Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM Art Lenssearch

Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM Art Lens

Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM Art Lens

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Forget this Sigma DC nonsense--Sigma DG is the only way to go!
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This lens is an excellent buy if you don't want to dive into FF size and money. It's equivalent to FF 29-57mm f/2.9 (so basically a less zoomy 24-70 f/2.8 lens for a fraction of the cost), and is one of the few lenses that get good sharpness out of crop cameras.
Yes, I agree with the value of the lens (I'm a Sigma fan), but my argument was against using crop lenses on a full-frame camera. You can do it, and if you owned a few and just bought FF camera, you probably wood--but only until you got caught up with FX lenses, at which point, it wouldn't make sense. Which is to say, if you just bought a new FF camera, there's no reason to go out and buy new crop lenses just because they're cheaper than FX lenses!

As of January 1, 2017, any product that is not imported by the Sigma Corporation of America or purchased from an unauthorized Sigma USA Dealer will not be serviced under warranty regardless of the service required. The Sigma Corporation of America Service department will service these products for a minimum $250 charge in addition to the required parts and labor charges at the owner's expense. 

Just a heads up on this
I joined the drop at the last minute - it was incredibly hard to decide whether to purchase this or the 17-50mm f2.8! In the end the superior quality of the 18-35 made the decision for me. I can't wait to start shooting with it!
I'm definitely considering buying that lens, but what about the warranty !? I don't find any official information about that on the page and Massdrop website. Is there somebody to help me sort it out ?
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Completely off-topic: You don’t happen to be the Youtuber Cyriak that does the trippy animations?
Yes I am.
Humour, no, it's not me !
I'm seriously considering getting this, but I'm a bit put off by the idea of having to wait till after the 15th to get it!
Silly question, if this lens is only APSC compatible, would it not technically be EF-S on Canon mount?
Or is it a vanilla EOS EF mount without the keying to prevent you from sticking it on a full frame?

Hope Mass drop does one of the Sigma FF wide aperture zooms.
It is technically a EF-S mount, but most of the third party lenses are sold as EF mount since they work with every Canon body.

So you can use it on a full frame, but you'll get crazy vignetting as the lens is made for a crop sensor.
Why only US and Canada? I thought Massdrop was well-known for its worldwide shipping... #disappointed
Now it is available to other countries, check it out.
This was a great lens to pair with my Canon EOS 80D for both stills and video. It is not a compact or light lens but worth toting around if you want sharp videos or stills even in low light. The money you save off regular price (Sigma has instant rebate now so street price is $699) can go towards the USB dock for firmware updates and dialing the auto- focus precisely.
Perhaps a weird question, but I haven't seen it answered anywhere here or elsewhere. Is there any benefit to choosing a Canon mount over a Nikon mount to use with a Metabones speedbooster and g85/gh5 other than the likelihood of using either Canon or Nikon glass in the future? This is going to be my only non-native glass for my g85.
Based on my research of the speedboosters/adapters on the market, I'd go with Canon mount unless you have some reason to favor Nikon.

The reason is that I see more adapters for Canon than Nikon, and new features generally come to the Canon adapters first. For instance, the newer generation of "smart" adapter, those which enable electrical communication between the lens and body, seem to be coming for Canon glass first.

Mostly it's Canon to Sony, which makes sense. The most popular DSLR brand to the most popular mirrorless brand.

If you're getting a speedbooster, keep in mind that this is an APS-C lens, not a FF lens. And if you also get a straight adapter, you'll get two zoom ranges out of the same glass.
Will this lense come with a US warranty? This is something they need to display.
Negative, most lens makers only ever cover a warranty from Authorized lens dealers. So it you do not purchase directly from an authorized dealer Sigma will not honor the warranty. This has been an issue before on MD. That being said still totally worth the buy.
This, alongside the 50-100mm f/1.8 also by Sigma are great lenses. If you wanted something that covers everything shorter than medium-long telephoto (I hear their 70-200 f/2.8 is also great), both lenses are must buys for APS-C. I paid MSRP back in October for both for my M5 and don't regret it.
I bought this for full market price. At 150 off, this is an amazing deal. That being said, but the Sigma mount as well, so you can calibrate it. My lens has some front-focusing issues.
It's actually $40 less than Amazon. This lens doesn't come with a warranty.