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Brass Seam Ripper & Stiletto

Brass Seam Ripper & Stiletto

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Brass Notions, Made in the USA

Efficient and easy to use, the brass seam ripper and stiletto by Pam Damour are great tools to add to your quilting arsenal. Made from polished brass, the seam ripper features an ultra-sharp blade that quickly cuts through seams of any thickness with ease. The stiletto has a long pointed tip that helps keep your fabric in place while ironing, guide fabric under the foot of your sewing machine, and pick seams too small for standard seam rippers. 

Note: This drop is for one seam ripper and stiletto.

Stiletto Demo

Seam Ripper Demo


  • By Pam Damour
  • Material: Brass
  • Length, seam ripper: 4.25 in (10.7 cm)
  • Length, stiletto: 5.5 in (13.9 cm)
  • Made in the USA


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