Topre Realforce 87U with PBT Spacebarssearch

Topre Realforce 87U with PBT Spacebars

Topre Realforce 87U with PBT Spacebars


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I'm new to Massdrop, are drops random or do they drop when a certain number of users request it?

(When is this board dropping again?)
Just received mine today and I just want to say that this is by far the best keyboard I have ever owned. I know people will say it is a "glorified keyboard membrane" but this is just absolutely wonderful. The switch is exceptional and the quality is top notch and it shouldn't be a surprised since a lot of products that are made from Japan are first class.

As far as the spacebars that came with it, I haven't tried to put it on but they look ok to me.
Does yours have the bulbous windows key, or is it flat?
Its bulbous
Is this coming back anytime soon? If not is there anywhere I can pick this up? Amazing drop
Board is exceptional, but as others have said, the additional PBT spacebars fall short. I don't know if it's a QC issue or what, but some are warped and feel terrible. I trashed mine.
I agree! The spacebars are warped or they have extra unrefined plastic on the edge.

Btw, I had to figure out (without reading the comments) that to remove the spacebar, just remove both ALT keys and gently yank the spacebar off on both sides. Keep the spring and all is well.

The keyboard is fantastic compared to anything I've used before. Keycaps don't wiggle that much from the stem, which was super annoying from the Novatouch I was using.
Glad you guys received your boards early and satisfied, mine is still in transit and haven't had any update for the last two days. Hopefully the extra space bars are ok, if not then that's alright.
Will there be another round?
The RF 87U is indeed an elegant keyboard. However, regarding its sparing of tendon sheath impact, for those who like to bottom-out keystrokes (as I do), I prefer the feel of case-mounted 45g Topre switches as found in the HHKB. I own both boards, and while the plate-mounted RF switches have a luxury feel that I appreciate, my hands become fatigued relatively quickly after typing on the RF. In contrast, I can type all day on the HHKB without my hands becoming fatigued. Nevertheless, especially for those who like the TKL form factor, I can highly recommend the RF 87U for its overall refinement, and this drop has the added benefit of including the PBT spacebars in various colors.
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Try r/mechmarket. People unload their HHKBs there all the time.
Thanks Onyxpanda. They look similar aside from the key layout, I'm guessing. I like my arrow keys now... :D
just joined! Excited to try out topre for the first time!
Does anyone know if there's any compact cases for the 87U?
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I think I've seen that one. It's not compact enough. The problem I have with the 87U is that the top side is too "thick". The empty spaces need to be removed.
i agree with you aesthetically, but that's not just empty space. the PCB extends above the function row, so unfortunately it won't be possible to get much smaller than stock. see here:
fwiw, I got one in this last drop and I feel the thickness is much less noticeable in person.
I use 87u 45g uniform and I freaking love it.

It is not good for gaming or at least not as good as red switches but for typing it is pure finger orgasm.

I use it for last 6 months daily and I love it even more now then when I got it and it was love at the first sight type of experience.

Quality wise there is no comparison to any other keyboard I have ever seen or tried. It is that much better. It's oozing quality. Every key stroke is a feast. My Kingston's FPS red switches feels flimsy in compare.

Easily one of the best purchase of my life. I spend 8h a day typing on it and it is just amazing.
Don't know what to say abut the gaming part. I got the 55g uniform from the last time it dropped and it's pretty good at gaming. But then again, I enjoy gaming on MX Black and MX Clear switches so I'm used to the resistance the 55g domes provide.
I just found this drop and was very interested in ordering a black 55g board, but it looks black is all sold out. Will there be a refreshed stock at some point?
I was seconds away from pulling the trigger on a FC660C, but there was no way for me to get one shipped to Canada for less than $380 CAD (shame!). And then I saw that this drop was back! The price is absolutely GREAT for Canadians at the moment, even with the impending import/customs fees.

I write and do editorial work for a living, so a keyswitch that offers tactility without sacrificing comfort is so, so necessary. I've been using my trusty Filco TKL with MX blues for years now, but I'm ready to see what Topre has to offer me!

So stoked!