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Smart LED RGB Bluetooth Strip Accent Lighting

Smart LED RGB Bluetooth Strip Accent Lighting

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The app has stopped working for me :(
You can get these with wifi on Amazon for $35
Yeah but you have receive them in two days with free shipping and they accept returns for ninety days without question. The heck with that shit!
Hi, I'd like to use strip lighting like this for a mineral display cabinet. It's a timber cabinet and not much room for lights so I thought an led strip run under each shelf would be ideal. I could maybe hide it behind a thin triangular timber bead. However I don't know anything about controlling LED current and appropriate voltages. If the strip is cut to a fit the shelves, how do I sort out the supply to be compatible with the lower load and not oversupply and burn out the LEDs.

I understand that at a fixed supply voltage, load normally determines current but diodes are semi conductors and don't behave exactly like this do they? I mean, that's not what semiconductors look like to an ohm meter anyway. LEDs seem to require a pulse current to generate high brightness so it's not like normal DC or AC. So is this an appropriate kit for what I want to do (true colour balanced white light) and does it have suitable instructions. I do understand some ordinary electrical things and do some basic PA, car and home maintenance but semiconductors are a complete mystery to me.
I have quite some experience with cheaper led strips, but I assume this one will follow the same principles. The LED’s are actually somewhat in parallel rather than just 5m of LED’s in series (that would require way to much voltage) usually about 3 LED’s are in series and then there is a cutting point. every small strip of 3 LED’s are in parallel to the other 3 led strips. Thus all you have to do is cut at the cutting points and then you can wire all the strips of the different shelves up to one power supple in series or parallel (it doesn’t matter)
Does anyone know if this is one single strip or can it be used in different sizes?
different size can be fitted in different application
Great, thank you.
Do not buy these. I bought two. None of the 3 android devices I have tried will connect to the controller.
what is the system version of your android phone now?
Don't buy this... the LED strip is very nice but the BT controller does not communicate with the Android SW. The problem looks to be the software developer did not consider and use the correct BT protocol for re-connect (could be just in the Android SW). Also BE allows connection with or without a PIN code and the Android phone looks for this but if it is use the SW should supply the value and connect. I have programmed BT and it looks like the SW on both sides were not tested and debugged on the Android. I have see comments that it works on the iOS. I wasted $60 on this product.
I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble with this product. I have used and tested multiples of these strips with a Samsung Note 3, Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, and now I am using a Sony Xperia Z5 Premium. They have all worked great with no problems. Just checking but there is two different singhong apps The one needed for this product is SHLighting. The other application is SH Smart which is used for the wifi products.
ble solution doest not need the pin to pair bluetooth device, phone will connect and pair bluetooth bulb or strip when bluetooth is enabled on your phone, no need pin to pair, it is ble advantage
would these be good for a "55 tv?
either of the two smaller strips should work just fine.
The app is buggy and the does not always connect with the lights and will randomly turn on or off in the middle of the night. I understand the "value" aspect compared to the Phillips but I think its better to spend your cash elsewhere.
TLDR; lights themselves are good, poor adhesive but that is true for all LED strips. control box and connection to bluetooth is poor. App is clunky and most of the settings (16 million colors, brightness, combination of specific color AND brightness) do not work.

If this is the same/similar to the one I purchased on amazon before I got my $16 regular remote + LED strip, I just wanna warn those who are joining as it's not as easy to use as you think. The bluetooth connection is really poor and auto connects approx. 60% of the time. The app it self is clunky and difficult to use. Sure there are 16 milllion colors to select from, but if the app does not sense your finger on your phone for 99% of them then it's useless. Additionally, once you select your color, there is no way to select your brightness. Brightness settings are pre-programmed in for about 9-10 colors. Even further, the app loses memory of previously selected color/brightness 50% of the time.
Seriously? Hello Amazon. And if you can live with a plain remote instead of yet another data sucking phone app as low as $10 for 16 foot length
I'm a little disappointed to see this drop again when the last drop hasn't even started shipping yet ಠ_ಠ
Potential buyers should note that most of the issues reported so far are due to the control box (which enables the bluetooth app-controlled features). The lights themselves and power supply appear to be fine by most accounts.

If you do not need the app-controlled features, the LED strips themselves and power supplies are easily available online or direct from China at much lower cost (and available for different applications, such as waterproofed installation).

Also, anyone wiring these for a custom install should understand there is a functional limitation to how many lights can be powered by one power supply. These sort of lighting usually maxes out around two reels of continuous strip (you can solder reels together with simple speaker wire). One solution I found for this was to instead wire them directly to an old computer power supply. They already run at the correct voltage so there's no need for the transformer you see on the wall plug. Then you just run your connections from the individual rails. You can even wire the entire project to a single on/off switch at the PSU level if you like.

For anoyone curious, I used mine in a custom gaming table, where each player's seating used a different color (sort of like a game show, lol). I ran each strip to a specific seating, along the inside edge of the table (so the lights shine outward, onto the table's surface). Each seating has its own on/off control so I can deaden (on/off) a given player's lights by pressing a button. My setup lacks the bluetooth controller box though - it's all manual. The RGB effects use a wireless remote control for set-up.
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Added some more photos of current state... I've got the actual table built now and the playing surface is installed. I still haven't completed the rails, which will house both the cup holders and the LED lighting. Plus there is some wiring that needs to happen so I can run power to the table. I'm planning to also install USB charging outlets at each player position, for phones and such.
That's some good thinking and makes sense on a logistical level and wiring would be a hell of a lot easier than the crap that's on amazon but I'd be off on voltage aspect. What rail are you running these off of? Good post though it reminds me that I need to pick up a volt meter and a better solder right now.