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Topping DX7s Balanced DAC/Amp

Topping DX7s Balanced DAC/Amp

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I wonder if massdrop should gives us the option to group buy a remote for DX7s. This should come with a remote in the first place
This or the SMSL SU-8? I know this has a built in amp, but that adds $150...
There's something about the looks of the DX7 that I just love, really great looking piece of equipment.
Wow. A drop again? Looks like it's famous!
I hear a popping/cracking sound for a split second at the beginning of a song when i changed sample rate from below 384 khz or DSD to 384 khz. Is this normal?
Make sure the voltage switch is set to the voltage of your country. I had an amp that did this when it was on 240V and should have been on 120V. I think they ship in 240V mode from the factory.
The voltage is right since my country's voltage is 220V.
just opened the package after a week, there is no remote , nor the usb cable? anyone else has the same issue?what should I do?
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Really? That was one of the main reason I bought it :( I’m sure I saw the unit had the remote somewhere?
Remote isn't included, but is available off AliExpress:
Just drop in to inform those who bought one of these that Topping has recently released a firmware update in its official website.
If I plan to use this as a DAC/Amp for my HD6XXs, running from my PC, what cables do I need to buy to get this up and running? Can I just plug the USB from my PCs motherboard into the USB of the unit and be good to go? I'm very new to this type of set up. Just trying my best at the suggestion of many friends. Thanks!
You can run it with the USB cable only. Just FYI, the cable that comes included with the unit isn't the longest - I think it was 3-4ft.

Of course, you'd need to run the power cable as well.
Anyone know if the remote is included in this drop? It doesnt say so, but you could never know :)
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I've got today and no remote control.
In the documentation, it mentions that it does not include control
Is the "pop" when powering off typical or just in my unit? I get it with both headphones and that balanced outs.
Pop noise will come out when turning on / off the power switch on the rear panel.

Normally turning the power on and off is done by long press of the main knob and use the power switch of the rear panel keeping on.
I'm pretty sure mine had the pop too. I've been just leaving it on since it seems to go into a sleep mode when my PC isn't on.
Thought about joining this drop but I was already waiting for the July drop of the HD6XX to ship and I did not feel like waiting for two drops. Then I saw it on Amazon last week for $399 (incl. free shipping) and could not resist. Just received it today and I must say it sounds excellent with the HD598.