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Sony MDR-10R Hi Res Headphones

Sony MDR-10R Hi Res Headphones

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Audio cable: 4 ft (1.2 m)
Smartphone cable: 4 ft (1.2 m)

  • I think the audio cable should be longer. I feel so bad with 1.2m cable of sony :(
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So these should have arrived in people's doorsteps by now... has anyone received theirs? I just got mine, and I have to say... they're really not as bad as some of the reviews out there make them out to be.

One of the common complaints was that the headphones sound "muffled", and the bass is too strong, and I can see where those complaints come from, but I feel like those are just stylistic, sound signature complaints. The sound -quality- itself is very good for the price - it is a surprisingly smooth sounding headphone, and despite some things indeed sounding "muffled" just a bit, the details are all still there.

I currently own a Sennheiser HD-650 and Grado HP-1, and have owned the Grado RS-1, Sony MDR-CD3000, so I'm not some guy who has only heard $20 headphones in his life, and is marveling at these headphones. I just wanted a cheap pair of headphones for casual listening, where I could just pop them on whenever, for moving-watching, youtube-viewing, or music-listening late at night, and I can definitely see myself enjoying these.

The concensus seems to be, not worth the MSRP of $200, and I totally agree... but at $100 brand new (there are cheaper ones on ebay, but the ones I could find were all refurbished)? I think it's a great deal.
I agree with you. These have high-quality sound. I also believe many reviewers erroneously bash the sound signature as low-quality sound, and I have seen this with other headphones' reviews, e.g.: on head-fi threads.
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This is high price without duty and tax as its only £50 including postage from amazon. Any idea why the specs looks the same?
Tried these a few times at various stores (Best Buy and The Source many of the variants) and personally I find the sound disappointing. Midrange is muffled and it's a bit too warm and dark-sounding. MDR-1R is fine but I feel Sony's more recent products sound a bit too laid-back for me.
Looking forward to using these at work. Will replace my cheap earbuds. I have zero interest in spending over a hundred dollars on headphones, so these are perfect.
No offense Massdrop, but this really isn't a good deal. You get get these headphones on eBay for 70-85 dollars. And most of them have free shipping.
I have the noise cancelling versions of these. Very comfy but the sound quality is pretty "meh." Would pay more and get the Beyer DT1350s. Even at 2x the price they are so much better than these.
Unless this is the best headphone you ever plan on getting, but if you're an aspiring headphone-aholic you'll be aching for an upgrade pretty quickly. These will then be collecting dust.
Like mine since I have the K553. And now I'm looking for drivers of the ath-m40x in order to swap them in.
I have the Sony MDR-10RBTs. Pretty much the same except for bluetooth. I'd say these cans are super comfortable, light, and portable. In terms of sound (and sound is subjective), they have a nice punchy bass with slightly recessed vocals, especially female vocals. Bass can be a little bit strong sometimes. Midrange is great. These are good in an outdoor environment where the sound outside will tone down the bass a little bit and the headphone will become a bit more balanced.
Overall, i like them! I'm no audiophile but i think these cans are great value for what they offer, but test them out yourself before you buy them if you're really worried about sound.
Cheaper on amazon
Please enlighten us as to where?
Great price.
I'm looking forward to these cans. I've had a short but steep slide upwards in headphone quality. I lost some ear buds back in may and have since picked up several sets of over the ear headphones. Some of which I have ordered from massdrop......
I just tried these out and they are super comfy and block all ambient noise really well. Definitely a steal for this price!!
very good price!!! 89.99 only!
Aw shucks. Glad you like it.

I think these originally retailed for $200 when I first demoed them, so I wasn't really impressed with the MDR-10R back in the day from a value perspective when they came out.

But now that they're less than $100, they're an excellent value. Really comfortable and lightweight with detachable cables? Yes please.
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