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mini b, micro b ports

silver case, black plate
Yesterday Vortex Vibe keyboard wonderful shipping notification, and Today Vortex 22 key switch tester..
Thanks for quick delivery...
Too much good!!


All orders will be shipped by Massdrop.Estimated ship date is June 6, 2018 PT.


Shipped on May 11, 2018 PT

DHL E commerce delivery is too late than I thought.
Finally vortex tester is arrived in local post office. May be tomorrow delivered...
It takes exactly 2 weeks since shipped May 11. PT. I expect 11 days...
But Vortex Vibe that was shipped early one day remains Germany due to transit facility.
DHL e commerce center said to me that Two delivery difference depends on seller choice to delivery.
Sorry for the delay.
Does anyone know a proper way to solder the RGB LEDs? I followed this guide:
but I'm wondering if the last drop has a different type of RGB LED. All my switches are working, except my LEDs don't seem to function, so I'm wondering if the newer drop has different LEDs shipped.
If anyone wants to sell me his/hers with PCB in Europe, I'd be glad to take it off your hands.
I don't want to wait til june for this to arrive (but I really want it tho), any other sites to get it?
Besides this, does anyone know if this will sound as low pitched as the vortex race 3 (which I love the sound)?

Currently, Vortex 22 key switch can used only as numeric pad and can not be programmed.
I found Cospad XD24 PCB on othersite and Plate screw hole postions are very similar in 3 position, Top Left , Top right, bottome right.
Cospad XD24 is even advertised up tp 24 keys-Two Mode:numpad/PAD or 1/2 Planck
This PCB and Vortex 22 key tester case can be assembled together?
I think It's very interesing way for 40% keyboard users.
I love Vorex keyboard design with low height and slim bezel housing case, So this programmable numeric pad have more funtionlity, but I don't give up Vortex Switch Tester.

How about this picture?
I think the left number pad is this vortex 22 key switch tester.
Is that right?
On Vortex 22 key switch manual,Using option PCB, Fn key is only for LED function.
Num Lock key support direction key or Pg Up/Down, Home, End key as like other number pad?
Manual have been reuploaded to the description page
dropping this here in case anyone is looking for it. :)
Any ideas on what the case colors look like compared to the other anodized aluminum Vortex keyboards?
Is the gray case the same gray as the Vortex Core? Is the silver case the same silver as the Vortex Vibe?
Why does the pcb have two different USB inputs? Can you daisy chain it to your keyboard?
I believe I'd read something in documentation about the one interface being intended for it to be plugged into another Vortex keyboard, but it doesn't seem to have ever been implemented or utilized.
not yet programmable?
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Frustrating that Vortex said they would release programming software for it in Q3 2017 and it's now almost Q2 2018 and still nothing.
They said the same for Vortex Core and Pok3r, still nothing.
Anyone know what the dimensions of this tester are? Would be really cool if it would sit flush next to a Race 3.
Ah damn, its .5" larger than the Race 3. Thank you for the info~!
Wait its just cherry mx? Is there a difference of rgb blue vs blue?
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Mhm because I was looking for a swtich tester but this one has just cherry and the same color multiple times. So its more like a macro pad right?
It's basically a numpad. I didn't even bother using any of the switches it came with. The stabs to suck tho.