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Mine stopped working after about 6 months of use.

No warranty (beyond the 30 days with MD). I have been told if there's no mention of a warranty in the drop page, that it's to be understood there isn't one. Personally I find this policy a little deceitful, as it's essentially misleading customers by omission.

Disappointed with this experience. It was a cool looking watch, I guess it's now an interesting paperweight.
Yep, same here, mine stopped working... Lesson: buy watches from certified dealers.
got mine today. SNZH53J1 in blue, $157.24 USD after shipping (about $202 CAD on my credit card) and then another $32 for customs. the calendar day looks like its in arabic for the second language. looks very good.
Mine (Blue Dial, Made in Japan) arrived in record time. I got used to waiting on MassD purchases but this one came surprisingly fast. As for the watch itself: Sweet lord above this a lot of watch for the money! Excellent movement. Display back. Absolutely stunning dial. Looks like an under-painted cristal or hardlex bezel with 120 clicks per hour. Hardlex glass. Jaggly Bracelet, No screw down crown, somewhat weaker lume (don't care) but otherwise a crazy bang for buck watch and it looks 10x better in meatspace than on-line. Really impressive. I take it off the bracelet the moment it comes out of the box, I put mine on a tan leather strap with white stitching and it is almost inching into dress watch territory. Looks sporty on a Nato but then you can't see the movement, so strap for now. I honestly can't get over how fantastic this watch is. Would be still be a bargain at 2x the price. What a gorgeous dial. Not modding mine at all. Perfect everyday watch just as is. Could not be more pleased. Just a handsome piece. Fantastic.
!~Yay, they've shipped~!
So who is planning on modding there's?
After reading some comments below it is unclear to me if the watch comes with or without a warranty. So, does it come with a warranty?
No warranty on this drop, as it would be listed in the specs. It is however covered by a Massdrop 30 day return policy.

Unless the drop page explicitly states there is a warranty then there is no warranty.
(see the MD suppor page... it states this)
Just got mine. Got the made in Japan version. Love it! Also came with Arabic version for the days which was unexpected but for me makes it collectible.
Can anyone recommend a good aftermarket metal bracelet(not flat-end) for the SNZH? There seems to be a bunch of metal bracelets for the SKX007, but I don't see any for the SNZH
So, will seiko honor warranties if this watch is bought from massdrop?
Or Asurion? I've seen a few people say that they would honor the warranty. This watch is like $150 on amazon which might be worth the extra 25 bucks for the warranty.
md is not an authorized Seiko dealer
This model is not made in Japan as you can see nowhere on the dial says Made in Japan. You can buy a real Japanese made Seiko SNZH53 on eBay as low as $150 with blue dial and blue bezel and free shipping. Many Seiko watches were made in Malaysia with real Seiko movement and sold for a lower price. However if you want a real Japanese made watch beware and look for the Made In Japan printing on the dial.
Actually at Checkout they give you the option to buy the Japanese (J1) or the International (K1) Version. And the J1 Has "japan" on the dial, just like your picture.
Thank you so much for providing that info - I bought in with confidence right after :)
and now the wait!
The description alludes to the fact that it is a dive watch. Although I'm sure it is an excellent watch, it is not a watch for diving. 100 meters is only good for swimming at best.
3 ATM 30 meters/100 feet Everyday use. No swimming.
5 ATM 50 meters/165 feet Short periods of swimming. No diving or snorkeling.
10 ATM 100 meters/330 feet Swimming and snorkeling.
20 ATM 200 meters/660 feet High-impact water sports and some diving.
Diver 200+ meters/660+ feet Scuba diving. Passes ISO regulations.
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Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!! you've got a wicked sense of humor dude, i dig it
you guys are missing the POINT....water...RESISTANT...not water {PROOF.) instead of arguing it on mass drop...go visit a SEIKO/ CITIZEN...etc..DEALER..and ask them what water RESISTANT to 100 meters MEANS..i think you will be surprised what they tell you