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Varmilo VB87M Bluetooth Keyboard

Varmilo VB87M Bluetooth Keyboard

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Bluetooth Mechanical

Starting with the successful and popular body design of the VA87M, Varmilo has made the long-desired VB87M. Finally bringing a native-supported Bluetooth 4.0 mechanical keyboard to the market that boasts the same build quality you've come to love, but with the extra features of Gateron switches and full Mac compatibility. This keyboard comes in a TKL layout with PBT keycaps, and backlighting color for a custom keyboard and solid typing experience.

Note: Please scroll to the bottom of the drop if you cannot read your keyboard instruction manual as it is in Chinese. We have provided a translation.

At checkout, you can choose your Cherry switches (Blue, Brown, Clear, Green, Red, or Gray Linear), Gateron switches (Brown, Clear or Green), case color (Black, Blue, or White), and keycap style (Top Printed Light Gray with dye-sublimated legends, Black/Blue/White with front-printed legends, or Pink/Blue PBT top-printed legends) with blue, red, or white LED backlighting. All price points can be seen at checkout.

International/Canadian Customers:

Due to carrier policy with products featuring Lithium Ion batteries - International/Canadian shipping rates will be higher.

Mac users:

We have tested the latest sample and it does not pair with the latest macOS Sierra.

Varmilo VB87M Bluetooth Keyboard
Varmilo VB87M Bluetooth Keyboard
Varmilo VB87M Bluetooth Keyboard

Caps & Taps

All styles of keycaps come in PBT, but you have your choice of black, blue, or white front-printed, pink/blue top-printed, and gray dye sub top-printed keycaps. Laser-engraved legends are burned right into the keycap and the deep grooves are covered with infill to retain a smooth feel. For long-lasting construction with no surface imbalance, dye-sublimated legends infuse the plastic with dye. This is the most durable possible construction that also retains a smooth hand feel. For this board, you will get Cherry MX switches in your choice of Blue, Brown, Clear, Green, Red, or Gray Linear and Gateron switches in your choice of Brown, Clear, or Green. Gateron switches run similar specs compared with Cherry MX switches, but with an arguably smoother typing feel and a clear top switch body.

Varmilo VB87M Bluetooth Keyboard
Varmilo VB87M Bluetooth Keyboard
Varmilo VB87M Bluetooth Keyboard
Varmilo VB87M Bluetooth Keyboard

New Features

The Varmilo VB87M takes an already solid foundation and builds upon it by sticking to the proven look and feel of the VA87M while adding full Mac compatibility with 6-key rollover and bluetooth connectivity. Built with Nordic's nRF51822 BLE 4.0 chip allows for a more reliable and stable connection at up to 10 meters unobstructed while still having significantly lower power consumption. Have your cake and eat too with the mechanical feel you love and wire free desk space you desire.

Varmilo VB87M Bluetooth Keyboard
Varmilo VB87M Bluetooth Keyboard
Varmilo VB87M Bluetooth Keyboard
Varmilo VB87M Bluetooth Keyboard
Varmilo VB87M Bluetooth Keyboard

Video Review from randomfrankp


  • Varmilo
  • Cherry MX or Gateron switches
  • Standard Cherry Stabilizers
  • Step-sculpture 2 low profile PBT keycaps
  • 6-key rollover
  • Nordic nRF51822 BLE 4.0 chip
  • Compatible with Win 8, Win 10, Latest MAC OSX El Capitan, IOS 6.0+, and Android 4.4+
  • BLE 4.0 Compatiability is required


  • 1-year warranty
  • 6.56 ft (2.0 m) USB A to mini-B cable
  • Keycap puller

Instructions (Translation courtesy of user sbutter and random_name)

WIN system under FN functions:

  • FN + F1: Brightness -
  • FN + F2: brightness +
  • FN + F3: Search
  • FN + F7 ~ F12: multimedia shortcut keys
  • FN + Insert: Power
  • FN + Delete: clear all memory of Bluetooth devices
  • FN + Ctrl (Right): Application Key
  • FN + ↑: increase the brightness of the keyboard
  • FN + ↓: lower keyboard brightness
  • FN + →: disconnect the current Bluetooth link, enter pairing mode search
  • FN + WIN (short press): shielded WIN key
  • FN + WIN (press 3 seconds): Left WIN key and FN swap
  • FN + Left Ctrl (press 3 seconds): as Ctrl key exchange with Caplock

Play music world of multimedia function keys:

  • Fn + F7 Mute

  • Fn + F8 Volume Up

  • Fn + F9 Volume Down

  • Fn + F10 Pause, Play

  • Fn + F11 on a

  • Fn + F12 under a

In addition to connecting the computer can also connect the phone and tablet:

  • Android / IOS ESC function / FN + associated function keys

  • FN function FN + F1 brightness - (ios 8.0 effective)

  • FN + F2 brightness + (ios 8.0 effective)

  • FN + F3 Search

  • FN + F4 browser

  • FN + F5 keyboard

  • FN + F6 on a

  • FN + F7 pause

  • FN + F8 under a

  • FN + F9 mute

  • FN + F10 Volume +

  • FN + F11 Volume -

  • FN + F12 lock screen

Known Fixes


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Estimated ship date is Jan 11, 2018 PT.

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