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Seiko Core SKX Dive Watch

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How does the 40hr power reserve work? Because for me after 14hr it's already behind a few hours and if I don't use it for 20hrs it'll be off.

What does the 40hr power reserve work?
Did someone just get notices of their watch being shipped? Or am I the only one? You guys got the stock earlier than the shipping date?
I ordered the skx009j and havent gotten a notification. Checked my drop status too and nothing. Lucky you!
It has arrived in a white box. Curious, i always thought Seikos came in a blue box with hinges. But im loving this watch already
Please show me where skx are being sold for 400+ dollars. Would love to troll any and all businesses that are adopting such a ludicrous pricing scheme.
It’s $595 cad at the mall near my house
Boycott that mall pls.
For What it's worth.. I had emailed TWO questions earlier about the Glycine Combat Sub.. . and received responses within hours. My inquiry re: " Is there any warranty on the Seiko Core SKX watch" .. has gone unanswered after two days.. does not fill me with confidence when Massdrop sticks their head in the sand when it comes to dealing with customers.. If this is how they "don't " respond BEFORE I have a problem.. think how they'll be IF I DID have a problem with my purchase.. for a few extra Dollars.. I'd go w/ Amazon or Jomashop.. I'd like to buy from Massdrop.. but not if there is no customer support.. 8-(
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Will do, my friend.
Hi Mayankyadav, yep, same here.. I was ready to Click "Join" when I saw in the discussions comments re: no Warranty. For only $8 more on ( I forget either Amazon or Joma ) .. comes with Warranty.. so the "deal" wasn't sharp enough to forego it.. oh well.. .. I can just save for the Glycine Combat Sub, which WAS a much better deal.. re: savings compared to what it costs elsewhere.. although: I will want to get an SKX007 or SKX013 at some point.. too much a quintessential watch to have in the collection.. especially to MOD... Take Care.
No SKX13 with bracelet? It was offered the last time, why not now?
Perhaps the supplier is of stock on them.
If any of you are thinking of a steel bracelet on these watches, Long Island Watch sells two different high quality replacements by StrapCode, solid end links, is way beyond factory original quality.

Just be careful, I have their super jubilee on my skx175 and the holes on the endlink didn't quite match up to the case. I was able to seat the spring bar in the lug hole, but doubt i will ever be able to remove the bracelet. That said, their construction is good, and are really solid bracelets.
Was about to join this drop however reading the discussions seem to indicate these have no warranty. I have read through the description for the drop and it doesn't mention anything at all regarding a warranty or lack there of. Can someone confirm status of warranty from Massdrop staff?
As others have mentioned massdrop staff have confirmed this doesn't have warranty. I think they should explicitly say on the drop page no warranty. But of course that would affect the sales. Bit of a shady practice on massdrops behalf. Pretty disappointing. I don't see how this makes sense. If I customer ends up with a faulty item thinking they are covered by atleast a 1 year warranty, they will just be left with a bad opinion of massdrop and the Seiko brand name. Not worth saving the $50
wonder why they cant get warranty, even for a yr, on here in MD? even if they just send you to a 3rd party and don't handle it in-house.
Available on Wed 04/18 on Amazon for $177 < black rubber band> with 2 year warranty
Hmmm.. No Warranty ??? It's available on Jomashop with bracelet for $179 .. with 3 year warranty stated. .. That alone unfortunately is worth it... while not probable. it's certainly possible one might have a watch that breaks in a few months.. I'd hate to have NO warranty ..
009k2 on creationwatches for 200 bucks with 1year warranty. Should be 150 here. No warranty