Artisan Cutlery Shark G-10 Folding Knifesearch

Artisan Cutlery Shark G-10 Folding Knife

Artisan Cutlery Shark G-10 Folding Knife

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This one, or the Bestech drop going on right now? This one looks nicer, but I like the window breaker/lanyard loop-thingy that the Bestech has. both the same type of handle.
Looks a lot like the pivot on CH knives.
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Ha, that was my mistake. It happens often enough around here that I just assumed that's what you were doing.

And you're right, it does fit CH's aesthetic in pivots.
I figured. I own knives from many countries. The pivots on the CH knives are very roughly detailed but almost identical. If Artisan Cutlery knives are made by CH I trust the quality. I will snap a close up of a CH pivot when I get home.
When are these getting mailed out and about when should we expect them to arrive?
$47 on whitemountain knives.
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Scratch that, just found the other colors!
Great seller, great service at WMK.
Isn’t this on BladeHQ right now for $104 (cf version) ?
Anyone know where they’re made? I couldn’t find that info on their website.
Hmmm...Still, shouldn’t everyone own a knife that will “slice through water...easily”?
Artisan does not skeletonize their liners. Not sure why this technology isn't being used as everyone else was doing it 4-5 years ago. Real shame as I like the design. No need for this knife to weight 4.1 oz
You are correct, this knife should totally be skeletonized
"Featuring an aerodynamic drop-point blade"
Hey, MASSDROP, you really ought to get some folks who are true knife guys to write your descriptions. That is one of the silliest things I have ever heard said about a knife and that is how you began the description of this knife.
First it is called a "shark" and last time I checked they don't fly. Also, folding knives are meant to be held in the hand and used that way, no need for them to be aerodynamic to be functional.

Now that that silliness is tot of the way, that seems like a fairly decent knife... very stabby.
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Yep. If it's going to cut through water, as advertised, it should be _hydrodynamic_! :-)
Sharks do fly! I saw them fly on Sharknado!

Really unhappy with this knife. I was looking forward to purchasing from a new company. I received the knife today and noticed immediatly the blade is bent. I haven’t sharpened it or anything, my stone was out so I used it as a prop to keep the knife flush for the photo. You can clearly see the blade is bent. I have purchased numerous, numerous knives through mass drop and this is the first knife that I want to return for a refund.
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Yeah I should have done that, you’re right. Now I’m dealing with a new nightmare, I ordered the kizer alter ego and I got a lock pick set instead
Don't worry, they will get you sorted out. They will pay to return the lockpicks unless they decide you can keep them, which would be cool. Hopefully they'll send the knife at the same time.