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Seiko SNA Flight Alarm Chronograph Watch

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I just pulled the trigger on this watch couple days ago and now that people say it doesnt come with a waranty card it is making me question my decision but then again its a quartz watch, what could go wrong. Another anoying thing is that the drop went innactive today but for some reason the watch is going to be shipped on January 11th 2019. Jan 11th, thats almost freaking 2 months from now, This pisses me off.
It went inactive because this drop has ended and the shipment time has been stated before needing to place the order.
no warranty card, no deal
Can anyone confirm if the last batch of these came in original packaging or not?
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Thanks for the reply! was it without warranty card?
No warranty card.
what's the lug 2 lug measurement for this? thanks
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I keep noticing comments about this and other watches on Massdrop possibly being fakes because they don't have proper paperwork. Any watch sold here that doesn't have a manufacturer's warranty may come with or without correct paperwork and boxes. It depends on what the seller obtained when they were purchased on the grey market. I consider Massdrop to be reputable but if you feel they wouldn't do due diligence on what is sold on their site you probably shouldn't deal with them.
How is this a black Friday deal? It is the same price as the last time it was dropped. Don't be fooled by clever marketing tricks... Black Friday... [spat]!
I want to get in on the drop but many previous buyers don't seem to have received any warranty. That's a little concerning.
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Glycine Combat Sub GL0093 had the manufactuter`s warranty.
Yes but Glycine is more of the exception not the rule.
Got this watch the last time it dropped. Love the look and it wears well (not too big or small). However, the top screw down crown just stopped turning out of nowhere. It is oddly loose, but also refuses to turn. I only touched it once for a function check at the beginning, and have babied the watch since. I have a few watches, and this hasn't been a daily driver, so I have no idea how this happened.
Try pushing down on it as you screw it. Like a medicine bottle.
Will give that a shot. Thanks!
What size Nato strap fits this guy? 20,21,22? Anyone have any good places to find Nato straps in general?
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It's definitely 21mm. Get some thin pins and swap out the ones that come with the watch or it's very hard to thread in a NATO. If you're up for spending some cash get an NDC / MN (Marine Nationale) parachute band, you can find them on ebay for around $20 now or go get an original vintage one for around $60. Or you can get a nice NOS from Erika's Originals. You'll sometimes get a true 21mm vintage one on ebay, or you will get a 22mm from Erika's which fits nicely but not perfectly. If you want a NATO strap at 21mm that is average quality and has lots of options and is at a good value for money price point, I buy from cheapestnatostraps a lot. Here is their selection in 21mm:

Awesome. Will very likely give this a whirl when I'm ready to pull the trigger. Thanks for the heads up 😁👍
I was really into the this watch the first 57 times it was offered.
LOL, lot's of Urban Gentry watchers around here!
To those who received their w Flightmaster, did yours come with a warranty/authenticity card? Because mine didn't.
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Yes but seller should've still included the blank warranty card.
I don't have it as well. It's new, should have warranty card.
Just got it yesterday! Some were interested in how this compares side-by-side to the smaller Flightmaster, SND253. It's surprising how it works - the SNA is actually larger, but in some ways, presents more compactly, and to me, neither feels as busy as the product shots make it out to be.
left: SND253 right: SNA411

I think I still prefer the design/layout choices of the SND, but I like the improved featureset of the SNA.
How can I check it a fake or real where the serial number on watch
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You'd be surprised
People are faking Casio F91Ws
I have bought one and receive today but is it a fake watch cause don't have warranty book
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any respond yet?
Non yet
Switched out gaudy two tone bracelet for nylon/leather Watch Gheko Strap. Cool
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The picture is really magnified, especially on the typical monitor. I think this exaggerates the actual etching which is simple and shallow.
Thank you for your insight.. ill just start enjoying the watch.. looks great on a NATO gray and black..
Just got mine. Was just wondering if anybody noticed the back case, the seiko name aNd the rest of inscriptions seems kind of light etched and shabby. Tried looking at other back cases of this watch in the internet and it seems to be deeper etched. Anybody else out there noticed this.. kind of making me nervous now.. Seems fishy.. pls tell me i got somethin legit MD.
What!! Not only is my massdrop item NOT delayed but it’s EARLY?!?!? This is a first for me and I’m excited.
Shipping notice says delivery Saturday. Much earlier than expected.
Woohoo, just got the shipping notice today, a full month earlier than expected (now, if it actually gets here in decent time is to be seen).
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No, I just got notice that it's shipped out via USPS. Not quite sure when it will actually get to me, since it has to clear customs. Appears to have originated from Los Angeles four days ago, and got on a plane today.
You’ll get yours before I get mine here in the states. 👍 The Shipping service MD uses for me is extremely slow every time. I receive packages from Europe and Asia 1-3 days faster.
If the drop has ended, will the vendor ship early?? Can't wait to get my hands on it........or in it!!!🤔
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Mine has been shipped on 19.09.2018 thru USPS and the origin is Los Angeles/USA.
Thank you very much for the information!
So sad this drop ended early. Was going to be my graduation present to myself
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Yeah I missed my window on this round Too!!
The other Flightmaster (SND) is up on MD right now. I have both, and like them each for different reasons. I posted a pic of them side by side a bit higher in this thread.
. "What time is it?"
"It's 9 past 70 miles an hour 30m below sea level near Gander NL, since I have -22L of fuel left" .
Alternately: "Time? I didn't know it also did that."
Any idea about the warranty? it says "All orders will be shipped by the vendor" but doesn't say who the vendor is.
Also, I'm torn... I already have the SND253 and love it, especially for my smaller wrist, but this seems like a great deal.
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Cool, cool!
I am in the same situation. How can we officially know?
Is this the flightmaster?
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Not sure I know what you mean by "drive" for the drop, but the price was 219.99USD. Shipping to Canada for me was 3.66USD.
Neither do I. It was suppose to be "price" not "drive", auto correct on my phone mate. Cheers....
I bought 2 of these. I bought one a few weeks before the last drop, then bought another on the last drop to give my son on his b-day at the end of the year. On average, I am not to keen on quartz, but I absolutely love this watch. My son loves this watch too, so he is going to be thrilled when he gets his. I'm a little bit surprised this watch is still being offered. I thought this watch would be unavailable by now. Anyone really wanting this watch should jump on it while you can, because this watch could dry up again at anytime. You won't regret getting one, even if you are into mechanical watches like I am.
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You getting one?
Yep, no ragrets lol
why can't i change to commit?
Why did I just jumped into this drop in a heartbeat?
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you were in it too, don't lie to me!
I sure was in the last drop.
Do you know where it ships from and by whom? Can it be declared as gift to avoid import taxes? I tried to join the drop and the calculated tax was $0.00. Is this true?? I am in Greece.
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Unfortunately I don't know. I wish it was shipped from the EU as here in Poland we pay 23%, but I'm afraid it's from the US like most of the drops here.
Thanks a lot for your reply! Can we get an official answer from the seller or the site? I guess asking to declare it as a gift with a smaller value would be difficult...
Is this current drop limited on how many will be sold Like the last couple?