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V80 TKL Mechanical Keyboard

V80 TKL Mechanical Keyboard

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Tenkeyless Keyboard

Go back to basics with the KBParadise V80 Keyboard. Fitted with your choice of keycaps and keycaps, as well as the option for LEDs, this tenkeyless board features an 80% layout with all the function you need and none of the clutter. Think of the V80 as a minimalist mechanical keyboard with maximum utility.

Note: At checkout, you'll have your choice of various switches - Cherry MX, Fukka, Kailh BOX, Kailh BOX, Matias, keycaps as well as LED settings. Pricing may vary per option.

V80 TKL Mechanical Keyboard


It's equipped with ABS keycaps in OEM profile with laser-etched legends printed in kerned Century Gothic font. You'll have the letters, numbers, and basic modifiers, as well as the function row, arrow keys, and the navigation cluster. There's no required software to install after plugging in through the USB interface.

V80 TKL Mechanical Keyboard
V80 TKL Mechanical Keyboard
V80 TKL Mechanical Keyboard
V80 TKL Mechanical Keyboard

LED Lighting

Featuring Costar stabilizers and N-key rollover, the V80 also offers the option for backlighting. Should you choose the black keycaps with red-and-blue backlighting, you'll be able to alter your LED settings on the fly. You can also select a variety of effects, like Pulse, or set different zones to different colors, allowing you to quickly set your WASD cluster.

V80 TKL Mechanical Keyboard
V80 TKL Mechanical Keyboard


V80 TKL Mechanical Keyboard


  • KBParadise
  • Tenkeyless layout
  • Laser-etched ABS caps
  • OEM profile
  • Dual color LED backlighting (Cherry MX with black keycaps only)
  • USB interface
  • N-key rollover
  • Made in Taiwan
  • 60 in (152.4 cm) cable
  • 14.10 x 5.30 x 1.40 in (35.81 x 13.46 x 3.56 cm)
  • 2.07 lbs (0.94 kg)


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