Plugies Stainless Steel USB Cables (2-Pack)search

Plugies Stainless Steel USB Cables (2-Pack)

Plugies Stainless Steel USB Cables (2-Pack)

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Does anyone have a photo of the packaging these come in?
Y'know, I'd join up if they was a right angle into the phone, but they ain't. Maybe next time, they look they'd up my nerd cred.
I am very ambiguous about these, as the cable does seem to be of a very good quality BUT the tips seem to be of way lower quality as they do have a seam instead of being solid. Should this be seen as a concern?
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My concern is mainly with the USB-C as there is a seam
I hadn’t noticed that since it was so dark. As I go through my own collection of Type-C cables I notice about 50% have a seam and 50% don’t. Have had no issues with either style.
Are these iPhone compatible?! Dying to try them!
No doubt. Otherwise the Lightning cables would be pointless. And of 300 Comments here someone would have reported by now that they didn’t. 😊
I’m in for one Micro-USB and one Lightnin. Got to see what all the fuss is about. 😂
Yay finally available again. These have been my go to lightning cables. I bought more to have spares for work. Never had a problem with mine.
Anyone know if where I can get these amazing Pluggies again? I've been waiting but no drop again! I bought 1 to try and now wish I'd gotten more! Thanks!
Anyone receive these yet from the June drop?
I purchased June 9th.
Massdrop says shipped June 29th.
Tracking still says, "Status Pre-Shipment June 12."
Mine just broke. Been using it for two days. I havent moved it from beside my bed and now the cable wrap is starting to shimmy up the cord so bare wires are showing. Total piece of crap.
"stainless steel zinc alloy"......?

It's either one or the other.

The weak point on micro-USB cables isn't the actual cable in any case. It's the blasted micro-USB connector itself. They break if you look at them funny. That's supposed to be one of the MAJOR advantages of the USB-C connector — it's supposed to be much more robust than micro-USB.
Literally, mine broke before I even plugged It in, I believe it arrived broken. Very disappointed.
If you’re having trouble with the cable pulling out of the plugs( either end)do what I do degrease theplug and cable at the plug, and put a fair amount of buildup of good epoxie at the joint and about 1/4-5/16 up on the cable and the wire, let. It harden for about 36 hours! I’ve got several cables I’ve done this to that have lasted 5 or more years!
I was so stoked to get these but my bank canceled my card (fuck you citibank) because of some fraud shit. Second time this has happened on a Saturday after the banks closed so I had no money all weekend. And then Massdrop tried to take the money out for this and it didn't go through, and I just went to update it and I'm like 12 hours too late. For fucks sake. Anyone know when this drop is coming back??
Honestly, don’t waste your money man, they look really cool. And feel great. But the break easily.
One of the only specifications that should have mattered isn't listed: wire gauge on the charge and data lines. Probably, just another 28-gauge clunker.
Joined the group buy back in December. It took less than 4 weeks to get here which was great, I've been using it on an xbox controller since then. It's taken a beating but no signs of damage or fraying. I don't know what other people are getting but I got exactly what was pictured on the product page.
Which end would fit a Samsung Galaxy S7? --Thankyou
Micro usb