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Seiko SNA Flight Alarm Chronograph Watch

Seiko SNA Flight Alarm Chronograph Watch

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I received mine on the 3rd of this month. It's my favorite quartz watch! I can't and won't admit it is my favorite over all my autos and handwinding.
It is a sweet watch. My son will love his too when his 21st bday gets here at the end of the year.

looks somewhat smaller next to diver watch.
quality check question!

so i got mine a few days ago and it seems that the top pusher grinds a bit and is not as smooth to screw as the bottom pusher. is anyone else experiencing something similar?
Received my SNA411 yesterday and haven’t taken it off. It is a busy dial but also very aesthetically pleasing. Today alone I received several compliments by perfect strangers. Make sure if you want to change the strap it’s a 21mm lug width. The bracelet is solid but this tool watch looks better on a NATO in my opinion. Cheers!!!... The flightmaster is now my favorite quartz watch in my collection. Exceptional value for $$$...

Very nice!!! My recommendation for the best mods for this flighty are: Change the OG crystal to Double Domed Sapphire and brown leather strap (21mm) such as Rios1931, watchgecko, etc... BOOM, you have a Super Flighty
It actually came Monday! EARLY!
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Cool ring!
Congrat!!! I do like blue lagoon turtle but my 6” wrist does not fit it well
Also very happy to see it shipped quicker than expected! Two thumbs up for that!!
Supposed to be delivered on Wednesday!
Have a new nato strap waiting!
I just hope there are no issues with this one. I purchased one previously and had to return it due to a problem with the top pusher! Not from this seller though!
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what was the issue? my top pusher seems to grind a little when its un/screwed
My new one is fine. With a previous one, the pusher came out with the inner spring !
Got a FedEx pre shipment notice yesterday!
As much as I dislike quartz watches in general, the SNA411 is special enough to get one, and one for my son's 21'st birthday.
Basically the quartz watches I think are worth having are these, G-Shocks, and the genuine military quartz watches, even though I like the genuine military mechanical watches better.
And now we wait...
I'm not complaining, but just saying,! I think 5 or 6 weeks is a long time to wait for your order to ship! It's persuaded me to search for items from other sources ! But in the end it will be worth the wait in yhis case!
Just my $.02!
I'm confused. Is the 411 still available or not?
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It was available 15 minutes ago and now it says "sold out".
OMG why did I hesitate..
I have a feeling with the demand, you will see them available again!!