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Man, I just bought one of these. Luckily not for full retail price, but ugh. Still hurts. In any case, to anyone who has one of these, I have a question I think I know the answer to but wish to confirm: You can't use the amp if you only want to output to balanced out, correct? As in, I can use the amp (and therefore gain) if I want it to output to headphones only or headphones and balanced out, but not just balanced out? That kinda sucks because I don't want it to only be capable of blasting at full gain; I'd prefer to have one volume knob be the volume knob I need, not to remember to turn system volume down most of the way if I switch to balanced out only. I suppose I could unplug my headphones if I don't want it to output to them but still use the volume control, but that's a kind of lousy solution, especially since you have to cycle through the modes and therefore pass over FULL GAIN MODE I understand why you wouldn't be able to adjust volume while it's in DAC only mode, but I just wish I could keep it in amp mode and only output to XLR so I don't have to awkwardly compromise convenience.
Well, I think most people including myself would prefer it bypass the volume control in line out mode to avoid possible audio quality degradation going through the volume control. To get what you want, either they have to change the current line out mode that will make others unhappy or they have to add a new line out mode with volume control. While the engineering effort to add a new mode may not be that difficult, it still require effort and more testing, which adds to the cost.
It couldn't possibly add that much cost to just have a toggle that cuts off output to the headphones, could it? I mean, I'm stupid about these things so maybe I'm wrong, but it already has the functionality I'm looking for. When it's on HP+DAC mode, the line out absolutely goes through volume control, it just also outputs to the headphones. I guess I could just have my headphones play to nobody when I want to use my studio monitors and not worry about it? It's just kind of a bummer to improve my setup in one way but also make it kind of a hassle in another, but I'm sure I'll get used to it.
Guys, it's not only dac but headphone amp also. Do you know if I can hook up a turntable (rca) somehow? This only stops me. If there was a line in.
there is one way you could do that, get a ADC (Analogue to Digital Converter) that spits the digital signal into SPIDF and you would have to connect your pre amp into the inputs of the ADC. Not the most efficient way but it'll work. Hope that helped
I was very interested in this, but i found a deal on a fostex hp a4bl for about the same price as this and since it's a made in japan product and has almost the same features i just couldn't pass up on it. Wish i had a chance to test both to see which i liked better and buy the one i liked the most but there was no way for me to do it.
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well i just need it for headphones so unfortunately your review is not as useful as i would like, thanks tho
Yeah you may think that but always will come a time when output for external speakers comes needed or even so when you will build an extended collection of headphones and you will want to try a balanced tube amp with the amazing dacs that these expensive equipment have... I paid only 90USD for this hibrid tube amp Loxjie P20 and it sound fantastic with Sennheiser headphones on balanced connection. 5 star reviews everywhere... Extra outputs and imputs are always a wonderful addiction and if are not there other good equipment cannot be used... But if you are happy as it is and don't want to try new things in the future then I guess perfect also the Fostex. ;-)

If I have the 58X, should I get the DarkVoice or the Topping DX7s?
Are you looking for a DAC? the DarkVoice is a tube amplifier with no DAC and the DX7s is a balanced DAC with built in amp. If you're looking for a combo dac/amp, I would say get the new Topping DX3 Pro DAC/amp. If you want to simultaneously run active speakers/headphones, particularly want a balanced setup, or a good performing DAC is your primary concern, then get the DX7s. If you already have a DAC that performs how you would like, and you particularly like "tube sound" or want to experiment with tubes, then get the DarkVoice. All three units seem like good value for their respective features, I think it depends on what features you want/need that would be relevant here.
Can't wait for the DX3Pro to be released, ASR gave some good stats on it!
I'm in the market for an all in one dac/amp. I've mainly been considering the Schiit Jotunheim. Is there any reason to consider this over that (well, this is quite cheaper but aside from that)? I'll be powering Senn 6XX and Hifiman 4XX and needing to line out to Adam T5Vs.
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every time someone hears a clean SS amp I swear they call it bright, when really their chi-fi just muddied the bass and bloated the sound before. Jotunheim is perfectly fine.
This DAC/AMP for this price it is a steal in my opinion. For a true balanced DAC you will pay more then this Topping and it has an already very good headphone amplifier.
There have been posts on head-fi and ASR that describe a pretty significant quality defect with the DX7S. Two heatsinks on high power components are poorly attached. This may well cause units to fail very early if you are using the headphone outputs (not clear if it is an issue if just used as a DAC). If you search for this issue you will find the suggested fix. Doesn’t sound too hard to fix, and I will be taking my unit apart to see if it suffers from the same defect and installing the fix myself if it does.
Load 1 more comment Refer to post 292 through post 307. Description of the problem, description and photos of the fix. Hope this helps.
As a follow-up, I took my unit apart. The two heatsinks were firmly attached and making good contact to the four chips they are intended to cool. However, there was no thermal paste, pad, or tape to ensure a good thermal connection, so I added thermal pads to the four chips out of an abundance of caution.
