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How many people in this drop have smoothly rotating blades? My watch looks like the blades are having buffering issues. This isn't good.
This problem is well known and does not affect the timekeeping. The more heavy the second hand is , the more likely it will stutter..
Here: is a good explanation.
Apparently a good watchmaker can adjust the second hand pinion spring that pushes on the pinion. If too strong it will affect the "run time" but that shouldn't matter as long as the blade runs smoothly.

It seems that an Miyota 8215 is the wrong movement to carry a disk..

My blades doesn't work smoothly... It's normal? It doesn't look normal to me... On instagram it work much better :( One more one the way :(

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Hi. Im wearing the watch. I sew in the Internet that the blade works very easy and smoothly.
Same here. My Phantom is quite jerky. Borys_k - what do you think?
Well, just got mine yesterday. It's certainly a sturdy, interesting-looking watch. But one thing I've noticed is that through the caseback you can see a black (black for the Phantom model at least) semicircular adornment on top of the watch's mechanism that has Zinvo Blade printed on it. It shifts/spins freely due to gravity whenever the watch moves, and that movement causes it slight grating/rattling noise. Is that normal? That noise is actually pretty annoying.

(I'm a noob when it comes to watches, so sorry for any poor descriptions)
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When you wind it, are you shaking it correctly to get the gears turning? Once you wind it, you need to give it a little shake to get it started. As for it stopping, it should be doing full rotations, I get a little noise while it's spinning, but nothing that would sound bad to me. When not wound, it should be free moving.
Ah, I see what you're saying. Well, really it's the sound of the free moving that is bothering me a little, but that's in the relative silence of my apartment. I'll wear it to work for a few days and see how noticeable it is.

Got mine (Nemesis) in yesterday. Packaging was good and product arrived in excellent condition. I haven't had a whole lot of time to wear it so I'm just giving first impressions. First off, the band is very nice (if not a little thick for my liking), good quality leather as well as very good stitching, though having small wrists it almost didn't have enough wholes in it for me to tighten it enough that it wouldn't be slipping up and down. It is a little bit on the heavier side due to it's size, but I'm sure I'll get used to the weight after wearing it for a little. The branding accents on the clasp as well as the knob add a little extra pop for those looking at it more closely. On top of that, I was presently surprised to find that it had a windowed back, which Massdrop has failed to show in any pictures, though they did mention it in the Specs section, as I clearly missed the first time. Over all, I'm liking it and excited to wear it, I'll update this once I've had it a while.
After much thinking, decided to give this watch company a go. It was a close call between the gold on gold and gunmetal/blue. Then I saw that black dial with gold case (Onyx), very nice touch of class, sport, and attention grabbing. Can't wait!
I have the Onyx version and although it is a bit hard to read and get used to, it is quite the conversation starter.
What kind of conversation?

Anyway, is yours the new one with individual blades? Can you take photos? How is the build quality? Is the case cleanly cut and shaped or is it rough? What about the strap?
Don't have pics as my cell phone's camera went kaput after 5 years.....guess I need to upgrade! For this price it's a pretty good deal. I paid $25 more and think I got a good deal. The build quality is good, no noticeable blemishes. The strap is also good. I have about 75 watches and this is one people always ask, "what is that?". I'll probably add a second. Good luck. Cheers
Can you tell us about the case of the watch? what coating does it have and is it somewhat scratch resistant? (maybe the phantom`s matte black finish is prone to it)
Borys_k are the glasses sapphire or mineral massdrop says mineral but i see your saying this is the newest model and on the website they say its sapphire so can you tell me plz thank you and thanks for answering the questions much appreciated on providing clarity
They are mineral crystals with sapphire anti glare coating on bith sides
Is the dial on the venom real carbon fiber? Or another material painted to look like carbon fiber?
Real carbon fiber
After quite the research on the internet the seconds blades move quite clumsy and not really flimsy. Also, theres quite a bit of talk about bad customer service, quality, aswell as warranty approval. I'll have to let this one pass sadly, as I love the design.
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