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Well I got notification that it was shipped today. I suspect in a few days we will all know what dac chips are being used. I will decide at that point what I will do, for now the description said Wolfson so I expect Wolfson.
I was all set to make the leap until I heard that the CD that comes with the unit has Windows 10 drivers that don't work. Any company that can do that is off the board for me. I am not a techie and do not have time to figure things like that out. Either it is plug-and-play or I don't play
So you're just not computer literate then? Lots of resources out there just a quick Google search away...
Plug 'n play with an iMac...just say'n ;- )
Would this be recommended for the AKG 7XX? I am currently using a shiit fulla 2 which I heard is entry level for DAC/AMPs but now I wanna get stronger gear
Very much! This is exactly my setup right now. I tried the TA-01 with 5 or 6 mid end headphones and the 7XX is by far my favorite in that price range.
Would this be recommended for the Hifiman HE-400i's or would the drivers not work well enough. I'm using windows 10/ Would any other dac/amps be better than this? I might get other headphones with more ohms or power needed like the HD6xx or k7xx. Would this work with an Samsung S7?
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I am running the Hifimans 24 hours a day now. Friday they will be broken in. I will let you know if you want if they smooth out. So far the Senns are a better match for this amp. More organic, natural sounding. I don't know yet if I will keep the Hifimans. Got 30 days to decide.
Well, I have enough hours on the Hifimans to make a review with this amp and headphones. The sound isn't going to change much with the hours remaining for break-in. Anyway, I think I now know why the Senns. sound better to me. On both headphones I can tell its a digital source and a solid state amp, the digital harshness that I don't care for is there. The Hifimans are really clear and bright and since they don't have as warm a sound as the Senns. they really highlight the digital sound signature. So the Senns. just do a better job of masking a digital system.
As a side note, I have always disliked the digital sound in all the amps that I have had, even tube amps that the source is a cd. Even worse is a badly recorded cd. Its one of the reasons I can't listen to most of the music I grew up with on headphones, 60's and 70's rock and roll. Maybe the upper end of dacs/amps solve this but I don't want to spend thousands to find out.
I remember back in the 80's I bought my first cd player and I was so excited about finally getting one. The price had dropped to mass consumer level and I jumped in. The first cd was Dire Straights and "I want my MTV" was a big hit. I hooked that cd player up to my system thinking "finally no more LP's and the clicks and pops and pure sound!!! Its going to be audio Nirvana!!"
Well I hit that play button and my ears were all ready for that beautiful heavenly sound but instead I was introduced to digital harshness hell. My first thought was "This sounds like sheit!!"
Disclaimer: Sorry, I grew up in rural America. The language still sticks.
I notice how they conveniently left SNR out of the specsūüė©

Why? Probably because it's bad
I don't hear anything with the volume at 100% and nothing playing on HE-400i's. Its black.
anyone have problems with the drivers? the CD drivers provided immediately error when launched.. :( RIP GG
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The driver on the cd was corrupted and I had to use the ones that were linked to on Amazon in the customer questions and answers section under this amp. If you trust the link it is(gave me pause to, but I needed the drivers)--->!hCBkVBDA!BgS6cuIjKbD0seDxDGKBNQ . Its the xmos version 3.0. I have no issues with this driver in either foobar or tidal in Windows 10.
Awesome thanks
I would think Massdrop would be concerned about charges of fraud, considering they continue to tout this as having Wolfson WM8470 DAC chips, when it apparently has CS4398 chips. Personally I wouldn't be hung up on the performance difference, but they've had plenty of time to fix the description. It casts doubt on every other spec they list.
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The comment with pictures showing the chipset is 43 weeks old. If I was selling it, I'd take that pretty seriously, and would hope it wouldn't take me 43 weeks to get around to fixing the description.
Look down-thread. A comment with pictures showing the cirrus chips. It's been 43 weeks since those pics were posted. If you were selling it, would you have addressed the discrepancy by now?
This does 2.1W at 32ohm??? Holy sh*t that’s a ton for a $120 DAC Amp combo.
What's a better *and* cheaper option for driving my Hifiman HE400i?

Inputs will be PC via USB, Nexus 5 via analogue (because no USB audio, AFAIK). I currently drive them only from my AV receivers. Despite owning a hybrid amp, I don't care about the tube so am in the market for hybrid or solid state.
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Will give that a try, thanks.
I thought the same thing at one point when I got my first first ultra portal DAC, Zorloo ZupeDAC. Worked on all my older Androids except my newest. I don't remember what version it was at the time, but the Nexus 5X was newer than all my others. On the older versions it would automatically switch to USB audio when it was plugged in. On the newer version I had to manually select USB audio every time.