Two digital inputs, optical and coax for $359? The USB makes three if you want to use the unit as a desk model (maybe that 's the intended use since there doesn't appear to be a remote) but if you looking at the unit for a stereo system its expensive and doesn't offer much. Some manufacturers are catching on with amp's that include 4 digital inputs...
this DX7s or SMSL SU-8 combo ? both are $386. Anyone owns both ? I have many DAC/AMP : Foster HBA4BL , Roland Super UA , Teac UD301. iFi DSD... But none of them have remote control. I am looking for a DAC/AMP that has a remote and XLR pre out. There are posts here recommending Schiit Jotunheim . But I have a large DSD collection so I am not a welcomed schiitt customer. Schiit didn't bother to answer my email about the DSD support. They seems too lazy to implement it though AK4490 DAC chip does support it. Not even mention Jotunheim has their metal case ungrounded. Another bad review with bad measurement.

You can buy an extra remote on aliexpress...or better yet, Harmony remote has the unit in their database
Wasn’t the price on these cheaper the last time they dropped them? is this a newer model or something?
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So it wasn’t cheaper last time?
I'm pretty sure it sold last time for $359, and before that $379.
I currently use an ifi iDSD nano for composing and mixing my own music. I sometimes connect that to my G&W TW-J9 headphone amp. I also have a Xindac DAC5 and the DAC/Headphone amp built into my TC Electronic Twin impact. I use ATH-R70X as my main headphones for mixing (I don't use monitors). Would this DAC/AMP combo better what I currently have at my disposal. I need a transparent, honest, revealing set up. Cheers
Curious why you are using a bass boosted headphone that has significant linearity issues after 3kHz as a mixing headphone? Many monitors have a frequency response deviation of +/- 2db over a 50kHz to 20kHz range. The R70 is +5/-30db over the same range (1kHz reference). You speak of transparency and honesty but your preferences tell a different tale. Not knocking your choices but your assertion of what you like appears to be in significant conflict with your preference in headphones.
I was using the AKG K7XX and the K701/702/712 range are considered very good mixing headphones. Pretty neutral with great soundstage. My mixes improved a lot using those. I then read MANY comments that The AT's are considered similar sounding, just with more refined sound and detail (slightly less wide soundstage). I bought them and agree with that description. My mixes now translate even better, my top end is better (my mixes were a bit too dark on AKG's) and I push things further in stereo filled which is always an issue when mixing in headphones (play it too safe). So, I'd say the R-70X is a very good mixing headphone, and many people agree and it was AT's first reference headphone made for that purpose. If course I'd like something better, and want to try the DR1990 and a few others but the AT's I got at a silly inexpensive price and I'm skint! Btw, I have always been of the opinion that as everyone's hearing is different, headphones with peaks etc may actually result in a flatter response for some people who have hearing damage. That is why I think personal ear print technologies is the way forward. However, the AT is giving me good results and many pro's use them for mixing. What do you reccomend btw?
Massdrop / @CEE_TEE We need to talk about warranty on audio enthusiast gear. Selling gear worth hundreds of dollars w/o at least one year warranty against defects is a bit shady. While I'm aware Massdrop offers 30-day refunds if something happens, after that folks are left with a brick if they have an issue. Have seen the same with other Topping and SMSL products. While you cannot control what warranty the manufacturer provides, you can completely control what products you sell and have the ability to refuse to service a product if the warranty isn't baseline industry standard and verifiable. It's the least you can do as vendor to make sure your customers don't end up with a dud and no one to turn to.
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Cool! Let us know!
Read it, sounds sketchy. Seller is named as the agent to handle repair claims. I doubt Massdrop wants to handle anything having to do with repairs.
what is the price ? when is the last drop ? Does it come with warranty ?
What's the difference between this and the previous version dx7?
In general you get 2X ES9038 Q2M DAC chips vs. 2X ES9018 Q2M DAC chips, higher PCM resolution (768 vs. 384), higher DSD rate (DSD512 vs. DSD128), also higher specs overall.
Also, the dx7 came with a remote, and this one does not.
Has anyone changed out the fuse on the DX7s? I'm thinking about upgrading the fuse and wanted to see if anyone else has done it, and what kind of results they have gotten.
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Don’t forget to use at least silver and rub it good with snake oil.
Don't forget giant brass feet for "decoupling"... goes really well with those slabs of maple and "cable lifters"
Can this device be used with an Android TV box sending the music to the Topping then the Topping connected to my home music system via analog??
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I had no idea that USB was even an option with an Android TV device. Good to know.
Assuming Android TV does what Android does on mobile devices it will be resampled before being output. Select apps (like UAPP) bypass this internal re-encoding to pass an unadulterated signal to downstream gear.
Can I use this with my headphones and my powered bookshelf speakers at he same time. If so how do you switch back and fourt, would I need to unplug them as I use the other? And would these be good for very demanding headphones.
Yes, I have JBL LSR-305's connected to this and you can power both at the same time. The unit has three modes:
DAC only: Outputs to RCA's and balanced output at same time. Volume on unit does nothing. DAC + HP: Outputs to headphones, RCA's, and balanced output at the same time. Volume on unit controls all three. HP only: Outputs to headphones. Volume controls headphones.
