Yulong D100 MKII Amp/DAC Combosearch

Yulong D100 MKII Amp/DAC Combo

Yulong D100 MKII Amp/DAC Combo

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From Skeptics to Believers:

The Yulong D100 MKII is an amp/dac combo built to impress. We demo a lot of audio gear at Massdrop and it's often difficult to discern the benefits of a given DAC or AMP. The Yulong D100 MKII was an exception. With balanced/optical/USB inputs, ASRC Sampling, Stepped Volume Control, and dual headphone outputs (one for high impedance, one for low), it's hard to miss the marked improvement over standard DAC/Amp combos.

Yulong D100 MKII Amp/DAC Combo

Reviewer's Favorite:

Obviously everyone at Massdrop was blown away by the D100 MKII but you don't have to take our word for it; reviewers have been shouting praise since it's release. Here's what some folks on head-fi are saying:

"Impressive, and enough to keep my strongest recommendation for a DAC in the $500 range." - Project86

"For $450 this is an absolutely marvelous piece of equipment, whether you'll be using it as a DAC or a DAC/Amp" - Monir

Do some googling if you're feeling skeptical, you'll find more reviews saying the exact same thing. The people have spoken, this is a steal at $500, let alone Massdrop prices.

Superior Technology:

With the implementation of ASRC (Asynchronous Sampling Rate Conversion) in the design, D100 has excellent anti-jitter performance. The input digital signal is resampled to 110 KHz by the ASRC circuit while referencing to a high precision and low noise 1ppm clock crystal. The low jitter I2S signal is then fed into the high performance DA chip (AD1955). This process makes sure that the output signal is not sensitive to the clock quality of the input signal.

Yulong D100 MKII Amp/DAC ComboYulong D100 MKII Amp/DAC Combo

Digital Input

  • Optical: TOSLINK
  • Sampling Rate: 32 - 192 KHz
  • Coaxial: RCA style 75?
  • Sampling Rate: 32 - 192 KHz
  • Balance: AES/EBU
  • Sampling Rate: 32 - 192 KHz
  • USB: Standard USB Connector
  • Sampling Rate: 32 - 96 KHz
Yulong D100 MKII Amp/DAC Combo

Analog Interface

  • Headphone output: 130mW at 300? / 900mW at 32?
  • Line output: RCA and XLR
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 KHz at 0.16dB
  • SNR: >120dB
  • Dynamic Range: 115dB
  • THD+N: Less than 0.0005% (1 KHz)

Power Requirements

  • Power: AC 220-240V or 100-120V (Selectable through the voltage select switch)
  • Power Consumption: Less than 20W

Other Specifications:

  • Weight: 1.5KG
  • Dimensions: 25 x 18 x 4.5 (L x W x H cm)


  • Power Cable
  • User's manual
  • USB Cable


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