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Solo Stove Lite

Solo Stove Lite

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Efficient Wood-Burning Stove

Featured in Backpacker Magazine, Gear Junkie, and Survivalist, the Solo Stove Lite runs directly off biomass for a cleaner, more efficient burn. Using a unique gasification and secondary combustion process, it requires less fuel and produces less smoke than petroleum-based alternatives. The compact design is built from one solid piece of stainless steel and weighs just 9 ounces, with an angled lip that acts as a windscreen and a heat shield that protects the ground.

Note: At checkout, choose the Solo Stove Lite (base price) or the Solo Stove Lite and 900ml pot bundle (+ $24). 

Solo Stove Lite
Solo Stove Lite
Solo Stove Lite

Complete Cook Kit Upgrade

The Solo Stove Lite is made to nest comfortably inside the 900-milliliter pot, giving you more space in your pack while you’re out on the trail. Made from stainless steel like its companion and coming in under 8 ounces, the pot features a lid with a rubber-coated lift tab, double fold-out handles, a pour spout, and volume markings.

Solo Stove Lite
Solo Stove Lite
Solo Stove Lite
Solo Stove Lite
Solo Stove Lite

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Model Options

Solo Stove Lite
Solo Stove Lite and Pot (+ $24)


Solo Stove Lite

  • Construction: Stainless steel
  • Nichrome wire grate
  • Fuel: Sticks, twigs, pine cones, biomass
  • Boil time: 8–10 minutes for 1 liter
  • Dimensions, packed: 3.8 x 4.25 in (9.7 x 10.8 cm)
  • Dimensions, assembled: 5.7 x 4.25 in (14.5 x 10.8 cm)
  • Weight: 9 oz (255 g)

Optional Solo Pot (+ $24)

  • Construction: Stainless steel
  • Volume: 30 fl oz (900 ml)
  • Easy-to-use lid with rubber-coated lift tab
  • Pour spot
  • Double fold-out handles
  • Volume markings in oz and ml
  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.7 in (11.4 x 11.9 cm)
  • Weight: 7.8 oz (221 g)


  • Stuff sack


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