Depends on what you mean by "demanding headphones". I have Sennheiser HD6XX, they get louder than I can handle from this unit.
Importing to Europe with handling fee, import duty then Vat, means add about 35% and shipping fee if total value of the item. Unless you are after an item not sold in your county and massdrop is The only way of getting that good-eg sennheiser HD6xx - the only way getting hold of this is massdrop and is cheaper than HD 650 with all the added taxes and sipping - then go for it, otherwise try your local dealers/amazon in your country first.
I'm tempted to join this drop to use mainly as DAC. My only question is: are the balanced XLR outputs amped or are they safe to send to an external balanced amp like other balanced DACs do?
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Yep, that would do it.
The only XLR connections that are "amped" could be in pro audio gear to PA speakers. You have nothing to worry about in any consumer XLR connection. I think you are mistaking variable vs. fixed output level with "amped".
Anyone nows how much customs I have to pay when shipping goes to germany?
I don't know about Germany but last time when I imported something to France there was a customs fee, plus another fee you paid the customs office "for processing the file" (you're basically made to pay for all the paperwork). The two fees and the cost of shipping(!!) were added to the item's price. The final sum was then taxed with 20% VAT. Everything over 50 EUR or so gets the same treatment. Have a look here at the link below, do the math and see if it's worth it to you. Alternatively you can find the item in EU at Audiophonics for 500 EUR. Considerably more but at least it has a better warranty.
How would the DAC performance of this compare to the D50 and as a whole package, towards the NFB.11/R2R?
As per audiosciencereview, it compares very well (almost identical performance).
If someone can help me out... I am thinking about getting this for my 6xx headphones for my pc to use for gaming. Is there any lag of any kind for I am really competitive and cant have any kind of lag. Any help would be amazing!!! And or, what is the best DAC I can get for gaming?
I have not noticed any lag. I don't use the DX7s for gaming, but i have found it to be excellent driving my HD650's.
Used it with my PC and now as a standalone headphone AMP in my bedroom with my 6XX and 58X. Never noticed any lag. I have a Creative Titanium HD Audio Card. It sounds fantastic in any configuration but with the 6XX there is a real tangible benefit using the 4 pin XLR balanced cable as it get louder and a little more details. The 58X runs smooth like butter even with stock cable.
I'm a bit new to this and I'm having trouble comparing this DX7s unit with my current LCX. I'm mostly curious rather than seriously looking to buy. What exactly am I looking at?
Edit: Currently using Senn 6xx and Fostex TR-XOO Mahogany :)
Sort of new to this does the cable that came with my 6xx’s plug right into this Or do I need to buy diffrent cable? What are other good dac’s I have the 6xx’s and rokit 6’s?
It takes a 1/4" or balanced 4 pin xlr. 4 pin xlr provides superior results with my headphones(it drops the noise floor). Its a decent product can be a little finicky playing native dsd you have to use jriver or foobar and you have to adjust the settings in both to play natively. I had an issue and had to install the drivers several times, this is more likely a problem with my laptop though. This is only an issue if you use the usb input, its a non issue using optical bit you are limited to 24 bit. It's nice to have the remote, I bought one online separately.
Does anyone know if the signal output is sent from the XLRs and Phono jacks at the same time? I'd like to use the XLRs for the main amplifier, and the Phono out to a subwoofer amplifier.
I would like to know this as well
Yes. It is. Both output are on at same time.
Is anyone here using the DX7s with any of the Rendu devices (micro or Ultra)? if so, are you able to play DSD512?
I directly wrote to Topping to have news about the warranty
Here is the answer: Topping will apply warranty but you'll have to send them in China the faulty unit at your own expenses
So far this drop is not for me
Not sure whats wrong with that. The warranty is there and will be honored. Its just a hassle to utilize it. Its simply the price to pay to buy an item from a foreign brand without any domestic retail ends. If they had the retail ends or something like authorized repair centers, these would be not priced as such! For any consumer products in general, it is rare the manufactures will cover RMA shipping. So I can hardly imagine Topping would cover the international RMA shipping, nor they would send someone to your doorstep to pick it up.
Just read Ginpo236's post. The lack of support from Massdrop was surprising. I have never heard of a new audio component being sold without a manufacturer's warranty of some sort. If that is the case, then there should be more disclosure
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Pretty much its only 30 days. I had a problem with an e-mu teak headphones' cable within 3 months of purchase. I contacted Massdrop support and they told me "Sorry, there is nothing we can do." I contacted Mr Chan (Manufacturer) and he sent me a new cable, but out of warranty.
Thanks for your message. There is a warranty card listed in the accessories for this product if you buy it on the Amazon website but no mention of it here as far as I can tell.
Good try massdrop, but I'm not going to give up hope on another drop for the D50, sorry.
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Yeah same here. I'm a believer of the principle of single responsibility. In other words, I rather have two devices that each does one thing excellently than one does both half-assedly (sic).
The D50 is not a balanced Dac like the DX7s is. The DX7s has two chipset one for every channel. If u interested on balanced if not even D50 does the job.
I just received my shipping confirmation!