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Topre Realforce 87U with PBT Spacebars

Topre Realforce 87U with PBT Spacebars

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Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

I purchased a 55g (white) and I am loving it so far! I was using Realforce RGB (45g) and loving it but I wanted some vintage feeling and wanted to know how 55g would feel like. Comparing to RF RGB, this really had those 'thock' sound which I was looking for (RGB doesn't really have to best key pressing sound). Also I have seen and heard a lot of feedback about how 55g could be really heavy for some people but it was not a case for me just yet. One thing that I really don't like about this drop is that PBT space bar that comes with is actually trash quality. The finishing and color is too much of bad quality where I can't think of using them at all. ABS space bar is actually not that bad so I am enjoying it until I can find color replacement keycap set from realforce.
Is there a way I can buy only the 55g weighst? I've got a variable weight keyboard, but I'm not sure if I'm gonna like it
I am pretty damn disappointed with the quality of the PBT spacebars. It looks like the the molds are getting worn and they are getting sloppy with the PBT injection.

They are trash, throw them out. They bottom out on the case and sound terrible anyway. Better off using the abs spacebar.
Does anyone have a good recommendation of a wireless mouse, that will fit SE08T0 color scheme(white/gray)?
G305 comes in white but its not a perfect match for the color scheme
Logitech mx mouse in stone grey.
I am having some trouble seeing the black letters on dark grey keys. What kind of solutions exist? Edit: If anyone wants to trade black for white let me know :-/
yeah I didn't see the white variable weighted option, which is a little annoying. technically you can get keycaps occasionally. search for capacitive keycaps, though most are for hhkb. there's this (sold out) you can also put adapters on the stems for. cherry keycaps, or replace the stem entirely with a compatible stem.
I got the 55 static weight in Black, and in hindsight should have bought white. So if anyone wants to trade 55 white for 55 black plus I'll throw in like $30 for your trouble.
Mine shipped
Hi, is there a variable weight/white option?
Just wish there is an option for 55G silenced, need the purple sliders
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If you look at the pic below, there's a SLIGHT difference between the purple silenced topre sliders and their standard black ones. The cylinder is slightly longer to accommodate the depth of the silencing ring. If you use the purchased rings on the standard sliders, you're putting a slight constant load on the rubber domes which is noticeable in switch tactility. The initial "break" is less pronounced.

Awesome, good to know! I wish they sold these versions.😥
Is this keyboard with Leopold or Topre Corp?
Does any of you guys know of a good reputable source of BKE Redux domes? KeyClack (the ones who brought this into the spotlight) is always out of stock. :( I'd like to get a sheet of Extra-Light (for an HHKB) and another of Light ones (for a Realforce).
This is R1 or R2?
I'm so in, with the R1s discontinued it's only a matter of time before these become scarce and I need a backup to throw into my Norbaforce case.
Dear mechanical keyboards enthusiasts, is this a good price for a Topre keyboard? I know that it is already cheaper than the market price of this keyboard, but should I expect another topre keyboard massdrop for a better price anytime soon? I really want to buy myself a Topre capacitative keyboard to check it out, but I dont want to spend fortune on something that I might end up not using too often, thanks in advance for any help!
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I've bought quite a bit of stuff from MD, and this has to be one of, if not _the_ best "deals" in the Keyboard area. (whether or not you believe the Topre hype). The price for just the board alone is hard to match, and I've seen the extra space-bars fetch $10 a piece on other forums.
This was/is a good price for the 87u. However, R2 are already available in the states so basically this just seems like a way to get rid of back stock. You can buy directly from Realforce & HHKB owned company Fujitsu here: You can't go wrong either way. This R1 has the classic Realforce look with some minor issues like stabilizer rattle which is greatly reduced in the R2, where the frame has sharper lines. It comes down to preference honestly. Hope that helps!
OMG mine shipped!
Not as bad as I expected! I thought this is going to be a christmas/new year thing.
Is there any news...? What is being waited on?
Mine just shipped, so its shipping!
Welp, this is disappointing. I figured I would join this drop for being ~$40 cheaper than other places and for the included spacebars, but now I'm probably going to have to get a refund and just buy it somewhere else, which unfortunately brings me back to where I started after 3 months of waiting (deciding where to buy this keyboard). Would've just bought it months ago off amazon if I knew this was going to happen..
Update: bought this keyboard on amazon with next day free shipping, I am typing on it now and the "thock" noises and tactility are really cool. It is something to get used to, though, it is very different as I've never tried topre switches before. It is growing on me quickly, though.
try lubing and switching the sliders to purple rf sliders.
This is crazy. What exactly are we waiting for at this point? Are we going to have it by the end of the year? Next year? I know that the 3 month wait was just an "estimate" but when there is a delay this big, we should at least get some semblance of a notice.
Yeah, honestly, I don't think I'm going to be very interested in joining more drops at this point. This board has been sitting on Amazon with Prime shipping at ~225 the entire time. It is barely worth the discount for an assured 3 month timeframe let alone an uncertain amount of time with no communication. Really disappointed on this one. In the future, hold off on drops if you are not rock solid on the logistics and communicate with your customers if you don't want to lose them, Massdrop.
Any updates regarding about the shipping? While I don't mind the delay, I need to know the when it shipped out because I would traveling soon and I need to plains for somebody to received my package.
As per a support email: "It looks like this item is currently back ordered. We do not have any other update on the expected shipping date for this item at this time. I will reach out to our logistics team to see if I can gain any more information and if I do, I will be sure to reach out to you with it. Otherwise, an email will be sent to all members who have joined the drop when a new date is known." Bummer.
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I don't mind waiting a little longer before cancelling, but it would be _really_ nice if we could get timely updates.
I just used the HELP CENTER at the bottom of the page and contacted them about this purchase telling them that I want to cancel the order. Just got a reply from them saying they're sorry and they're giving a refund.
It'd be pretty cool if we received some kind of communique regarding this drop..
totally forgot about this one just realized was supposed to be shipped last week, So massdrop whats going on? if they are MIA or EOL give us an option of full refund, then i could use the money to order the CTRL High-Profile or at least keep us updated whats going on , Whats up with the silence?
after 13 weeks of waiting, come on massdrop! :D
Massdrop - Can we get an update? We are past the estimated shipping window... even if the update is "no update" that is better than silence.
I submitted a ticket over the weekend and the response I received from Massdrop was that they do not have an update for us. They also do not have an ETA on when we could get an updated delivery date.
That doesn't sound good i will be looking for full refund if i don't hear about any updates this week!
Three month wait for this board and late shipping on top of that? Pretty lame.
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Massdrop handles everything. They will email when it finally ships then we get to wait another month for FedEx Smartpost to route the package around the globe 3 times.
Oh man :/
Anyone have their board shipped yet?
So much anticipation in my fingers, im gonna get all up on that board uwu
That was 3 looooooong months.
Just curious, is this drop still on track to be shipped on the 25th? Has anyone heard anything?
Nope. I'm also curious but lets hope they do ship it out in 2 days :)