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Seiko "Fifty Fathoms" SNZH Watch

Seiko "Fifty Fathoms" SNZH Watch


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Mine came today, very nice watch IMHO. Nicely packaged simple but adequate manual. I have already swapped the stock metal band for a Hirsch Liberty leather band, that is the band pictured in the review of this watch linked to the Massdrop description. Got the band before the watch LOL. Couldn’t be happier.
came in a blue seiko box with simple A4 manual to

adjust date & time
Has anyone gotten their watches yet? Mine is stuck in a loop as tracking shows it was going back and forth in California. It got close to me last Friday but went away again, plus some time in limbo, LOL
I'm sure I'm not the first to point this out, but Amazon's US site has the SNZH57 for $129 plus free 2-day shipping for Prime.
At you can get the Seike SNZH57 for 115 Euro plus free shipping in Europe. This here is not a drop its the normal price. Well maybe the next time they make a real drop.....
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Just new I believe. However, they don't check any of their watches......... so those that should not have been sold (sent back ) are sold anyways.
Also, depending on where in Europe you are you may still get charged import tax and duty when ordering from Creation - I've had it in the UK before.
If the ‘5’ badge isn't there I would have bought so many.
It doesn't bother me, the 7s movement does though.

"Seiko dive watches, such as the Orange Monster, have since been upgraded to the caliber NH36 (aka 4R36), making Seiko collectors happy because the 7S36 seen here does not hack and is not hand-windable – two functions that have become more and more popular. The caliber 7S36 is the last in the series."

I think that hand windability and hacking should be in the description. I shouldn't have to track down that information on the internet.
It's really a hold over from the past. The upgraded 4r is essentially the 7s w/ hand winding/hacking. I think as prices continue to rise, you'll see less and less of the 7s. That said, it's the most recent and not "last of the line."

As you can see here,
The 7s36 is over a decade old and it's only update over it's predecessor is 2 non-working jewels.

So, I don't see it going away. I do think in if they want to continue raising MSRP in a diminishing market and offer no improvements......... while micro brands offer the NH (4r) variant at lower prices. They're going to one day find themselves w/ less market share.
Fun fact: a number of people in the previous drop apparently received their watch in a generic brown box with no manual. Just an FYI for those weighing other options at $5~ more.
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how many people got their watches in a brown box? were they fake? im guessing these watches aren't from seiko themselves?
You have the same access to the comments below that I do. Feel free to crunch the numbers and see if it's worth saving $5 (or $0 if you use a common coupon) in exchange for the chance of receiving a questionable product.
Indeed. $130 from 3 vendors with free Prime shipping on Amazon. They should stop calling these "drops" unless the price is actually at least 15% lower than retail price elsewhere. $5 off here is 4% off, pretty pathetic.
$5 is better than nothing, they have to make money out of it. Lol
I am not against them making money, they should just come up with a different name for it. The only "drop" part that is left of it is "the sale is final". No returns part and having to wait for a month for this would hardly worth $5 to many. Discounts are not even close to what they were not so long ago. Plus no mention of the manufacturer warranty, so even that is uncertain.
$130 w/ free shipping ->
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And the comment below this one mentions that the last drop shipped in a plain brown box with no manual. Maybe that's worth $5 to some people, myself included.
Actually one can easily get a $5 coupon by signing up for their newsletter and also enjoy free shipping.

Along with a box, manual and hangtags.