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RapidX Finish Line Gaming Chair

RapidX Finish Line Gaming Chair

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How long will shipping take? new to mass drop
RE: "The foam padding is coated with durable PVC leather for a sturdy and comfy feel for long hours at the keys or at the office. "

Where does "durable PVC leather" come from?
Genetically engineered cows from Montesano?
With descriptions like this one might assume this chair could transport you to Mars and back again.
This one or the Ferrino XL?
Are these shipping today or this week?
What's the minimum height from the floor to the top of the armrest?
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What is the width of the seating pad? how does it compare to the Ferrino?
Hi, you can find this on one of the photos of the listing that shows the measurements. I would post here, but I am not in the office and think this will be the fastest. Thanks!
i have no clue how these plastic covers go on
Email our support at support@rapidx.io and they can help you with how to install the side covers. Thanks
Got me shipping info today, 26hrs after the end of the drop, expected by middle of next week. Was hoping for a ship date before the posted estimated ship date of July 12 so super stoked that ill have it under me weeks before expecting it.
A bit confused about how massdrop works. I put my payment information in when there was still 7 hrs left on this drop. Never got a email confirmation or information back about if the product was sold. Did they cancel this drop for some reason?
Hi vlukin, we just got the MassDrop orders today. The drop runs until the end date, then all the orders are processed at one time. We ship the items out, send the tracking information back to MD, then they will be sending an email to you with that information. Most chairs should go out today/tomorrow, so you can expect an update with tracking in the next 48 hours or so. Thanks! Chris
thinking about jumping in, anyone have this chair that is 6'1" and ~225lbs? Wondering if it will be wide enough/sturdy enough. Too bad the red/black is sold out :(
terrible the attention of massdrop send an email on saturday because when I go to buy the chair I get an error and I only have two days left I feel disappointed that they have not answered me
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LeonardoMoreno- if you are still having issues, just email me directly at chris@rapidx.io. Thanks! Chris
Thanks Chris!

Our member has been helped out and should be on the correct path to purchasing a new Finish Line Gaming Chair.
How do these chairs compare to Carbon line. Like the looks of other ones mjch better and was in the process of checking out when it Told me "drop unavailable".
Hi DrummerJ99,
Both chairs are very quality and built with the highest level materials. This chair is a standard size chair, while the Carbon is for those with more bulk. Thanks! Chris
Just received mine yesterday. Funny thing though, I didn't get my Shipping/Tracking notification email until AFTER I have received the chair, not sure why that happened, but anyhow, the chair came in about a week.

Assembled it this morning. Everything is good, nothing broke, not even those 2 side plastic covers (guess I was lucky). And the caster wheels are much nicer than my previous chair, as they roll a lot smoother on carpet in comparison.
I recieved 1 out of 2 today hoping the other arrives soon. =/