Walkera Rodeo 150 RTF FPV w/600TVL Camerasearch

Walkera Rodeo 150 RTF FPV w/600TVL Camera

Walkera Rodeo 150 RTF FPV w/600TVL Camera

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Barely cheaper than other retailers but ships in a month vs tomorrow? So much of the "deal" of massdrop.
Wow, that operator in the video must be very wealthy to have such long thumbnails. No working in the fields or factories for THAT guy. Better watch out those joysticks don't crack your status symbols!
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nope. I was watching a different video and I was like wot is this guy talking about.
Hah! Well THAT is what this guy is talking about. In Asian cultures, particularly China right now it's a sign of wealth and social standing to have long fingernails. It shows that you don't work hard or in the fields and probably don't work in an assembly plant or factory. This guy is obviously demonstrating his social standing. It's a nice apartment too. He's got some mad flying skills, so probably has some free time on his hands to boot.
Just a brief reminder that Walkera shorted us two units that were ordered for the Xmas holiday last year. I'm told they never shipped until the end of January and only after people complained. I had to cancel my order at the end of December when my friend went home and we realized Massdrop would not ship our drones even two weeks late. Massdrop REFUSED to offer an explanation or new estimate of shipping. I asked them to contact Walkera and was told Massdrop wouldn't be able to do anything.

I will not be buying from Walkera again. I still have the spare batteries and replacement cameras that we ordered because we pre-ordered because we really believed Massdrop and Walkera would be up front with us. Not true.
RC TX Mode 1 or 2 or modifiable?
I must add one more remark. That video , don't try that if you never used one before, those people are actually very professional, this is not as easy at it may seem to be.
I probably would have picked this up. however i bought a small toy 40 one on amazon, loved it so much i went with a DJS Phantom 3 advanced for 600.. I been through this with other things in the past, Guitar, start with the $150 only to end up getting the $350 model. But if you just want to try it, go for it. These things are very addicting and will leave you wanting a more advanced machine if you happen to enjoy it.
Ok, I was going to commit at the $159.00 but after reading the horror stories I'm blacklisting this product and now I'm even wondering if I can Trust MASSDROP???????????
I think it's still a good deal, but if you do a slight amount of research online you may find a quad that fits your budget and experience a bit better. I really think that Massdrop isn't appropriate for discounted quads. Larger DJI's perhaps, but not for something like this. Check out Hobbyking for example - at the very least you have a second source. Massdrop is great, don't get me wrong, but you could have a differently branded fun quad in your hands in a few days if your budget is flexible.
When u see fpv racing drones anywhere there bad, just build one or give up
FYI Walkera shorted the Xmas order of these for at least three or four buyers last year. I was one of them and didn't get my drones while Walkera and Massdrop had my money and wouldn't tell me anything. I don't recommend rewarding them for treating customers this way. Just my $0.02.

For reference: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/walkera-rodeo-150-rtf-fpv-w-600tvl-camera/talk/620456
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Heeeeyyyyy! I was right to avoid Massdrop! https://input.club/official-halo-switch-statement/
That's only one side of the story... Personally, I'm not convinced input club are clearly in the right.
I ordered this product in November and still have not received one. Massdrop does not stand behind the shipping date promised. they have not yet inform when they are going to ship. Ridiculous. watch out of this seller.
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Have already did many times. The order was for a Christmas gift, supposed to deliver on Dec 20th. completely missed the promised day and now it is Jan 1st 2017. Ridiculous. watch out of this seller.
was it black friday?
Hey, I'm here from a previous Walkera Rodeo 150 drop and I just wanted to add that Walkera seems to have blown their promised ship date from the last drop and Massdrop has not been very helpful in getting the promised units to us in time. Just FYI.
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I was charged $599 and Massdrop claimed partial fulfillment. What are you talking about?
I was talking about the drop that was supposed to ship on Dec 20, and Massdrop refused to provide any update on Dec 30 despite my patient requests. I was forced to decide between waiting and hoping my order would ship before my friend left (he drives truck and won't be home for a long time, he was home on xmas vacation, we ordered the drones to play with together over xmas). So I was forced to decide whether there would be enough time to play with our drones together. I made the decision, against my will, to cancel the order. It was the right decision, because Massdrop and Walkera didn't ship them for another few weeks. Ultimately, it ended my business with Massdrop and soured my appreciation for Walkera.