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Bravo V3 Headphone Amplifier

Bravo V3 Headphone Amplifier

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bought this a while ago, it was ok, a few months down the like it developed a horrible crackling sound, now it has stopped working all togher.
This thing was great for the first few months, but it's since developed significant clicking and popping. I tried replacing the tube, but the problem persists. It's now unusably noisy.

I'll try resoldering the joints when I have the time, or maybe buying a grounded power supply for it, but honestly I'm not sure if it's worth the trouble.
I grounded my power supply it doesn't make a difference, i have the same problem
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I was excited about this amp. This is my 1st amp. I plugged it in put in the tube and connect it to my headphones and pc and hear a crackling sound. :(

EDIT: LOL it was just my router signal interfering. My bad works perfectly
anyone has any idea, how is it on audio technica ath-m50x ?
I'll find out when I get mine, that's what I plan to pair it with.
It sounds nice. I don't have anything to compare it to though.
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Yay! I'm so excited to get this. Heard good things and can't wait.
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Got one and it broke. Massdrop gave me a replacement and that one broke, too.

It's garbage.
Do they provide a cord/power supply for EU countries?
I have had my Bravo V2 amp for almost a year now and I think its amazing, I cant switch back to normal audio its great for intro but it does have some occasional static noise because of its open design. V2 does use its amp can anyone tell me if its worth upgrading or if v3 does not use the tube (you have to wait for the tube to warm up and when you turn it off you can still hear the song/noise as if you never turned it off for about a second)
Appearance wise it is a rip off of the Garage 1217 budget tube amps and kits made here in the USA. I don't like rip offs and it's too cheap for me to take it seriously. Check out Garage 1217 if you like the looks.
Unfortunately, we're going to have to cancel this drop due to a vendor error. Thanks for your interest in the product. We'll work to source these as quickly as we can for an upcoming drop. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Forewarned is fore-armed. I own this amp, from previous drop. I have not been able to stop interference from objects in office. Constantly dealing with noise and crackles. Have even tried covering it with aluminium mesh with copper tape on it. No luck. I will be retiring this unit from this environment, or selling it, and finding something else. The sound is good for the price, and it's fun trying out different tubes, but be aware of it picking up random signals and killing your enjoyment. They do make a version with aluminium case for $30 more msrp of this unt.
Same here. Retired it for a Fulla Schiit. Best decision I've ever made. Love that thing, and it fits in my earbud case...
Its the power source issue. Find a power brick from a laptop that has a 3 pong adaptor.
I must say again that having tried 3 different Bravo units they all failed.
I wonder if Massdrop reads their members comments on the products
they sell.
this is china made junk.
buy made in the USA, plenty of really good amps/dacs available.
Google search 'best headphone amps/dacs'
Schiit audio makes very good tube amp/dac for cheap.
read reviews on what you select and in the price range you can afford.
you will find that a little research goes along way.
you will be really happy you did. 46 yrs of experience
Luckily the one I ordered from Amazon worked (v3), but I agree, you get what you pay for. I bought this for testing out tube rolling (12AU7s specifically), so it did it's job... I gotta say though, not being a shielded design (mesh or metal case), I get cell interference. So, yeah, great intro product, not for the Audiophile, tho.