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I purchased 2 of these watches from this drop. One was a gift for a friend and the other for myself as an everyday wear. My everyday wear unfortunately stopped working as of yesterday (Feb 17, 2018). Contacted Massdrop and was told that Seiko did not include a warranty for this item and that 30 day return policy was up. Now I'm sitting with a well over $200 cdn (including shipping) paper weight. I seriously thought that Seiko and Massdrop was much better than this because I also just recently took delivery of the Seiko Presage "Cocktail Time". Also bought it from Massdrop!!!
I hope you guys have better luck with yours than I did with mine, but in case you don't buyers beware!!!
Just got mine today as well. Love it. I also trashed the rubber strap and put this Blueshark Bond NATO strap on it.

Arrived today.

Factory box w/pillow, manual, tag, and caseback protector all in tip-top shape. Sure it's a $200 watch (or less in some places), but I appreciate the offers i've been able to take advantage of through Massdrop, so I don't mind the occasional wait if I can help support the community. Swapped the band- I don't like the way the factory rubber straps settle towards one side of the wrist.

I'll sync it on Toolwatch and check the accuracy after 18-24 hours. Check out that web app if you haven't already!

I've had a few other Seiko diver's acquired from e-Bay with mixed results. One had a finicky crown, while others had questionable bezel / chapter ring swaps. I think I'll just wear this one and leave it alone for 20 years!

I will be on the lookout for Massdrop to run an SNK. I'd like to make a domed sapphire crystal and dial swap on one of those.

Thanks Massdrop!
Within 25 seconds for the 1st check. I cycle it for another 12 hours just out of curiosity. Otherwise, I'm pretty pleased with it.
We really need to stop doing MSRP quotes on the original prices. This is a $200 watch.
Why so late a ship date?
Nice watch. But thats old movement. Waiting for a monster drop.
buy on warranty here. Amazon has included 2 year warranty.
This a great classic watch, but yo can by them for $129.00 at a watch discount store
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Lately the K1/K2 have been hovering closer to 175/200 respectively on sites like creationwatch, jomashop, long island watch, etc.
Do you have a link ? I buy these as donor watches for custom mods..
$169 instead of $450 ... lol, come on ... I would highly suggest putting MSRP $4500, ... why not ?
$199 on ebay for J1, which is $214 here.
Is this even a drop ? or What's the point if even it's the same price as eBay ? Massdrop or Pricematch ?
Is this a classic?
I think it is. An original design, derivative of a long diver lineage, and it's been on the market for over 20 years.
SKX is classic, but I prefer the Samurai.
The Samurai is great! I have the Padi pepsi and I love it. The angular lugs give it so much presence and sturdy feel to it.
What's the warranty?
Grab a Vulture Premium Tochigi Leather Strap and you have world class simplicity and elegance.
J/ your Volkswagen made in E or W Germany?
Funny thing I do drive a VW.. lmao