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NuForce uDAC-3 DAC/Amp Combo

NuForce uDAC-3 DAC/Amp Combo

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Can I pair this with an external amp? I'm looking for a portable DAC and this seems like a great deal.
Yes you can. On the rear, you'll see the rca outputs. Those can be linked up to another amp or powered speakers.
Can I put the Burson Audio V5i Opamps in these?
As far as I'm aware, I do not believe these are meant to be taken apart thus, you will not be able to roll opamps. Tbh, I don't you can roll opamps even if you do open it up as it's a pretty simple dac amp combo, but don't quote me on that.
Sometimes the temperature of the product starts to rise and serious noise starts.
Does this work well with my 50 ohm Sennheiser HD 599s?
Will this work fine with my Sony MDR-1A's?
I’m a complete audio noob. Would this work with a headset that has a mic?
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it does have dedicated jacks. I’m gonna assume you just plug the other one into your pc? (Also if I were to plug my speakers in I would have to pick which one or how many ports does this have)
Yes, you plug the microphone jack in your pc just like you always did. I don't know whether you can output to both speakers and headphone jack through the uDAC at the same time though
These are good for an Beyerdynamic DT770 250ohm?
how does this compare to the Fiio e10k ?
Alot worse.
  • Headphone output: 80 mW x 2 at 16 Ohm
  • E10K - Output Power: 200 mW @ 32 Ω

I'm currently using a Lexicon Alpha for its DAC/Headphone amp with my Sony MDR-V6 headphones. Would I benefit or notice any improvement in using the NuForce UDac-3? From what I can find the specs of the Alpha: 24bit D/A Headphone Output: 20 mW per channel at 50 Ohms
I have Philips shp9500, and I use it for gaming mostly, and it's really good. I wanted to try using it with an amp/dac combo to see if it's worth the try. Any suggestions? Also I'm really noob in the audiophile area. :P
Will this be a good buy for my M50's and HiFiMAN HE-350's?
Kind of a newbie here, I bought the Massdrop x NuForce EDC3. Listening mostly to music from my Laptop (Dell, running Linux). Would this be an upgrade that's worth it?
You may see some improvement if the sound card in your Laptop is bad by replacing it with a DAC, but the EDC3 probably won't sound much different with an amp. They are very sensitive IEMs (100 dB at 1 kHZ) with low impedance (16 ohm) which means they're generally made to be used and without an amp, which again should generally mean they sound good (and reach a loud enough volume) without one.
Thanks for the detailed response!
i'm using windows10 it work ds mode it didn't work foobar wasapi event mode it work wasapi push mode and in asio mode, the sounds frequently cut off is there any tip for fix the problem?
Will the suit my 6xx cans?
i use em for my 6xx and they work really well. fairly cheap and small, exactly what i was looking for.
would this work with the tin audio T2 well?
I'm pretty sure it will, I'm currently running the T2 from a similarly-priced dac/amp combo (Hifime Sabre 9018) and it works like a charm, adding a bit more soundstage, cleaner background and more dynamic range compared to the standard headphone out.
thanks for the help
This would be absolutely perfect for me if it had an optical input. Anyone have/know of a DAC/AMP with a volume knob and optical input for under 75?
win10 + craptop USB + any usb dac = bad experience.
why? My similarly-priced USB DAC/amp (Hifime Sabre 9018) works like a charm from any USB I've tried so far: it's dead silent no matter what, has plenty of power, clean open sound...
I have the Audioengine D3 I use with HiFiman HE-400i when on the road. I'm not knowledgeable about the charts to compare. Would this be an upgrade?
I don't think so, even without looking at the charts I'm pretty sure you won't notice big differences between those two. If you wanna improve while keeping it really portable, something like the Audioquest Dragonfly Red seems the way to go.
Thank you!
Fiio Q5 w/ AM5 amp.
Would the unit be powered up if I link it up to my phone (Samsung S8) via USB?
I want to use this as a DAC/preamp exclusively for my phone and to my audio gd R28 via RCA when I don't want to switch on my PC.
Personally I've only had Google Pixel and I was unable to get it to work on my phone. HOWEVER the power draw is fairly high on this unit so even if you were to do it this way it will quickly drain all your phone battery.
So I don't recommend this units for your intended purpose, you should probably get something that has either battery or dedicated power such as SMSL M3, Schiit Fulla or portable ones like Oppo HA-2 SE, Chord Mojo.......etc.
If no one responded: Samsung S8 discharge through USB Type-C is limited to 500 mAh at less than 3 V if I am correct. This could change depending on what's connected, but it will never exceed or meet the battery's current Voltage output (usually around 4.1 V) nor over 1500 mAh of total battery discharge. A typical S8, S8+, and Note8's discharge is 550 mAh idle with the screen off and the usual amount of background apps, and upwards of 850 mAh during usage.
is this enough for he4xx? or should i wait for smsl m3 to drop again?
Can these power up the AKG 7XX
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nope, it won't be enough to power 7XX
Um the akg 7xx are 62ohm headphones pretty sure it would be enough
Oh forgot to mention the usb port rotten and heating problems.

I thought of using them with ws1100is, but as I gave up
The only complaint is that the material quality seems to be usb port, bursting and breaking told. If it's cheap enough for me, it looks like I can not throw away my money. We expect better price performance products.
Despite the price I did not like
Newby sorry: does it need permanent USB connection /external power connection to work ? Thanks !
Yes, this always needs to be plugged in to work. There is no internal battery which you can charge as to just plug into the source and use less energy
Thank you for the clarification.
anyone know if these can drive the HD6xx?
I have the alex cavali amp forgot the name of it it’s also on massdrop the 250$ version can i buy this and only use it as a dac?
Yes I it does have a few output options straight from the DAC BUT if you bought the Alex Cavali amp I'd really spend a little bit more and pair it with a nicer DAC lol.
Something along the line of Massdrop SDAC or ODAC or JDS OL DAC or Schiit Modi 2 would be more comparable.
EDIT: Ops just realize the message was from 6 weeks ago hopefully you got something already LOL.
Anyone out side of the us still not have there's from the last drop. Still says in transit but no more updates and its said estimated delivery was last Monday for me
Is the NuForce uDAC a improvement compared to Focusrite Scarlett Solo 2 Gen?
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It's a good amp to start with. It isn't the best for efficient headphones or sensitive IEMs due to the higher impedance out, but I didn't notice anything too strange with the Fostex Purplehearts or Ebony, and those are more sensitive than the typical 32-80 ohm headphones.
You aren't going to crank 300-600 ohm headphones to ear bleeding levels with it, but it will power them just fine.
The only things at this price point with a little more power will be a Magni 3 or the Xduoo Ta-10, and even then it's only 500mW more at max, so any of those are good starters.
The D30 is one of my favorite DACs, and the SMSL SU-8 that is dropping again is the least expensive DAC I've seen with balanced ins and outs if you plan on going that route in the future. I have both and they are great. Don't worry about any DACs more exppensive than those until you start getting amps that are getting closer to the $1k mark, as the benefits to a more expensive DAC aren't as great as headphones first and amp second, DAC third.
Thank you. That was very insightful.
Fainli context.