Alpha Industries N-2B Barricade Cotton Parkasearch

Alpha Industries N-2B Barricade Cotton Parka

Alpha Industries N-2B Barricade Cotton Parka

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Yo I bought this long before it ended. Transaction disappeared from my list... I'm pissed...
So i bought a large and i actually need a medium, does anyone want to trade a medium for a large?
Could you show me how the coat looks?
I wish the return policy here would be better because i want to buy this for when i'm riding my motorcycle and have armor underneath it but i dont want to end up with a way too floppy jacket.

i currently have the l2-b hooded bomber jacket from alpha in medium and my armor-vest fits under just barely.

this doesnt look as thin as that jacket though...

ALSO the sizing chart on alpha's site is different than the one displayed here, which one is accurate?
What is the exchange policy if I happen to buy the wrong size jacket? I've heard that Alpha Industries jackets run smaller.
Q: Hi, I have read that this jacket is water resistant. I am wondering if this is true or not.
Answers (1) Alpha Industries 12/01/17 A: The N-2B Barricade is water-resistant, the CTN version is not. - From official product page
I wish there were more color selections
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