Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX90V Digital Camerasearch

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX90V Digital Camera

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX90V Digital Camera

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This price seems to have made this more interesting... I think this is the first time it's been below $350, right?
Are the lenses interchangeable for this camera?
Ummm... no.
The seal was cut for a US charging adapter to be placed in the box.
I just seen the international spec on the page. I should have looked abit closer. facepalm
Well I figured out why this was such a Great Day it is a Grey Market Item. This was why the box was opened it came through customs. I opened it and found the charging cable and it was for Asia or Europe with a adapter for the US. I checked the Serial Number and it was for Singapore or asian Territories. I called Sony they said it is Not a American Version therefore it doesn't carry a US warranty. So I will am hoping Massdrop handles this for me. If not I already called my credit card. I can go on Ebay everyday and buy Grey Market like this I thought this was a legit Sony US version of the camera.
It's a legit version but I don't see that there's a warranty at all
Just want to know did anyone buy a Camera from Massdrop and received a broken seal opened box from a drop? I just received this Sony Camera DSC-HX90V and the Sony Holographic Quality Seal was Cut. Hey I contacted Massdrop to find out what is going on was this a Refurbished or Open Box Item. Would they have opened this to check the contents before shipping it out? I hope they let me know soon.
What’s the sensor everyone keeps talking about? Is that for autofocus or something? I just need a good camera for taking videos on a tripod indoors. I’m guessing this will work but I’m confused about it’s shortcomings like the sensor and all that. Any direction or suggestions for similar products in this budget would be great
This has a small sensor. Actually it is larger than a cell phone sensor but smaller than a 2/3's or 1inch sensor they use today in more expensive cameras. If you watch the video review it has some shortcomings because of sensor size it needs more light in darker rooms. I think if you were doing alot of plays or dark video recordings this really wouldn't be that good it may do in a pinch but a 1inch sensor or apsc sensor or even a 35mm sensor would be better now the cost for those jump considerably for each incarnation. Such as Sony's Alpha line cameras or Panosonics Large Sensor Camera like the Lumix G85 but the cost of that camera compared to this one is $500 more than this one if you look at what massdrop is selling it for. This is a Overall good pocket camera for Birthdays and Such but I don't know if you were to try to use it semi pro for video if it would work for you.
You might go to and check the reviews out on this camera. I picked it up mainly for the nice oled viewfinder.
Wow, $339 is a really good price on the HX90v! Bought mine almost 2 years ago for $429 from B&H, and the price has since gone up to $449. Great little camera, and still one of the smallest superzooms out there. Pictures are quite good given its crappy 1/2.3" sensor, battery life is amazing, and the build quality seems very nice as well. Overall, the amount of features this tiny camera has packed in is really impressive (wi-fi transfer to PC/smartphone is pretty handy!)

And as previously mentioned, if you don't value the 30x optical zoom (with internal crop zooming and digital zooming past that), and instead would rather have a larger 1" sensor and RAW files, then just buy the RX100 (~3.5x zoom) for the same price. Would be nice to have both, but don't think it's technically possible at this size, given current technology. Being able pull that much of a zoom out of my pocket has allowed me to take quick "close up" photos of wildlife that I would have otherwise scared away trying to use an RX100 (ymmv, of course).

Just in case it helps anyone, the SONY PCK-LM15 screen protector is a perfect fit, and their LCMCSVH hard case and LCS-CSW soft case are the smallest cases that will just barely fit this model (or the other HX/RX/WX models). Also, their ACCTRBX kit (BCTRX wall charger with NP-BX1 battery) for $50 is a must-buy. The tiny Joby GorillaPod Micro 250 tripod is also pretty cool and still fits in the two cases I mentioned, but unfortunately, I think it's been discontinued or replaced.

Does anyone know if this camera can be used as a webcam? I'd like to get a relatively high-end camera or DSLR for to use as a webcam.
I have the earlier versions of this camera, the HX50V and HX60V with Sony lenses and a 20.4MP chip and find it to be the perfect travel camera to pack light. The 60x zoom (30x optical) is astonishing for its size. Not great in low light but the long zoom in a pocketable camera is great. The RX100 line is like a pro pocket camera almost identical in size to the 90V but unless you plan on making huge prints this is about perfect travel camera.
Sony got so many things right with this camera - 24mm wide end, tilting LCD, electronic viewfinder, lightweight, GPS, WiFi. Too bad it comes with a pointless 30x zoom lens, no RAW and a tiny cellphone-like 1/2.3" sensor. It would have been so much more useful with a 24-135mm zoom range and a larger sensor than a 24-720mm lens and this sensor.

Also, WiFi with always-on BTLE would have made it more convenient to use than WiFi with NFC (I'm using another Sony that has the latter, A77 MkII, and it's not that convenient for sharing pictures).
XMOR R sensor? A BSI sensor? Nice, Pretty neat. Probably takes very decent photos
currently listed for 339.99
how much was this camera priced on here?
Currently ~$320...
I have this camera. I LOVE IT!!!!!