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I really wish it came with a USB C connector.
I've just received my set in Romania on 03.05.2018. Ship date is 16.04.2018. It looks and fells better than I expected. i'm quite impressed.
Still, I have a problem. The space bar is not comming back to the same full height. There is still half a milimeter difference and it's driving me crazy. I can use my finger to pull it back up. With the old space bar keycap everything works just fine. I'm using that atm untill I find a solution. There is no noticeable weight difference between the two space bar keycaps.
How much did this drop cost at its lowest? Is it worth it waiting for this drop to relaunch, instead of buying it from for $183 incl shipping ($144 is its original price)?
Just got the email saying it was shipped, nice surprise since it said like June or July before.
That is interesting. Probably they are shipping first come first serve basis? I joined this drop late and haven't heard from them.

maybe someone can try and see it's possible to mount some LED onto it?
and make it goes 2016-2017 year ish?
I’m tempted to get this for the awesome layout. But the money to kit it with SA keycaps...
Are the switches replaceable or are they soldered to the board? Can Kailh or Gateron switches be used?
They are soldered on if you know how to use solder you can put gateron switches
I got one of these from a week or so ago (for $1 less than this price, interestingly...) I really, really like it. It's my first actual mechanical keyboard, and I chose it because it had all of the keys I needed (I use the arrow keys and Home + End a lot more than I realized), it had a layout that was easy for me to adjust to coming from a Mac, and I also really like the DSA keycaps ( they even included Mac modifiers, which was cool).

The only thing is that I use it with a KVM switch so that I can use it on both Windows and Mac, and I was hoping that the layout switching feature would mean that I wouldn't have to remap any keys in software. I have to switch Control with the Windows key when using Windows, since my muscle memory for key combos was created on the Mac, and it's very confusing to try and switch back and forth. I couldn't seem to get this to work as I had thought it would, even after updating the firmware. But otherwise, it's great.
Is this using USB type c?
It is micro usb into the keyboard and regular usb into pc
I am really struggling choosing between Silver and Clears, I haven't tried them before. I have Topre now, but they're not exactly optimal for gaming. Tips, anyone?

I do like browns though, and I've had it before. But as far as I can tell, White and Clears are better, but I'm kind of struggling to find the real difference.
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Thank you so much for your reply, I had a mistake at the end of my comment though, I meant that Silver and Clears are supposedly "better" from reading some comments. I love the feel of Topre, but I feel like it's more work to write on these, kind of mushy.

But thanks again for the reply, this either ends with a coin toss, or I'll just safe it with the browns :p
Yeah, Silvers are dubbed as 'Speed' I've seen, and I don't really play a lot of FPS, but I think a lighter key might be ideal for me. Thanks for tips! :)
Love my race 3 with cherry brown, been nothing but pure joy typing on this thing. Replaced the caps with some dolch DSA and still the best daily driver for me by far.
Just confirming, no backlighting on this one? Thanks!
no backlight, only LED on the caps and spacebar for profile switching.
If there had been a Cherry Silent Red switch option I'd have been in like Flynn. Next time?
I really REALLY love my Race 3. By far my favorite layout out there (I'm not really into keycaps especially considering how good the ones that come with it are).