Yulong DAART Aquila Balanced DAC/Ampsearch

Yulong DAART Aquila Balanced DAC/Amp

Yulong DAART Aquila Balanced DAC/Amp

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Although this is a great DAC/Amp combo, the community certainly wouldn't expect this piece to sell for 700 USD.
I thought this would be on massdrop for less than 549.99$, but for 700? You better go buy topping dx7s for 350, and have 20 buckets of chicken instead. I have DA9 and I would expect DA9 to be on massdrop for 900 or 980 at max, which would be a much better deal than this.
This amp just isn't getting any love here, so I guess it's up to me. Yes, that's right ...it's...wait for it...Me Love Yulong Time!

I really shouldn't stay up this late.
This was clearly designed for a linear power supply with a toroidal transformer (see the curved cutout on the PCB). Cutting this out and replacing it with a switched power supply makes no sense for the price they're asking.
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Ok But where is written it's a switched power supply?
I don't see it written anywhere, but you can clearly see it in the picture. Plus, it has a universal 110-220v input.
I'm interested in a vs DA9!
regardless of what others say, I know for a fact that this product is of finest quality. I will join for sure , so please massdrop, make this available.
I don't understand the price. One can purchase 2 of the THX AAA™ 789's for one of these, and this is an inferior product by every possible measure. Doesn't make any sense..
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I don't think they sold even one single unit. Why is that? Could it be that it was priced too high? Or is there more to it than that?

The reason is that people don't buy this kind for thing for the specifications alone. They also want excellent build quality, an engineering source that is known and has a good reputation, and also a pleasing cosmetic design. This unit has none of those things, and therefore the perceived value, ie, what it is "worth", was less than the asking price.
You're saying nonsense!
And I thought the gold face plate on the DA9 was as bad as it gets..........red.....ok. I stand corrected.
I would love to see an AKM 4497 preamp for less than $300.
If you're willing to spend $150 over the price of a Jotonheim, with the DAK upgrade (which does offer balanced output, but isn't available in Red), I recommend a set of these to fully appreciate the the wisdom of your decision:
I agree. I wonder if a person could commission a special set of these wooden blocks painted red, for an extra charge, of course?
Mmm...metal flake red!
Anyone else think the red looks s tacky? Silver and black look pretty sweet, but the red...?
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it's MKBHD's desk...
Rose Gold is the Nickelback of colors.
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