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Reckless Deck Volume 1 & 2 Starter Bundle

Reckless Deck Volume 1 & 2 Starter Bundle


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I don't get it, not to shit on anyone's tastes but this is essentially a bunch of drawing prompts? Can't this basically be done on the computer in 10 minutes?
That's like saying MTG cards are essentially a bunch of poker playing cards with convoluted text that can basically be done on the computer in 10 minutes. The same can be said about Cards Against Humanity.

It's all about the combination of cards, how one uses/plays them, and what they represent to the user/player that matters.
I think, this drop is in the wrong category
This is an idea generation tool for artists to come up with random characters to write, draw, paint, or create in general. There's probably other ways this can also be used like for pen & paper RPGs, "draw it" games, or writing prompts.
Why is this so expensive at $54? Volumes 1 and 2 can be had on their official website for $15 each. The box is nice, but overpriced at $14. The coin doesn't enhance the experience whatsoever. For a total of $44, you can get the functional essence of this mass drop directly from the creator at $10 cheaper.
I always look at that before buying these and usually it is an awful deal on here. This one also includes a coin, so that could be $5 which makes it equal to the $50 commit price. Cheaper at their site but there is no coin option and shipping.

Their site, you can get Vol1 & 2 and the big box for $52 including shipping. But this ships in April and the site says February 17 but they are all still pre-order. Point is, I don't know what is going on but if no hurry and the coin is important, this site actually has a better deal.
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