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Sprout Out Loud

Sometimes, simple things are the best things. With 42 years of experience building audio products, PS Audio's Sprout is an amp/DAC combo that does more with less. Providing you with an all-in-one unit that's compatible with speakers, headphones, vinyl, and Bluetooth and that is simple to set up and use, Sprout may be the only amplifier you'll ever need. 

Note: This drop is limited to 9 units. This drop is limited to just the 110v PS Audio Sprout.

PS Audio Sprout

The Right Connections

Sprout comes equipped with a diverse spread of connectivity options, including stereo RCA turntable inputs, a coaxial digital input, USB port, 3.5 mm stereo analog input, a variable 3.5 mm stereo analog output, and a Bluetooth receiver for online streaming. Also packed inside is a built-in class D 50 watt per channel power amp, a moving magnet phono preamplifier for vinyl records, a headphone amplifier capable of driving most high end headphones, and a high-resolution 192kHz/24-bit DAC supported by a Wolfson asynchronous precision sigma delta modulator.

PS Audio SproutPS Audio Sprout

Pleasing Aesthetics

Crafted to bring simplicity to the home entertainment system, the PS Audio Sprout offers high quality sound at an affordable price. Featuring a stainless steel and aluminum construction with a sleek walnut panel, Sprout has a clean and minimalist interface with just two precision rotary switches to control the music source and volume, making for a user-friendly experience.

PS Audio Sprout

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  • PS Audio
  • Phono (moving magnet) input
  • 1/8 in (3.5 mm) analog
  • USB (asynchronous 192kHz/24-bit) input
  • Digital Coax (192kHz/24-bit)
  • Bluetooth
  • Stereo power amplifier 4 Ohms, 50W
  • THD <0.025%
  • Headphone output: 16 Ohms 500mW, 300 Ohm 425mW
  • Variable 1/8 in (3.5mm) line analog output
  • Signal-to-noise ratio (A-weighted): >90dB
  • Dimensions: 6 x 8 x 1.75 in (15.2 x 20.3 x 4.4 cm)


  • Power Cable


All orders will be shipped by Massdrop.

Estimated ship date is Nov 26, 2015 PT.

After the drop ends, payment will be collected and the group’s order will be submitted to the vendor up front, making all sales final. Check the discussion page for updates on your order.