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Rothco M-65 Field Jacket

Rothco M-65 Field Jacket

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Ive bought one of these in the past and most of the buttons fell off. What are other people's experiences?
6'2"/185 and I had a size M from Rothco. The body was OK but the sleeves were super-long and wide. I could easily put both arms in a single sleeve. Dropped mine in a Goodwill box.
If anyone is looking for a vastly superior version of the M-65 with fewer weird sizing issues I highly recommend the Helikon-Tex version (it can be found on amazon, I believe). A bit pricier but I feel the quality is much closer to the original model.
No OD Green? Boo!
Yeah, there are photos of the OD but you can't choose it.
What's up with that?
ordered XL and it turns out to be too big (arrived today). How do I return for an L?
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It it the sand color.
Did you want to sell it? And how much?
I love my olive drab m65 and was about to order 5 for my friends only to find you arent offering olive drab.... The most popular colour. Please include OD in future drops and it will sell like hot cakes.
No OD Green?
Old discussion is full of weird size chart and how big the jacket is. Can someone confirm if the chart is still same weird one or it has been "fixed"?
The size charts are WAY off, ordered XL and the dimensions are all several inches longer than listed. Would like to return.

These are vendor listed specs. I would hope they're correct?
No olive?? I requested this drop, but I’m only interested in the olive.
No olive drab, no sale.
I don't get it.

Why display the green one when you don't even sell it. That's the one I wanted.
Is the "Urban Digital" grayscale or is it closer to ACU?
Who can explain that extra bit of triangular "flap-age" at the cuff? It's more visible in the photo of the black version, but curiously tucked under in shots of the other colors. I ask because I own an M-65, and have never been able to figure that bits use/purpose/function. I can tell you it's annoying as hell--you have to tuck it under again each time your put the jacket on, and your will push it right back out (and leave it flapping in the breeze), each time you run your arm through the sleeve again. Yes, one could modify it and be done with the issue, but I don't imagine it was put there on a whim. Anyone...anyone?
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That would be a nice piece to still have! During the war effort, contracts were issued to dozens of manufacturers, Some of the clothing, coats in particular, were made to an amazing quality. In my estimation, as good as much of the bespoke garments you can get today. Sounds like you had a one of the good ones. Too bad those days are long gone!
Damn shame--and I miss the smell of those old Army/Navy Surplus stores (that actually sold surplus). Bought a few pairs of British Khaki officer shorts from such a place in Galveston, TX.
I doubt those would fit anymore either. Oh well...