Vivo Complete Beekeeping Beehive Box (20 Frames)search

Vivo Complete Beekeeping Beehive Box (20 Frames)

Vivo Complete Beekeeping Beehive Box (20 Frames)

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Start Your Sweet & Prosperous Colony

If you’ve got space for it, beekeeping is a fun and rewarding hobby. This complete beekeeping beehive box has all the tools you need (minus the bees, of course) to start your own Langstroth-style hive. Great for beginners, old timers, and everyone in between, it comes with 10 medium frames and 10 deep frames, plus a queen excluder to separate the ruler of the hive. Also included? A plastic hive excluder, a sturdy bottom board with an entrance reducer, and a telescoping cover for easy access to the hive and secure closure. The hive itself comes with all necessary hardware for assembly. Made from New Zealand pine wood without knots, it’s strong and sturdy. If you don’t have a beekeeping suit or gloves, you can grab them at checkout, along with a comprehensive set of tools to get you started.

Note: At checkout, you can add the optional starter tool set for (+ $35), a full-body beekeeping suit and gloves for (+ $55), or both for (+ $90).

Optional Add-ons

Tool Kit (+ $35)
Bee Suit + Gloves (+ $55)


  • Vivo
  • New Zealand pine wood without knots
  • Langstroth-style beehive
  • Outer telescoping cover with a metal cover, 
  • Inner cover 
  • Medium frame box 
  • 10 medium frames (6.25 x 19 in)
  • Deep frame box
  • 10 deep frames (9.2 x 19 in) 
  • Plastic hive excluder
  • Sturdy bottom board with entrance reducer
  • Queen excluder is included fitting between the medium and deep frame boxes
  • All necessary hardware is included

Beekeeping Starter Tool Set

  • Bee smoker 
  • Frame holder 
  • Bee brush 
  • J-Hook hive tool 

Full-Body Beekeeping Suit, Veil Hood & Gloves

  • Size: 70.5 in from top of hood to bottom of ankle gatherings
  • Recommended to fit someone up to about 5 ft 10 in
  • Waist is roughly 50 in
  • Sleeves measure 29 in to shoulders 
  • Glove size: Large (L) gloves are roughly 8 in long with an 11 in sleeve (total length is 19 in)


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