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Shire Post Mint Memento Mori Silver Coin Bundle

Shire Post Mint Memento Mori Silver Coin Bundle

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Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

Can we pay to have the chain updated to also be silver?
Has anyone received theirs from the last drop? Mine is in shipping limbo since 2/4.
When you get things from Mass drop it usually takes at least 2 months to receive your items. I had to wait 3 for my sleeping bag.
Email us at so we can look into this. International orders may get stuck in customs, but US orders are delivered just a few days after shipping. -Helen
Does this give you automatic membership to a secret society?
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They will never make it. They must turn back before it's too late

so hard. Beautiful piece.
Is the chain silver as well? And if not is it possible to pay extra for one?
Got mine 2 days ago. A genuinely beautiful piece. Nice packaging included a little description of the coin and explanation of the meaning. Loved the sealed envelope.
Outstanding Company. I got one for the holidays & the craftsmanship is beautiful. The packaging was super detailed. Very classy. I got the Valar Morgholus necklace & couldn’t be happier. Highly suggest
This is much more expensive than the one on etsy
That appears to just be the pendant alone, this drop comes with the pendant and an identical coin without the hole milled through it. If you just want the pendant, that Etsy page looks like the better deal.
Oh I missed this. Thank you.
i really love mine looks good and it has a nice weathered look to it that fits the design definitely going to look into more of their stuff

Is that 30g silver coin ? Or is it toal 30g of silver including the chain ? Does the coin comes without the hole for the chian ? Or its pre drilled ? Is the coin machine stampped with presure ?
Drop date: 11/29/2018 Drop Price: 54.99 + Free Shipping and WA state Tax Managed to get it for about $10 cheaper on their website. They also gave me a 10% off for filling in my email address. Note: this was just for the necklace!
What's the chain actually made out of? (On behalf of everyone who is as allergic to nickel as I am. That includes ruthenium plating, often used on chains, which also contains nickel.)
The chain is a plated steel chain. We purchase them as a (nickel free) option, but we are not sure exactly what metals they are plated with. It can easily be swapped out with an existing chain that you may have works for you. If you are allergic to various metals.
I like this but I prefer the all copper version they have on their site for $17 + $3 shipping. I got it today in the mail, love it!
These coins will mark you!
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That was six weeks ago man—I can’t remember last Tuesday! You’re on your own, buddy.
For those interesting in this item, the manufacturer has it listed for $47.99 on its website. If you leave the item in your cart for several minutes you'll be prompted to enter your email address for a 10% off coupon. Altogether with shipping and 10% off, the total came out to $45.30.
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Yeah thats exactly why I questioned it originally, there is no mention of bundle or coin and knecklace as there is on the drop so i wasnt 100% sure. etc. etc.
It's the coin AND necklace. Ordered 3 days ago. Arrived today. Again, if you're looking for a lower price and want to get it earlier then I suggest purchasing directly from the manufacturer.
Received the bundle yesterday. Beautiful! Terrific craftsmanship and great attention to detail. Liked the Sire Post Mints work so much I contacted them and placed a large order for the Memento Mori coins in copper to use to help promote the documentary and web project Love what they do and will order again.
Got mine today it's absolutely beautiful and loved the little personal touches like the wax seal and handwriting my name. Fantastic purchase
Is there a difference between this one and the one on the main site? I can't quite tell but the one on the main site seems slightly more polished.
They are the same , the only difference is which batch they came from. Each batch will look slightly different
Can't wait, these look great!
30" chain that is how thick, are we talking 1mm or less? What is the weight of the chain and the dimension of the pendant?
I'd be far more interested if there was an option for a shorter chain and something more than vague details.
"The silver pendant is 1/2 Troy ounce or 16 grams of bullion grade pure silver on a 30" gunmetal neckchain. It is stamped on the bottom edge with (999 FS) meaning (99.9% Fine Silver)"
Still not much useful info but it is better than what MD provided. No option on their site for a silver coin, just the pendant and chain. No dimensions listed or much in the way of relevant details.
The coin is1-1/16” across from the flats. a bit larger than a quarter in diameter. It is really close to 1/8” thick. An exact 1/2 troy ounce is 15.55g. so these are on the heavy side of 1/2 oz. the chain is a plated steel chain that is about 3mm in diameter. It can be easily trimmed down shorter.
Total mass of silver?
Just over 1/2 Troy ounce. 16 g