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Sewline Marking Tools Set

Sewline Marking Tools Set

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I use these marking tools daily. I’m a avid Quilter who has taught before. So, I know quality and a good price when I see it. When Massdrop emails come through I scroll through each of them. I have purchased items for my husband & sons. I’m only sorry I cannot afford more. If these Sewline marking tools are offered again don’t miss out. 💗🕊
Very disappointed. Got my reminder to join the drop at 3:30 pm on 4/30 ”before the dro ends tomorrow “ (to me, that means it ends on 5/1). The link shows drop inactive, I can’t join, even though it should be available.
Is this drop really going to happen? I've been reading the posts and it looks like it is a year old? When will we receive this drop?
Are refills easy to obtain? Do the air erasable markers dry out?
How do these compare to Flexion pens?
Excellent product - I have the Bohin set as well but do prefer the Sewline set
Any comments regarding the comparison between this set and the Bohin tool set previously dropped?
the price point is good, i compared the whole package and came up with 42.00 not including shipping. but the complaints below are a concern. Do you hae the Bohin set?
It's now July 12th, it's been close to 3 months since this drop and yet we are still waiting for merchandise. I could have purchased these items from Amazon and received it months ago. I am extremely disappointed that Massdrop has not kept up with regular updates or made good on its promise to deliver the merchandise. I for one would like to know what exactly is the problem, and how I'm going to be compensated, with either the merchandise or a refund and when. How much longer are you going to wait for the manufacturers to make good and send the order?? Are they even still in business?? Are there so many quilters in the world they can't keep up with the demand??? Seriously!?!?!
I'm very sorry to hear you have not received this order yet! If you haven't already, please contact our Community Support team through your Transactions page:

I'll also flag this on my end so that the CS team is alerted to the issue. Thanks for your patience!
I find it interesting that the day I post a third complaint on the discussion the items shipped that day!! I'm disappointed in the handling of this drop. I have not had issues in the past with offers and have been satisfied to date with all but this order. Hopefully this is just a one time issue.
It's now June 15th!! Will this drop be shipped anytime soon. The wait for this drop is ridiculous. There are few updates. Status on the transaction still says submitted order to vender. If the product isn't coming the right thing to do is refund the money us!
It is June 8th, we have been waiting for this drop to ship since late April? Could we please get an update as to why the delay. When well we be receiving the items we have paid for??
We're now a week into June and still no firm delivery date. While this is an anomaly compared to other others I've had with them, the communication is very poor. The mark of a good company is how they handle the inevitable problems; Massdrop is not doing well. If it doesn't ship by this Friday, I would like the option to cancel out. Can someone from Massdrop inform us how to do this?
Per the email we received from Massdrop on May 3rd, this should have been shipped out yesterday, May 23rd. We then received an email from Massdrop on May 9th that they would update us on or before May 15th. I haven't received anything since that May 9th email from Massdrop. This is my first Massdrop; this does not bode well for future orders .....
I've participated in several Massdrop buys and this is an anomaly in my experience. I do think we should get an update on this drop, however I would prefer that they not cancel the drop if it can be fulfilled within a reasonable amount of time.
I sent an email to Massdrop and they replied. Basically, they sent an update, stating the vendor was scheduled to receive the items on 5/26 and I should get another update before on on 6/1. Waiting. I doubt the drop will be cancelled.
Why is this order taking so long to ship? I just got notice that an order I placed a week after this one is shopping today. Has there been a delay?
Hey everyone,

We’re happy to report that all of the orders have been shipped out! Please allow 24-48 hours for these to get into UPS and USPS' system

Thanks again for the support guys. Make sure to share your experience with the Sewline Marking Tools Set on Massdrop.

If there’s anything else we can do to make your Massdrop experience better, feel free to email us at
Hi All,

These were packed up and ready to go this Friday, but the shipper didn't come by to pick these up as planned. We will have them out Monday.

Thanks for your patience and expect an update from us on 9/22.