Saphir Cream Polishes & Conditioner (2-Pack)search

Saphir Cream Polishes & Conditioner (2-Pack)

Saphir Cream Polishes & Conditioner (2-Pack)

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Ordered 4 before, bought new shoes and just ordered 2 for them. Haven't seen bad results with this saphir yet...only thing that sucks is the month long wait for shipping...
Any reason why certain colours like Marine and Bordeaux aren't available?
why not shipping to Australia?
$7.75 for shipping?
Thought I could mitigate the charge if I ordered more, but they also increase the shipping. Not a good deal.
Hi ,
The quantity is limited 5 for each person, Can this be increase as i'm not able to add cordovan creams to the list. Any help ??
Can this be used for my leather couch?
Probably not best for a leather coat. There are other Saphir products for larger items like bags and coats.
Hello all,
Anyone know if this product is flamabale?
no longer shipping to Australia?
Where's the deal? Even without shipping this is more expensive than buying them at my local cobbler.
Am I the only one who thinks these look tasty?
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You should tell that to the "Is It a Good Idea to Microwave This?" guys, I'm sure Jackass would like to have a word with them in that case.
now's your chance
What color cream would best match this shoe?
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Shoe polish is not a "dye", it doesnt go on like paint and cover up what's underneath. It's semi-transparent so matching a color exactly is not essential . It's just important to get close.

If you are dead set in not altering your color at all. Go with the lighter of the two colors you are considering. You can also mix the neutral cream with a darker color to get an exact match.

That said, I'd go with Cognac for those shoes. But I'm partial, I like the subtle reddish hue in cognac over medium brown. It makes for a more attractive color in my opinion. That being said, medium brown would be the closest match
This is correct. Although, the creams have a good amount of pigment. I used medium brown to darken a pair of walnut AE's I had. I finished the toes off with a combo of 3 layers of light brown wax then a few layers of medium brown wax.
Anyone familiar with Allen Edmond strands, these are in walnut. So a fair amount of darkening. Typically your creams are used to help re-pigment areas of the shoe that have been worn down and faded and also to provide nourishment. You can almost just make me out in the reflection. I will probably add another few layers of the medium wax then a neutral layer for a real good mirror finish.
   This may help for the true  horsehide cordovan owners out there. I have 6 pairs from about 35 years to 5-6 years old. Per an ALDENS shoemaker, at a trunk sale many years back, you should always use a cream or polish specifically made for horse hide cordovan. If you must use polish then use it springily as a second or third coat.  The cordovan need to "breathe" more-so  than other premium leathers .  And because it is a "tighter or harder" leather you can get a good shine with cream and elbow grease. You can even "spit shine with cream... just not as easily as with polish. And using a good conditioner /cleaner to start with is a major advantage is your shoes "sheen". ( Per Alden's . not per John )

  I can tell you  this from personal experience. Part of true cordovan's appeal and beauty, is being able to feel it "roll" beneath your fingers. Even using polish made for true cordovan will build up and that wonderful feeling of the "roll" is not as pronounced. Kind of like that "ping" that a S.T. DuPont lighter is known for, or that wonderful "wobble" of a Valjoux  775x series movement. You can even learn to feel the leather and KNOW if it is true cordovan.

    I would say nothing against You tube , but than I remembered "isn't everything we read on the internet true? Even when one site says "Yeah" and another says "Nay"?

  Still I think you all know to take some of You Tube's videos with a grain of salt. ( I am NOT condemning New Yorker's posted video either.)

   All jokes aside, most premium shoe company's cream and polish is rated for their brand and any others. I have even seen special polish for that extra sheen made specifically for horse-hide cordovan. And it is not just the shoe manufacturers. Most premium polishes/creams are rated for premium leather including exotics leathers and true cordovan. I am a chemistry major and applied it in my working days and can say that now with the advancements in chemistry and electronics for machines testing and measuring individual components, major leaps or advancements are made  in 4-5 year increments for everything from shoe cream/polish to care wax.. Yeah I know, computers are ever 2-3 years.   Mainly because your computer doesn't have to go through many "health and safety"  agencies, like the FDA.

    And, if your not sure about a product, call and ask. I have called everyone from  Allen Edmonds, Alden's and  Cole Haan, all the way up to  John Lobb. They have always given me an answer. They may have to contact someone more knowledgeable,  and it may take a couple of days, but always a definitive  answer. I usually like to call when I have questions of that nature so I can ask about something I am aware of that may  "seemingly" conflict with what I was told. For me it is just easier than multiple emails or "live chat" on the website. No typing and no forgetting part of your rebuttal typing as opposed to talking. It is worth a few dollars to protect a 500.00 plus ,in todays dollars, pair of shoes, or even a 200.00 pair of shoes.

   Respects- John

< EDIT>  I should have stated though I have not personally used  Saphir, I am aware they have an exceptional reputation. Too, a friend in Chicago swears by them. But he also thinks Montecristos are better than certain Cohibas and Drew Estates. So what does he know?
thank u brother