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Zipper Genie by Pam Damour

Zipper Genie by Pam Damour

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Zippers Made Easy

Effortlessly fix zipper sliders onto your garments with the Zipper Genie. Able to clamp your sewing table or desk, the tool has a pronged design that’s compatible with most standard-size zippers. To make a zipper, simply place the slider on the Zipper Genie and slide the teeth into slots. You can place the zipper forward or backward depending on your preference, and since the upper clamp is fully adjustable, you can move and lock the zipper rod in any position. If you need to stock up on zippers, you can get the Zipper Bundle, which comes with zipper tape, teeth, and sliders.

See It In Action


  • Designed by Pam Damour 
  • Material: Nickel-plated steel
  • Pronged design
  • Adjustable C-clamp
  • Adjustable zipper rod


  • Instructions


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