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I got mine today. Initial impressions - I'm impressed! Well built - feels quite rugged. It's much bigger than I thought but I didn't really pay too much attention to it's volume when I ordered it. Definitely big enough for a long weekend. I'm curious to see what other people think. I have a lot of messenger and backpack style bags but I wanted a rucksack style one so I picked this one up.
Got mine yesterday as well.
Initial impression: high quality construction, roomy, good design.
Only complaint: straps are SO short that this will ride 'up on shoulders' not 'down on back'.
Already trying to figure out how to modify it...
Interesting. I didn't even try it on. I was planning on it as more a of travel bag in the car than on my back. Good to know though!
I'd love to buy this, but at more than $20 shipping... just no.
are there any pictures of the back part of the bag?
Found a review of the bag here:
It has been more than 2.5weeks since i ordered this bag but i have not received it. Can anybody tell me why? And also, are you able to send a replacement if it doesn’t arrive?
Wait times for massdrop are usually longer, if you haven't received it by now I'd be surprised
Got the order (2 bags - one for me and one for my son). As a day bag for work, it's good and light. Holds a 15" MBP + stuff and is good for my short bike commute. Today - I ran into some rain (first of the season here in San Francisco), noticed that the moisture did penetrate into the bag. So I would not recommend using this bag under heavy rain (it was unexpectedly heavy when I was on my commute).
Are there pictures of an example ideal carry for these bags on your website, here or Amazon? Or pictures of the pockets this backpack may or may not have - I think that's intuitive to selling things.

Is it a travel bag, an everyday bag, a photography bag, a camping bag, a work bag (bag was nicer to say each time instead of backpack)?
I really think it's a good looking backpack, great actually and ~30L is a nice size. I own a Peak Design 30L backpack and there's a variety of pictures detailing its use cases and features for each zipper, pouch, clasp and material.
Cheaper on Amazon for the 1000d version 55$ free shipping
Hey Bozz, thanks for the comment! The version you are referring to is our outdated model. We have since updated on almost every aspect of the bag. We've added padded mesh backing, YKK zippers, side pockets, higher quality materials and more. The price difference is definitely worth the upgrade.
I will look deeper at that but when I saw 1000d I figured that was the updated version btw I do like the pack.
According to the dimension the bag is 1,750 cubic in. After converting it to liter it would be 28.7 liter. Is this correct? I want to be sure how much I can store in the bag. Thanks
That is correct!
Am I the only one who thinks the blue logo is distracting? Otherwise a dope bag.
Anybody have experience with these bags? I'm super tempted.
Cheaper on Amazon for the 1000d at 54$ and free shipping
Does the bag fit a 15" macbook? Any pics of the inside compartment?
Yes, the backpack does fit a 15" macbook. Thanks!
Tag the vendor please MassDrop team. ;)