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Topre Realforce 87U with PBT Spacebars

Topre Realforce 87U with PBT Spacebars

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I actually bought one of each color last time they had a drop. Wanted to try out the famed Topre 55g uniforms AND I wanted to switch the caps. Unfortunately, even the 55g is light for my fat fingers (currently typing on BOX Navies) so I do plan on selling the two Topre's. Anyone interested in a black case/beige keys or white case/black keys? If I have to, I could always switch the caps back but thought maybe someone would want the look I wanted. I really do dig the contrast.
I'd be interested in the black 55g one... email me at and we can work out the details
Hello, are you still trying to sell the Black case + Beige Keys Topre?
If so please reply
Does white case mean white case and black keys?
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Thanks, that was nice if you to take the time to respond.
No problem!
should I get another one for home.. or hkkb or ..
Let me know if you are interested in buying my 55g uniform beige board!
hi i am interested
Please email me at where we will discuss the rest.
I did not like the feel of 55g Topre.

it felt to mushy.... Luckily I sold it.

if anyone wants to try it out make sure to get the beige one as it is easier to sell.
Wow. I would have picked up a uniform 55g as an impulse buy but, I was saved by the lack of options.
Honestly same here lol
Why so few 55g layouts? Weak sauce.
198 units? Only 10 people have joined this drop and everything but one option is sold out lol, that doesn't add up
Now the big question... is Massdrop reading our comments? Is there a reason for the lack of good options?
I think the Topre is a great keyboard. But the 55g uniform, while great, is really only great if it fits your preference and typing style.

Wowed by the lust heaped on the 55g, I purchased one from Massdrop a few years ago. It was my first Topre keyboard.

The quality is great, as it the fabled Torpre thock. Everything people raved about is true.

For me, however, the 55g action was just a little too stiff, and fatigued my fingers after a short while.

After that, I lusted after a 45g uniform, but ended up getting a variable weight. I am very, very happy with it and rarely use my 55g uniform anymore.

So it helps to know what your preferences are when choosing a key weight. If you don’t, you may be disappointed, even while you are using an otherwise superior product.

Had I been a little more experienced at the time and known that I prefer the feel of Browns over Clears, it would have chosen something lighter from the get-go.

Of course, it’s all part of the learning process. How can you really know you’ll like or not like a particular Topre key weight until you try it?

Short of actual getting your hands on a specific Topre, the best you can do is make an educated guess.

One thing I found a bit disappointing about the white colored Topre is that it’s not actually white with grey keys. It’s more of a beige keyboard with taupe colored keys, almost like something you’d see on an 80s style computer.

While that may be cool for some, it wasn’t what the picture suggested the color would be, and certainly not what I was expecting. Just a heads up on that.

Otherwise, it’s a pretty great keyboard. Just choose your key weight wisely and there’s a good chance you’ll be happy with a Topre.

Thanks for the info., just got a variable in white. Have been looking for a reason to get a Topre for a while and this seemed like as good as any!
Isn't the point of massdrop grouping together peoples money to order items that are either custom made or not easily found?

The fact that the most desired option, 55g uniform, isn't available here seems very confusing knowing what massdrop is.

Pool our orders, and make the order for the 55g uniform keyboards. Isn't this the entire point of this place?
It's a shame really.. they would sell so many more of these if they were able to source more of the uniform 45g/55g version. It's clearly the most sought after in the keyboard / topre community