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Seiko Core SKX Dive Watch

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People are complaining about it not having a warranty. To me that's fine. I'm gonna mod mine anyways. Switching out the bezel, the bezel insert, the band and the crystal. Make this watch my own.
Since this drop is closed now, any chance of shipping this early?
They had an error on size...i checked it out and no black left was ready and willing to hit buy...
I just got my salary, and massdrop ran out of stock. COME ON!
No warranty if bought through massdrop. I bought a SKX009 and the power reserve isn't nearly what it's supposed to be, definitely defective. If I take it off before midnight it's pretty much guaranteed that the day/day change over will kill the reserve and I'll wake up to a dead watch reading somewhere in the 12-2am range. Consider yourself warned.
May I ask why it doesn’t come with international warranty? I believe that since it’s original, it should come with the international warranty card/book.
What's the deal with all the Seiko dive watche on Massdrop. They are all in the couple hundred dollars range, and have Hardlex crystals and non-hackable movements. Are there no watches in the several hundred dollar range from Seiko available?
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Maybe they're doubling down on Hardlex thinking putting it on an expensive watch sends the message that it's better than sapphire.

But peeking at their Japanese site, here's the first expensive ($2,200) Prospex diver I checked, and it's sapphire.

I have a $180 Seiko semi-dress watch, not a diver, that I bought here that has sapphire for the front crystal, this one:
Perhaps that is their intention by using the Hardlex; who knows what goes through the minds of the honchos at Seiko? Lol. I'd like to think there's a particular reason for its use other than pushing their proprietary mineral crystal or to save a few bucks but, again, who knows? Seiko doesn't seem to be very forthcoming in regards to a lot of the burning questions that watch geeks have, so there's conjecture instead.

That first watch you linked to looks like a limited edition version of the "Golden" Tuna, a saturation diving watch with the distinct "tuna can" shape. Historically, these models also use Hardlex except for the limited variants, one of which you've found. Don't know the reason for that. [shrugs shoulders]
I'll give you another week or so Massdrop to actually come up with something worth clicking on in my e-mail inbox - then I unsubscribe from your mailing list.
Not a very special price - at all....

Also love the " Quantities of each are limited. "

And then never mention how limited? 10? 100? 1000?
Price i saw couldnt be beat
2 things about that (assuming you talk about MD price):

1) You get no warranty
2) You pay shipping, import & tax

So not a good deal...
Great watch for the price, but this price is nothing special, the same price can be found all over with quicker shipping. Sorry Massdrop.
Took more than a month to ship. The box came beat to shit. No manual. Slightly misaligned chapter ring. I'll get the chapter ring sorted by my local Seiko dealer, but I'm still somewhat disappointed with the experience. I didn't even save that much money.
chapter ring misaligned is a seiko diver watch at this price pt "feature" lol
What is the cause or decision for the long shipping delay. Is this normal for drops?
Just curious
Lumed hands? Who the F says "lumed"? I'm not 100% it's a word
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look up the word "malcontent" and read the definition to yourself 10 times...
Look up "nonsensical" and think about your reply 10 times....