Sony XB950N1 Noise-Canceling Wireless Headphonessearch

Sony XB950N1 Noise-Canceling Wireless Headphones

Sony XB950N1 Noise-Canceling Wireless Headphones

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how would you rate the noise cancelling on this (if possible, comparing to bose/AT/Senns)? thanks.
Noise cancellation in the N1 is totally suck if you compare to Bose/ AT/ Senns. If noise cancellation is important to you, WH1000xm2 would be a wonderful choice. It is more comfortable, better sound quality overall. Of course, Wh1000xm2 will not able to deliver the skull shattering bass like N1/B1.
Paid $180 for these a year ago on Amazon, so that's a great deal.

Heads up, you'll want to replace the pads with the Brainwavz Angled Memory Foam Earpads. Worth the price, trust me. Deep cushion to keep the hard plastic off of your ears. You'll be getting some for your other head sets once you try them, especially if you have big ears like me and want to wear them comfortably for long periods.

(Yes they heat up like every other pad on the planet, clean your ears well before use to reduce the issue).

Invest in an EQ, everyone who complains about sound stages and muddy bass are people who haven't got a clue. These sound great, especially if you're a bass head. But they also have a button to kill the bass boost as well for normal listening.

Personally I have been using a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro for the past 4 years simply because the EQ is just spot on. You really learn to make the most of the music instead of whining about it. I use it with the optical output going to a blue tooth transmitter now for this BT set. Get the latest BT version they are compatible with to assure there are no latency issues.

Personally with this pair I have a boost to only one frequency in the bass range (depends what you're listening to), mostly flat in the mids, and a moderate boost to all of the highs. This clears up the muddy bass/highs you get with any single driver setups. From there you can adjust the bass to your liking, really reminds me of being in the car with my 15" sub on 1700 W.

Things to know going in:

Long battery life, but they will not charge and play at the same time, so put them on charge when you go to bed every other night.

When adjusting the volume level to maximum, NC on/off, and Bass Boost on/off a female voice interrupts the sound momentarily to tell you what is being changed. Honestly the volume max is the only annoying one, would prefer a single beep.
I am sorry but for the BT headphone like this, you just want to simply grab and use it with normal phone. Investing in the pads is okay but EQ is too much hassle to bring it on the go. I do like the extra bass line of Sony, and my mdr xb70bt is still my favorite on the go compare to my jaybird freedom2 which is an EQ beast.

For the cost for new pads and EQ + for this headphone, you can simply buy a much better headphone. Just my 2 cents.

Also, if you want to save money or really like the characteristic of this headphone. Get the B1 version instead, because it is lighter on your head, same bass response, and cheaper. The noise cancellation in the N1 is totally suck (still hearing low noise from the fridge , air- con, etc.)
I owned this headphone before with green colour, JDM version. For some reason, it is very uncomfortable for me to wear in long time due to the ear cup not deep enough (touched my ear), and quite heavy. I tried mdr xb950b1 version and it was lighter... could not try N1 version in the shop because Australia does not have them in shop... The good thing about this headphone is skull shattering bass, but you will trade off the clarity of the music, quite muddy for my taste. I sold it to my young cousin and use it to fund for my wh1000xm2.
Brainwavz Angled Memory Foam Earpad. Thank me later. Worth every penny.

Also you need to try them with an actual EQ to control them from getting muddy. Same as any audio speakers.
I did lower the bass in the setting. Btw, I only use extra bass for edm or similar genre. I did love my N1 a lot until I got to hear music from Hear.On headphone with extra clarity and not very powered bass. For me wh1000xm2 is much more pleasant to use now.

I will let my cousin know about the pads. Thanks for the info
Do these charge via USB C or micro USB?
Micro usb
How do these compare with the Parrot Zik 3s which I just got for $149.00? Thanks!
I have a pair of these and the battery life and bass is AMAZING.
Just received this drop yesterday. Love them. Great sound and good noise cancelling. I'm flying tomorrow and will get the airplane noise experience tomorrow, but as a precursor I vacuumed to see how good it filtered out loud ambient noise. For pure noise canceling it took out a LOT of the vacuum noise and dulled it way down. But when I put some music along with the NC.... It was like the vacuum wasn't even on. Pretty slick. Messes with the head a little to feel the rumble but not hear the sound.
Don’t bother buying these off here. Go on eBay. Sony is selling these exact same headphones company refurbished for $70 on there. It’s much more worth your time to just go on there
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Can you share the link? I see some refurbs on ebay for $70 bucks but they are from resellers not SONY.
Sony has sold product through Ebay in the past.
But it looks like they have stopped it as of now because they dont have a single item up for sale under this account.
They're also on Amazon from Secondipity. B1 for $70: and N1 for $90:

I bought a pair of ABN100s from them that wouldn't charge and I returned them and ultimately bought the 1000XM2s. I'm joining this drop for the B1s though, as I want an option with more bass, and I have a $25 MD credit, so they're $65 for me, no tax, no shipping.

KolMan2000 too
How can I order these with an APO address? I’m currently overseas on a military deployment and don’t want to miss out :(
Are these worth getting over the nose qc35?
If your after noise canceling, then the only one that could compare to Bose qc35 is the Sony WH-1000xm2. Which I feel has just as good of noise canceling, it boils down then to music preference.
Thanks a lot!