q100's were down to $250, and there could be better options in this price range.
This item is 4 yrs old but have pretty good reviews, per Pioneers website these are sold in pairs, so since this is from the manufacturer, it is a safe bet they are in pairs, hence the "LR" at the end of the model.

At $350 it is about $100 off any place that still sells them, so over all this is not a bad drop at all, just took a little more research...

You can't trust a Massdrop deal on face value.
These are always sold in pairs, and normal pricing these days is right at the $499.99 price point total for 2. Leads me to believe this drop is in fact for 2 speakers, but obviously we need some clarification here.
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So the model number in the title that states LR and the entire industry is selling that exact model which is clearly a pair of speakers is not enough?
You want to speak about industry, fine. Open any website for this product, and every single website, including Pioneer's, clearly states "PAIR" somewhere in the title or at very least, in the description. You are the only one who stubbornly refuses to provide a clear and exhaustive product description. With this sort of lazy attitude it's no wonder your entire website is riddled with errors and omissions that destroy trust in anything you are trying to sell.
This set usually includes a pair of speakers. is this two speakers? The title of the drop says "Pioneer SP-EBS73-LR Elite Dolby Atmos SpeakerS"
There is a $150 discount applied when you buy it. They just aren't allowed to advertise a lower price. So they are $350.
since it's not mentioned anywhere, assume this is a price for a SINGLE speaker. A customary clarification from MD is required, as usual.
Yep, went as if I was joining the drop, and it was $500 for 1 speaker, and adding a second speaker made it $1000.
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