VentureCraft Typhoon SounDroid DAC/Ampsearch

VentureCraft Typhoon SounDroid DAC/Amp

VentureCraft Typhoon SounDroid DAC/Amp

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The Best Smartphone Audio Setup

This is the VentureCraft SounDroid Typhoon, an Amp, a DAC, and a portable battery that'll make your iPhone sound like heaven. Just to be clear, this can be used as a dedicated portable amp, a dedicated portable DAC, a portable amp/DAC combo (takes digital signal from your iPhone via USB), a desktop amp/DAC combo, a dedicated desktop amp, a dedicated desktop DAC, AND a portable power source for your iPhone. If you can find a more versatile, complete, high quality, and utility driven device; please tell us, we'll call that company immediately. That all said, this device is only compatible with iDevices.

VentureCraft Typhoon SounDroid DAC/Amp

What's So Special?

This little box allows for optical output, which sets it apart from its competitors in a big way. This allows it to output DSD (Direct Stream Digital), which is an audio quality with higher resolution than that found on CDs. DSD is very new technology and few devices support it, so if you come across a DSD file you now have the opportunity to actually listen to it. The optical output on the SounDroid Typhoon also allows you to play digital surround sound if your speaker supports it.

Like that magnetic closure iPhone case attached to the SounDroid? Add it to your purchase at checkout.

VentureCraft Typhoon SounDroid DAC/Amp

The Only Limit is YourselfThe Only Limit is Yourself

This is the tool you want if you've ever wanted to make the music coming out from your phone sound excellent The SounDroid Typhoon also boasts USB and Optical output AND input. It can upsample to 192 kHz and 32 bit, which is impressive by itself, and it can do all of this through the proprietary Apple Thunderbolt port. What the SounDroid Typhoon does is give you the freedom to leave your house and make no compromises, which is about as American as it gets. (Made in Japan)

VentureCraft Typhoon SounDroid DAC/Amp


  • Headphone Output - Stereo mini jack
  • Variable Line output - Stereo mini jack
  • Digital Output - 3.5mm S/PDIF
  • Battery - 3500mA/h
  • 1 Meter Cable


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