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Sewline Marking Tools Set

Sewline Marking Tools Set

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Refine Your Lines

You might be sharp enough to eye out your cuts, but if you want precision cutting, sewing, and outlining without a permanent scar on the surface, you need some proper marking tools. Coming in a range of functions and applications, the Sewline Marking Tools Set includes four unique instruments that instantly increase your quilting potential.

Note: This drop includes the Fabric Mechanical Pencil Trio, Air Erasable Pen, Duo Marker and Eraser, and Styla. 

Sewline Marking Tools Set

Triple Threat

Instead of smearing your precious patchwork with a permanent mark, use one of these easily erased specialty devices. The most versatile of the bunch, the Fabric Mechanical Pencil Trio includes black lead for light fabrics, white lead for dark fabrics, and a tracing roller ball point that can imprint clear lines through chaco paper. To remove the marks, simply wash your fabric in warm water or use the eraser on the tip of the pencil.

Sewline Marking Tools Set

Evanescent Ink

Giving you similar function in a few other options, you will also receive an Air Erasable Pen, with ink that disappears within 2-10 days or with water, a Duo Marker and Eraser, coming with a special textile nib, and the Styla, which features a precision polished ceramic roller ball joint and blue ink that washes out with water.

Sewline Marking Tools Set


  • Sewline

Fabric Mechanical Pencil Trio

  • 360° rotating mechanism
  • Black 0.9 mm lead
  • White 0.9 mm lead
  • 1.6 mm Tracing Roller ball point

Air Erasable Pen

  • 0.8 mm ceramic roller ball point
  • Ink disappears within 2-10 days or immediately erased with water

Duo Marker and Eraser

  • Special textile nib
  • Erasable ink removed with a light touch
  • No bleed marks on cotton or cotton blends


  • Precision polished ceramic roller ball point
  • Blue ink is water erasable


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