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SMSL SAP-10 Balanced Amp

SMSL SAP-10 Balanced Amp

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It certainly looks really nice.
Volume knob looks funny
Looks like it can induce RSI :P
look-alike Massdrop x Alex Cavalli Liquid Carbon X Amp
Not at all. IDK why you think that.
The power is just a dash too shy for a balanced amp. Even though 600mw is plenty for most headphones. I'd rather have too much than not enough. Combine that with not every Good headphone can be used balanced kill the appeal a bit. Still 180 bucks is solid. Kind of a case of you get what you pay for.
Yep I agree 100%. A Magni 2 (non Uber) has a lot more power than this does.
I couldn't find even a single review about this amp...
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Yeah, exactly. Looks like it has 2 TPA6120A2 chips for L/R channels in a fully symmetrical PCB layout. (pics from one Chinese headphones forum)

Typically speaking, a symmetrical board design is a bad sign, as it is rarely the optimal component layout in terms of signal paths and generation of unintended RF/EMI loops within the amp design itself. I am not an EE, but this is what I have gathered from reading and watching many different in depth board teardowns. under 2-29 PC BOARD ROUTING.

"Forget Aesthetics – It’s apparently hard for some to resist but the optimal layout rarely has everything arranged in neat tidy rows and columns like a spreadsheet. Electrons have no concept of aesthetics but they don’t generally like going further than they need to because someone thought an IC or resistor looked better over there. See the next item."

The entire section is relevant here, but that in particular addresses the layout issue I'm referring to.
This has got to be about the cheapest Balanced AMP I’ve seen. Just wish it had a bit more power. The price of this is for that balanced input.
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They actually released a cheaper sap-8 not long ago, from memory. But again, power is not remotely interesting, except if I remember correctly, mr zeo reviewed it and said its ok in general use.
Sorry, typo, I mean sap-9 which has balanced in 2x 3pin xlr to balanced out, 2.5 trrs + 4pin xlr, sap-8 is balanced in and only TRS out.
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