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Vortex Race 3 Mechanical Keyboard

Vortex Race 3 Mechanical Keyboard

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This keyboard would be perfect for me if it had RGB backlighting while still having the PBT keycaps...
This is absolutely amazing! Just received my Race 3 today. Its supposed to be shipped only until this November!
I hope to add cherry mx silent-red option to the next drop
Hey guys, I just got a message from Massdrop stating that my Race 3 has been shipped. Well... Its still several months away from November... Anyone else got it too?
Same here... That would be a miracle, but I suspect it may be a mix up from the last drop which was scheduled to ship in July.
The product has remained in Germany IPZ for more than 21 days.
can i ask about when the re-order open?
is the keyboard heavy like the pok3r?! steel or aluminum case?!
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My bad...2018...haha. I find vortex keys to be really stiff at the start. I tried browns and reds from other keyboards and vortex by far is much stiffer. Could be the PBT caps? It changes the whole feel of the switch. My silvers are far heavier than any reds I've tried.
hmm.. could be the caps!! i had browns on an old coolermaster TKL keyboard and reds on my pok3r. personally, it's hard to say which one i like better.
I will be waiting for the new version though, coming with low profile RGB red switch and USB-C.
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Don’t know. Staff from vortex said cherry delayed delivery of low profile switches. Probably due to high demands, I guess.
Shoot, guess we'll just have to keep an eye out.
as of right now in the USA,

this keyboard, cherry brown, blue, red switches $139.99. This is link for brown, other listings for the other switches

this keyboard, cherry clear switches $149.99

if waiting for shipping in November is too much, it might be worth spending another $10-20 on Amazon for the same product
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I can’t find one with speed silver anyone know where I can get one without waiting till NOV?
with speed silver, not sure
Damn I've been waiting for this drop for awhile but am really conflicted on the pricing. I can get these for roughly $168 locally (same price for all switches).

Was hoping to get either clears/silvers since I already have browns & reds(not gonna get blues to avoid getting slaughtered by colleagues) so I'm not sure whether the savings will be worth the 4 months wait.

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I purchased locally from xtremesolutions just to get peace of mind in warranty?
you never know what will happen :P
Ahhh you're right, I don't think this has warranty either. Thanks!
Dang, I was hoping for a better price, but you can get these pretty much anywhere else (at least in the US) for $139. This isn't a bad price, but you're only saving $10 and you'll have to wait 4 months for it?

I've been wanting one of these for a while, and I've heard great things... however, the odd key sizes for right shift and escape are going to limit changing out the caps. I believe the stock keycaps are pretty good though.
agree with you 100% amazon has in stock and it is for good price (comparing to this one) and you get it two days later.