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Aune T1 SE MK3 Headphone DAC/Amp

Aune T1 SE MK3 Headphone DAC/Amp

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What are the general sonic difference between this versus non oversampling DACs?
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Appreciate it. Thanks :)
You're welcome anytime :)
I am getting unbalanced output - left channel has 15 - 20% more gain than right channel. Anyone have a solution? (I'm currently managing via balance in windows or my preamp).

- The gain switches on the bottom are all set to "off".
- Issue occurs when outputting via RCA (bypassing amp) and via headphones jack. (I infer that the problem is in the DAC not the amp)

I'm guessing it's the tube but that's no more than a guess. Have not yet opened up the case but even if I did I'm not an electronics guy so not sure what I would do under the hood.

Thanks for any thoughts.
Seeking Advice: Can I use this unit as a stereo preamplifier by connecting out to my power amp (rotel rb 970bx) via the 1/4" headphones jack (w/RCA adapter)?

I am currently using the RCA line out to the power amp. This works fine but is I find myself getting close to full volume on windows with lower volume recordings. It would be nice to add some clean amplification to the signal before it hits the power amp. Boosting gain directly on the source PC using APO EQ adds a little hiss, but is a fallback option.

A week ago I ran a test using my receiver (which lacks two-channel pre-outs) as a preamp by running the signal out to the rotel amp via the receiver headphones jack (to a RCA Y adapter). It worked well as far as amplification but there is some hiss and it isn't pretty to look at. Yes, it would be nearly as ugly with the Aune (but not quite) :)

With the Aune I could run a test with all volumes turned way down and using my crappiest speakers. Since I'm pretty ignorant of how output voltages and input impedances work I thought I would check here first: I'm hoping there are some sharp folks who can set me on the right path before risking any equipment. Thanks in advance.
Is this a good AMP/DAC for the AKG 7XX or the Fostex TR-X00 mahogany headphones ( I got the AKG 7xx and will be getting the mahogany soon)?
Take one of these T1's; along with one of the 1,000 extra Senn HD58X Jubilee's that MD just said they have; that will be dropping 6/27 with a 2-3 day ship time; unless your's is already in the mail;) upgrade the tube and you will then have a ~$330 rig (plus tube choice) that rivals one double or triple the cost. A well made budget tube DAC with a SS amp @ $179.99,,, really...?

I just upgraded a second used MK II with SILMIC II's* (silk for your ears;) & power caps, along with a NOS USN Sylvania tube. This time I paired the T1 with an old icon I also wanted to hear myself, and had trouble giving up; Senn HD580's (w/upgraded cable - used Amplifier Surgery). This is the second one I have done as a HS grad gift, part of my anti-MP3 war. The music out of this rig is wonderful. Watching the facial expressions of another 18 year old, who has pretty-much only heard MP3 scheisse on earbuds,, was priceless. My choice this time, to watch this epiphany; Stevie Wonder, Living For The City in 24/96 FLAC 1973, a great recording, from a great artist.

I listened to this used T1 and first thought 'great, I got a busted eBay unit' , then remembered to put in the NOS tube,, now it was "all clear", all is fine, move on to the caps... Which,, short answer; they open this little things potential up...

Do upgrade the tube on this T1 SE,,, caps though would void any warranty - but an adventurists choice;) pragmatic recommendations here; there are better tubes but,,, but, beware the rabbit hole:

Want to listen outside the box?


I'm looking to sell my mk2 if anyone is interested.
how muches

sorry its been sold already
On another note: I'm tempted by this dac/amp because even on what little I've heard of tube sound I've found quite enjoyable. The trouble is the output impedance of 10 Ohms which is really not ideal for sensitive IEMs and may be even worse for IEMs that have BA drivers. Has anyone tried this or another 10 Ohm output impedance amplifier (such as the SMSL Sap II) with the following adapter ? And if so, how well did it work in your opinion?
is the Line-out variable? Asking if I can use this as a volume control for my active speakers.

Also, would the signal be cut-off automatically on the line-out if you plug in HPs in the 6.3mm port at front?
I’m im interested in using this as a DAC. I have the Massdrop 02 amp arriving tomorrow, but hahave been using a Bravo 2 with Golden Lion tube in conjunction with a Zorloo ZuperDac For the last month. I find this to be a pretty decent combination, and have it on my desktop at work. I use it to drive a set of Hifiman HE-400i’s, Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 80 ohm, and Massdrop HD 6xx’s. Having come to like the tubish sound out of this combo I’m very curious about the sound out of a tube DAC. What are people’s thoughts on this proposed 02+T1 combo? I’m also looking forward to hearing what the 02 amp is going to sound like in comparison. I’ll probably add an 0DAC to the mix soon as well.

Also, I’m new to this if it isn’t obvious. Whenever I take up a hobby I tend to go all-in. For home I ordered the Cavalli CTH Tube Hybrid. This will replace the Dragonfly Black that I’ve been using at home and on the go. At home I have tended to use either my Massdrop HE-4xx’s or DT 770’s. I’m trying to keep things relatively inexpensive until I figure out what type of sound I like the most. Any thoughts will be appreciated.
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From what I've experimented with so far I think using the Aune as a dac only is the way to go. I find the sound better using some Schiit :0 to power my stuff over Aune.

I have my eye on pairing the Aune with the Darkvoice 336SE/6XX. From what I've read the 6XX and Darkvoice are match made for each other and I'll probably grab it on the next drop. Tube on tube sounds extremely fun! I'll probably end up tube rolling eventually :) Like I said before this hobby can get expensive.

Using the Aune alone isn't a bad experience so give it a try before you spend a boat load of $. Between solid state and tube I find things to be different and not exactly one better than the other. Whatever you decide I hope you love it and remember this is only my subjective opinion!
Thanks for your reply to me on the Aune. I was leaning heavily to buying it but now that the Little Dot MK II has dropped again I'm going to go with that. I may well pick an Aune up the next time it's dropped just to try it out. Yes, an expensive hobby indeed! In the meantime, I'll continue to rely on a portable Amp/DAC for my DAC, Right now that is either the Dragonfly Black when I'm at home, or Zorloo ZuperDac on my work setup. I got the Massdrop 02 amp on Monday and have been A/B comparing it with the Bravo 2 and have actually found the differences between the two to be subtle. I guess that should not surprise as the Bravo 2 is a hybrid. I do find it to have a warmer sound with the HD 6xx's, and it takes the sharp edge off of my HE 400i's as well. The 02 amp I have found to be very smooth sounding as well, but not as much as the Bravo 2. I can't wait to get the Little Dot, and I will also have the Cavalli Tube Hybrid to play with as I just received that today.
sorry I am quite new to the topic.
some say that tube dac/amp do not work well with planar headphones.
I joint the drop for the hifiman 4xx.
now I am looking for some dac/amp setup for about 300 USD.
will this tube work? how about the xduoo ta-10?
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I know exactly what you are talking about lol.. i used modded sr60i's for years before i got my 598se's. It was a big step back in sound quality IMO, but i needed more comfort as i often where them for long periods. My current dailies check every box for me though, MK2 t50rp Argons.
it is not a tube DAC technically speaking. It's a solid state DAC with a tube buffer/line driver.
I did know one guy with tube ADC and DAC. He used to use them to record the San Francisco Symphony and master the recordings. Leo De Gar Kulka (rip), also the producer of the song 'Tequila!' and former president of the Audio Engineering Society.
Too expensive for what it offer
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I mean the pads were just... old... the one on the top;) a great find, they have a new home.