Plugies Stainless Steel USB Cables (2-Pack)search

Plugies Stainless Steel USB Cables (2-Pack)

Plugies Stainless Steel USB Cables (2-Pack)

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Don't believe the hype. This product claims, "no more fraying and bending." After just a week of fairly light use (I used it a total of 4 times), the photo shows that it is no different than any other cable, and does indeed bend, and the "metal" portion does not cover . This cable actually lasted less time than much cheaper cables. Piece of junk.
I just receive the cable . . And I can¬īt use it . It have USB A Female , should be USB A Male so I can plug him to my Charger And I order USB C on other end, Received Micro USB . 100 % useless Cable !!!
I am not sure who can use this kind of cable ?
I received it yesterday and I use it for keyboard purpose. It is difficult to evaluate because it is used for a short period of time, but it seems to be good in design.

I'm still waiting for my cable to make its way to me up in the PNW in Canada...

The tracking info that I was provided gives the 13th of April as the expected delivery date and the last information available is that the package crossed the US-Canada border on the 10th. There have been no updates since...
I'm still waiting the previous drop to arrive.
Is there any way to order one of each type of cable in this drop?
Everyone talks about how much they like these cables so they raise the price of the lightening version by $8/pack. Thats some real BS man.
I bought this because I wanted a cable that wouldn't break like every other cable but it separated after about a week of light use. This prompted me to inspect the cable further so I found that there are actually pretty wide gaps in the stainless steel wrap. This means that the inside cable will bend just like every other cable
-looks cool,
-feels great,
-works like any other cable
-good price on massdrop
- decent timeline on fulfillment

-cheap'ish construction
-bends just like any other cable does.
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That's great to hear. I should specify that this is indeed the USB end in my photos. the Lightning end does feel pretty good and makes a solid connection.
I don't often unplug and plug the USB end in because it's my dedicated phone charger so this has not happened to me. However, the metal sleeve did stretch out a little bit when I pulled it from the middle of the cable once instead of by the end.
Mine still work fine and I think its been about 4 months or so. Really cool construction for such a low price. I would buy again. I wish they had a 6 foot version
both of mine broken within a couple months... would say it was still kinda worth tho
No news on my order ordered beginning of March... ūüėď
Didn't you get an email saying there was a delay?
Hmm maybe lol I ordered 1 cable tho
just got mine. as long as they last a while, then these are super nice for the price.


btw... they look like they are female on one side, but they aren't. got me for a second. hehe
Just got my cables. These things are awesome. Definitely purchasing more if the drop happens again.
Just got mine. Didn't realize I ordered iPhone to female USB . Why even make that as an option? eBay here they come.
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I'm gonna email them now.
it's not female