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NuForce uDAC-3 DAC/Amp Combo

NuForce uDAC-3 DAC/Amp Combo

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Oh forgot to mention the usb port rotten and heating problems.

I thought of using them with ws1100is, but as I gave up

The only complaint is that the material quality seems to be usb port, bursting and breaking told. If it's cheap enough for me, it looks like I can not throw away my money. We expect better price performance products.

Despite the price I did not like
Newby sorry: does it need permanent USB connection /external power connection to work ? Thanks !
Yes, this always needs to be plugged in to work. There is no internal battery which you can charge as to just plug into the source and use less energy
Thank you for the clarification.
anyone know if these can drive the HD6xx?
I have the alex cavali amp forgot the name of it it’s also on massdrop the 250$ version can i buy this and only use it as a dac?
Anyone out side of the us still not have there's from the last drop. Still says in transit but no more updates and its said estimated delivery was last Monday for me
Is the NuForce uDAC a improvement compared to Focusrite Scarlett Solo 2 Gen?
I wouldn't even compare the two. The Scarlett is for mixing and monitoring, combining two sources or interfacing a source with your computer and listening to it. The uDac is meant purely for output.

If you were going to input through the scarlett and listen out the uDac, I would say don't. The monitor output on the Scarlett is likely going to give the best results (sound quality / latency). If you're just looking for something to listen to music, than the uDac would likely be the better option. Although, I've never sat down and compared the two back to back.
Yeah, I have the same Solo, and it is fairly bright and tinny sounding compared to an actual DAC/Amp. If you don't need the portability or you don't use mostly IEMs, I'd get one with a little more power behind it, 80mw into 16ohms means just a little less than 40mw into 32ohms, but if you need portability or use IEMs, this should work. I've auditioned the Magni 3 amp, the Topping a30 amp, the xduoo x05 portable dac/amp, the xduoo t10 desktop dac/amp, smsl SAP Pro II, the Topping d30 dac, and the jotunheim amp, along with trying out the new smsl su-8 dac, and currently loving that it sounds similar to the Topping d30 but is balanced and putting a bit more power into my jotunheim (2vrms rca analog vs 4vrms with balanced cables).

I do recommend both the AudioEngine D3 usb DAC/amp for a similar price range, or if you want to splurge and want to use a portable usb DAC/amp with your phone, the dragonfly red, though I like the D3 more for both price and volume, but the dragonfly red takes less power so phones can utilize it better, the D3 needs a full powered direct USB port.
Fainli context.
newbie here. i want to use this amp with my ipad camera usb connector to drive a high impedencd headphone. anyone tried that? possible?
The camera quality on this isn't great.
This isn't an amp for high impedance. The highest you're going to power is an m50x or an HD598, and even those are a stretch.
I own Audio Technica MSR7 headphones and use them on my PC (Dell XPS 15 9560). From time to time I'm experiencing a short and loud spike in volume when continuing an audio or video playback and some loud popping noises. Will this dac/amp or any other dac/amp fix this issue?
What is a good budget dac/amp?
Does any one know if this will work with a raspi running kodi?
Does it have an unamped line out?
I think not as I connect my headphones to back and it seems to have same amp as front