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XC Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame

XC Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame

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What are the dimensions? Are they north american standard or european standard?
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They fit a standard North American plate.
I know man. My plates are European standard.
Would this make my car faster?
+5 HP
Does this buy include the black screws? Otherwise, the stainless steel screws will stick out horribly, in contrast with the gorgeous black license plate frames... or where can we get the black screws that would work?
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personally, I would get nice stainless steel screws, as I prefer the way metals look against cf weave.

in your case, you will either want black chrome (a plating applied to regular steel) hardware, or stainless steel with colored screw caps, the screw heads pre-painted black, or just buy a can of any spray paint advertised as adhering to metal. if you go with the spray paint, you'll want to get a artist's brush or some cotton swab stick things to touch them up after securing them. heck, a fine-tip sharpie may do the job just fine for you, and easy to touch-up from time to time.

other than interfacing with state-issued license plates, I am unaware of any rules car manufacturers have to actually abide by when it comes to mounting them. so, the answer to your question is "go look at what you have". they are generally just 1/4"-20 machine screws for domestic vehicles, 6mm for import vehicles, and roughly 3/4" or 20mm long, respectively, but there are exceptions and outliers.

if you're not too finicky about how it all shakes out, you'll probably be fine with a "license plate hardware kit" from an auto parts store.

if you specifically want to get a little fancy with the black chrome or screw caps/covers, I'd recommend a hardware store that sells individual pieces from bins, typically ace/true value-style stores rather than HD or Lowes. bonus points for locally-owned older establishments. if you are not very familiar with such hardware stores, and you want to put these on an import vehicle, it would be advisable to call first to make sure they carry what you need, since stocking metric parts can be a bit of a crap-shoot with smaller US establishments. go in with one of the screws from your vehicle and ask for assistance finding them when you arrive; doesn't matter if you're familiar with the hardware, the people that stock it can *usually* find it much faster than you in piles of stuff that all looks pretty similar.
Black Plastic screws works like magic. They dont rust and dont strip and come in different colors.
Good luck
Rec'd mine, and as noted by others the depth requires spacers behind the plate. I used some plastic spacers I had around. You'll also likely need some washers as the screw holes are large. I plastidip some SS washers and the screw heads to improve the appearance. Over all pretty satisfied.
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What is plastidip? Can you please explain what you did? I imagine the process changed the SS washers and screw heads to black color, so they don't stand out like SS would (great idea) but I don't understand what you did / how you did it / what you used.

Thank you,
Does this come in pairs or just one per order?
Just one.
Only issue with these is if your plate has screws at the bottom and you flip this to match the screws it will block your registration stickers a good bit and will get you pulled over. I live in a state that requires the stickers to be plainly viewed in the two upper corners.
My only issue is that XC Carbon is a company out in china that makes "carbon fiber" items. You can get something comparable off of aliexpress.
This thing is surprisingly good quality, IMO, and is comparable in price to eBay & allie last time I looked.
It looks cool. Though what are the dimensions? Does anyone know?
Fits a standard 12"x6" US plate.
will this make my ricer go fast?
omg totally did! Now I just need one of those fart cans for the exhaust.