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Audio-Technica W5000 Wood Headphones

Audio-Technica W5000 Wood Headphones

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I wish all drops went this smoothly. Not only did the W5000 ship early, but it arrived before the estimated ship date. Other vendors should take note. Under-promise and over-deliver... not the other way around.

As far as the sound, I love it! These have the most delicate, detailed sound. Every little nuance of the music comes through. They don't seem to need much power either. I was running them from an Amps&Sound Leeloo and barely even turned on the volume to make them very loud. Also, they seem to sound better at low to medium volume, kind of like Grados do. It lets the lush mid-range and the airy treble shine through without being painful. I don't feel like the bass is lacking, as some have stated. Perhaps it's just a matter of finding the right volume balance. I could see the bass getting overwhelmed by the upper mid-range and treble at high volume.

I'm very happy with these. I was worried about the headband but even with my rather small head, it seems to fit fine. Just a matter of positioning it properly. Certainly is lightweight. The included case is quite nice and I plan to store them in it since it's easy to access and fairly compact.

I had just planned to listen for an hour or so last night to try them out and ended up listening for 4 hours! ...which is about how much sleep I ended up getting as well... oops!
I ended up sleep while wearing with it... for the first night. So good. Now my ears has been burned in properly. LOL
Got the cans today, sound superb after first run !
Just reporting after using my W5000(not from massdrop) for about 2 weeks
Left driver rattle issue is still there and probly worse now, and i am going to send it back due to this reason.

Apparently early models of this headphones(i guess before 2008) had driver rattle problem.

Might be worth running this test once you receive your units from massdrop
'Bass Shaker'

People request to open this drop again is going to be a lot more than initail drops....
Wait so... 500 dollar headphones and they don't have a detachable cable? so if that breaks you're kinda screwed? lol.
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Hi pal. I know this is off topic, but could we get some Audio-Technica 440 MLA or 440 MLB drops? I have a TT and I can't find any cartridges around. Also, MassDrop is great for shipping to my region. Thanks!
We can always make something like that happen. I think we would have to work with MassDrop to see if there is enough community interest to move forward. I will put a bug in the ear of a couple of people.

Go to Amazon right now and get these for the same price without the wait...I love these with my Yamamoto HA02 but they might not be as good with other amps.
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The next model is a more mainstream unit. The price is going to be very competitive based on a recent adjustment to retail pricing. And let me just say, it is my go to headphone for listening on a regular basis. Comfortable. And if I am not mistaken a version of the very first Audio-Technica headphone launched by Massdrop. Stay tuned. We are not very far off from it starting. =-) Giddy with excitement.
Cheers! Look forward to more AT collabs with Massdrop

Exciting times!
When it comes to high-end headphones like these, you don't want to take any chances.
Best to be prepared...
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you’ve heard right my friend
These are some amazing headphones! Super happy to see MD pick these up. I will say these are kinda picky with amplification. A nice thicker tube would do well or a Chord DAC product paired with a hybrid like the CTH.

Non the less, compared to the W1000X/Z this is a lot more resolving I feel but it can be very shouty on the wrong system. The improvements in resolve and overall response time from the driver come with a serious lack of decay or body. The bass is punchy but the sounds is really aggressive and kind of thin, so again Chord Mojo owners, any of you with the iFi iDSD Nano Black Label or any tube dac will likely enjoy the sound!

But if your running a solid state system or anything built around an ESS Sabre DAC you'll like not enjoy it. I would again recommend this headphone for any one with a DAC built around either a AK 449X, PCM, BurrBrown of any of Chords crazy FPGA Dacs pair'd with a thicker sounding tube will likely appreciate the great speed and unique envelope of this special wood back Audio Technica!
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most reviews on the product say you need to bend the wings a bit if you have a large head or the drivers won't be angled properly.
with my G1217 Project Sunrise 3, it sounds lot better although treble is still forward
oh btw, ebay has a 15% off coupon today 3/20 if anyone is interested in the Project Sunrise
Nice wood.
Seems there should be a depression in the case to hold a travel size can of Pledge.

I like the Lemon sent, but most people feel the new Orange sent adds extra punch to the mids, while tamping back a bit on the the highs. Personally, I think a lot also depends on the type of dust cloth one uses...
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well I bought them, and I am making snake oil jokes. In a normal world that would prove your argument invalid, but I know the scientific method doesnt apply to audiophiles. Your incredibly snobish argument of attacking people thoughts not on their probable merit but on what they can afford still stands.
Seriously do you actually understand what makes this headphones stand out from an engineering standpoint and can enlighten people? Instead of you know just being a snob.

The jokes are just that, jokes. Is probably a very hard concept to understand for you, but you can enjoy hifi audio without having a stick up your butt, is also posible you are not using the right kind. Let me recomend the Audioquest buttplug, as a company Audioquest has ass fucked audiophiles for decades so they know what they are doing.

And one last thing do you really have to call them the Raffinato??? seriously was that necesary? the you are not wrong you are just an asshole meme fits nicely here.
How am I being an ass? I'm not trying to come off as snobbish, but the guy is posting boomer level memes and they don't even make sense. I make the snake-oil jokes too, but the ones I see here don't even make any sense relative to what they're saying. I see mashed potatos being flung around.

Also the headphone is called the Raffinato?? Uh......